You Can Find Freelance Programming Work on These 10 Sites

Whether you’re a newcomer to freelancing or a seasoned freelance developer searching for top work destinations, your search ends here!

According to reports, the global business software and services industry is expected to increase from its projected value of USD 429.59 billion by 2023, with a CAGR of 11.7% from 2023 to 2030. As a result, this is an excellent opportunity for freelance developers looking for opportunities.

Here, we will reveal some of the top online platforms that offer immediate freelance development opportunities for you to consider.


Works is a rapidly growing community of proficient experts from various corners of the globe. Numerous software developers choose Works as their go-to destination in search for freelance programming jobs.

Works is currently looking to hire proficient software developers possessing a variety of skills across more than 100 platforms. Ideal candidates should possess extensive knowledge of programming languages and frameworks like React, Python, Java, iOS, .NET, DevOps and Android.

Modern businesses are searching for developers who are adept in emerging technologies such as Blockchain and other distributed ledgers, data science and cybersecurity, decentralised autonomous organisations (DAOs) and the metaverse, along with artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML).

At Works, we take pride in providing a vast range of freelance software development jobs. To kickstart your career as a freelance developer, all you need to do is create an account with Works, complete our assessment and explore the job options that match your expertise. You can be confident that we will assist you in finding the ideal job opportunity for you.

Benefits of Choosing Works

Remote Working

At Works, we only offer remote opportunities for software development jobs. Applicants need to have an adequate overlap of time zones, and that’s all they need.

Competitive Compensation

Compensation at Works is highly competitive and can be based on various factors, such as years of relevant experience, amongst others.

Effortless Screening Process

Please ensure that the assessment is concluded promptly.

On-Site Assistance

With Works, you can be assured that your entire work day will go smoothly without any issues.


PeoplePerHour is a freelancing platform comparable to Upwork and Freelancer, aiming for enterprise-level services. It is an excellent source to seek freelance software development jobs, where freelancers can determine their own rates based on their proficiency and experience level.

On PeoplePerHour, as a freelancer, you have two choices to find work: either search for new opportunities regularly or enable automated searches and get notified when new openings that match your expertise are available. Once you spot a relevant project, you can submit a proposal to apply for it, and as a plus, get up to 15 free submissions each month.


Topcoder is a worldwide community of more than 1.5 million programmers across 190+ countries. Our developers can submit their work virtually, working remotely. If you are a freelance software developer seeking web development job opportunities, we recommend benefiting from our platform.

At Topcoder, your expertise is assessed based on the projects you have finished. To prosper as a freelance developer, you must exhibit your technical competencies by excelling in challenging situations.

Ever since it was founded in 2001, Topcoder has utilised a competition-based approach to develop corporate software. The Topcoder platform has gathered millions of data points regarding the accomplishments and successes of its community members across different technologies and areas of specialisation.

By leveraging this data, Topcoder identifies the best freelance developers to execute enterprise-level projects.

It is an excellent period to be a freelance developer, as there are many lucrative employment opportunities available.


With over 830 million members spanning over 200 countries and territories, LinkedIn is the world’s leading business-social network. It is the perfect platform for freelance developers to find exceptional job opportunities.

LinkedIn’s objective is to enable professionals worldwide to interact and collaborate in a productive and efficient manner, thus propelling their individual productivity and success in their respective domains.

Reid Hoffman, the co-founder of LinkedIn, holds notable importance. Founded in 2002 from his family room, the website went live on May 5, 2003.

In December 2023, Microsoft took over LinkedIn, resulting in the founding of the first professional cloud and professional network.

LinkedIn is evolving as a valuable resource for discovering contract programming jobs. The current scenario reinforces my belief that LinkedIn plays a critical role in advancing any profession.


Gigster presents remarkable job opportunities for freelance web developers, with a selection procedure that guarantees the selection of the most appropriate candidates. Furthermore, Gigster’s AI system ensures that each freelancer is matched with an assignment that fits their expertise and experience, enabling everyone to access the best opportunities.

Gigster is an excellent platform for experienced web designers to showcase their abilities. Its collaborative element also creates a conducive atmosphere for web developers to collaborate, thus helping them to discover software development jobs and web developer opportunities. Collaborating with other developers is an effective approach to learn and enhance your skills.

CodePen is a social coding platform that offers an excellent learning environment for individuals to acquire knowledge and experience in web development. It is an online community that fosters learning and specializes in front-end programming languages, making it ideal for developers of all proficiencies. Moreover, CodePen provides a fantastic opportunity for those looking to pursue careers in this field.

Freelance web developers can take advantage of the resources accessible on the website, which can reduce coding errors, establish a portfolio, and showcase the work of independent developers that could serve as an inspiration to others.

Independent web developers can enormously benefit from this website because of its straightforward and well-structured design. It presents an excellent opportunity to secure lucrative freelance work, as well as several other benefits. Thus, we strongly suggest making use of this effective platform.


X-Team proposes highly desirable contract programming roles. Additionally, they offer their freelance developers access to mentorship and training resources. Besides, they aid programmers in discovering appropriate employment opportunities that match their expertise.

Apart from aiding in career advancement, they provide various perks and rewards to encourage and acknowledge their freelancers, such as monetary rewards, gym memberships and more.

X-Team is committed to providing top-tier engineering teams to the most thriving companies worldwide. As a member of the X-Team community, you may be eligible for high-paying freelance development assignments with prestigious organizations such as Riot Games, FOX, and Coinbase.


Dice has over three million computer professionals in its user base, all seeking top-notch contract developer prospects. This has established its position as a top-notch platform for discovering IT and tech jobs, with many of the listings being from elite companies. Along with this, the website draws in over two million four hundred thousand visitors each month.

To get the attention of the most qualified independent software engineers, clients must pay nearly $400 for a single advertisement.

The website serves as a virtual gathering point for IT professionals to interact with and build relationships with each other.

Establish a free Dice profile and acquire access to advanced data insights. Furthermore, they can aid in connecting you with the appropriate companies, jobs, and analysis to advance your freelancing tech career. is an online platform that provides top-tier freelance web developers from various parts of the globe. They use a thorough and comprehensive screening method to guarantee that only the finest developers are employed.

Our group of developers possesses substantial expertise in multiple programming languages and frameworks, such as Project Management, iOS, Android, LAMP,.NET, Java, C#, C++, Swift, Ruby on Rails, Scala, Ruby, PHP, Python, Django, Javascript, Objective-C, and Ruby.

Independent contractors who pass the screening process have the ability to specialize in various niches in which they can acquire expertise.

As an independent developer, it is recommended to stick with a single platform. Otherwise, finding the right opportunity may be like finding a needle in a haystack.


Fiverr is the optimal platform for independent developers to discover top-notch opportunities. Freelance web developers can set their own pricing based on their experience and proficiency, ranging from $100 for beginners to $10,000 for individuals with extensive knowledge and a successful track record.

Although this is generally typical for smaller projects, Fiverr’s extensive user base guarantees that sellers of all proficiency levels can consistently secure work.

Compensation for Independent Programmers

Are you familiar with the possibility of earning more money as an independent contractor compared to a standard IT position in a big corporation? If this is the case, you may find the following information relevant when contemplating your career prospects.

In 2023, independent contractors worldwide experienced an hourly pay raise of $21, contributing to an annual increase of up to $87,000.

Based on a study conducted in 2023, 61% of independent contractors are currently earning a higher income than they did in their previous corporate positions.

The top 10% of highest-earning independent contractors earn over $130,000 per year.

In 2023, female workers performed 90% of the amount of work done by male workers.


It seems that the market for independent contractor platforms is prospering in the current environment as a result of a shortage of qualified personnel. Consequently, several corporations are resorting to freelance platforms to locate suitable candidates to collaborate with their current staff.

Crafting a compelling CV and regularly upskilling yourself can enhance your prospects of being recruited as an independent developer by a leading corporation.

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