Four practical steps to finding success as a freelance writer

guest contributor
guest contributor
February 8, 2021
Four practical steps to finding success as a freelance writer

This is a blog piece written by Cindy Goh, a freelance writer on Gigworks, for Freelance Writers Appreciation Week. You can find other pieces from this project by clicking on the tag ‘Freelance Writers Appreciation Week. Thank you to all the participating writers!

You are probably familiar with the phrase “Content is King”. Today, almost every company, whether they are selling $5 soaps or $5000 software, has a corporate blog that they use to generate more leads and sales. Countless blogs and online publications that are also being launched everyday. So if you are a writer, you have a skill that is in high-demand. Realising this is the first step to becoming a successful freelance writer.

So what’s next? Read on to find out.

1. Find your niche

To find your niche, simply ask yourself what are some of the topics that you are the most interested in? This is a great way to start because if you are interested in that topic, you already know more than the average person and that makes it so much easier to do your job. Then, you can start looking for jobs from that specific industry, be it fashion, travel, technology, automotive and so on.

2. Stay open to new opportunities and follow the demand

While it is helpful to have a few key topics that you identify as your niche, this doesn’t mean that you should only accept jobs that are within your niche. Three years ago, I knew nothing about enterprise technology but today, I am writing articles about data analytics, automation, digital transformation and cybersecurity on a weekly basis. All it just takes is just research and practice. Sure, the first few articles outside your niche might be hard and take longer than you expect but in the process, you are opening yourself up to new opportunities that can help you increase your income in the future.

3. Expand your skill sets

It is tempting to think that you can survive by just being a good copywriter but if you want to take your career to the next level, you should continuously look for ways to expand your skill set. This can help you to win new clients and offer value-added services to your current clients. For example, are you bilingual? If so, you can offer translation services. Are you hoping to win more corporate clients? Try taking a course on SEO writing. By providing more value to your clients, they are more likely to engage your services again.

4. Market yourself

Last but not least, you need to market your services so that potential clients know how to find you. Gigworks is a great place to start but don’t stop there – look for other channels and leverage free social media platforms like LinkedIn and Pinterest to promote your work.

All these might seem overwhelming if you are new to freelance writing so my final advice is this – take small, manageable steps towards your goal everyday. Once you start doing something (i.e. creating a seller profile on Gigworks), you are more likely to follow-through on the goals you set out to achieve.

Find Cindy on Gigworks to get engaging content for your business today! Visit the Gigworks website to find out more.

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