A guide to create an outstanding listing

Leong Jie Li
Leong Jie Li
November 20, 2020
A guide to create an outstanding listing

Consider this: You are the sole breadwinner of your family, working as a regular full-time employee. The Covid-19 pandemic came and you are forced to reduce your regular working hours. It affected your income and now you have to adjust your expenses. 

Now, consider this: You are the sole breadwinner of your family, working as a regular full-time employee and you freelance occasionally during your free time. The Covid-19 pandemic came and you are forced to reduce your regular working hours. At the same time, your freelancing clients present you with more opportunities as they are looking for flexible labour due to the pandemic. This filled the gap of the hours lost from your regular employment, and your income was not affected by the pandemic. 

The benefits of freelancing were reiterated many times and it is exactly why you should start as soon as possible!

Why Gigworks is the perfect place for you to start building your portfolio and gain experience?

Gigworks have clients that range from small projects to large corporate jobs. As a beginner with no experience, smaller gigs can help you gain exposure and beef up your portfolio. By accumulating experience from these little assignments, it will eventually help you to move on to work with bigger brands. 

If you already have some experience in the working world, Gigworks is also a perfect platform for you to diversify your income! You can simply use your existing skills to gain an additional stream of income. 

The steps to freelancing are easy, just start listing your service on our platform! To take things further, you have to make your listing stand out to get more gigs. Here’s how:

Step 1: Be outstanding

Having something out of the ordinary can help your listing stand out. An eye-catching title, description and images are able to catch people’s attention and entice them to find out more. “I will help your company achieve 10k revenue with SEO” vs “I will help you in SEO”. Put yourself in the shoes of the clients, think of what would make you click into a listing and make sure to incorporate those into yours! You can also ride on the ongoing trends and include those keywords in your description.

To take things further, it will be beneficial to create multiple listings for different services. This will help your profile to build awareness and exposure. With listings in various categories, it allows you to reach out to a large group of clients. At the same time, you will also gain a targeted group of interested clients with each tailored listing. 

Remember, you can’t use up creativity! The more you use, the more you have. Start now and keep it going!

Step 2: Personalise

Not all clients are the same – different clients have differing needs and wants for their businesses. As much as possible, try to create a variety of packages for buyers to choose from and allow them some room to personalise their request. Not only does this give them the perception that you are flexible and approachable, it also allows you to appeal to a larger market. 

Personalised service goes above and beyond satisfying customers’ needs, it gives them a reason other than your product, to choose you over and over again.

Step 3: Get featured

Every month, Gigworks recommends a list of featured sellers. This list is up on our home page and social media, it will boost your credibility and exposure when you are featured.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn

Firstly, build up a good portfolio that showcases your work. You can include articles that you have written, artwork that you have designed or any other projects that you have participated in. By compiling these into a portfolio, it shows clients your capabilities and gives them a sense of assurance, which is what we look for when featuring sellers!

Secondly, list down your past experiences. In your listing, describe your past job responsibilities, years of experience and achievements in detail. This proves to us that you will deliver quality work to buyers, which increases your chances of being featured.

Lastly, stay active on our platform! Log into the app periodically or keep a tab open to monitor what other freelancers are offering can help you review your packages and stay up to date with the latest trend. By doing so, you will be documented as an active seller and stand a higher chance of being featured.

An outstanding listing is a vivid indication of what you have to offer. It opens the door to countless opportunities and allows you to step in to realise your potential! We hope that this guide will be helpful to get you started on your freelancing journey with us. 

Visit the Gigworks website or download the Gigworks App now to start listing!

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