Your Job Has To Give You More Than Just A Paycheck. Here’s Why

Julia Florensia
Julia Florensia
October 10, 2019
Your Job Has To Give You More Than Just A Paycheck. Here’s Why

As we welcome Gen Z and the remaining of the millennials into the workforce, one topic comes to mind – What is job satisfaction to the new generation?

For some, it might be working in a company with a great culture. For others, it might be working for a company with a cause. Of course, some people do work just for money but there are a great number out there who believe that you have got to do what matters to you, i.e, your job has to give you more than just a paycheck. Let’s tackle this with our job hopefuls and explore why a job should give you more than just a paycheck. 

1. Your job has to give you a purpose

Thriving employees are three times more likely to work for a company with a strong sense of purpose – Mercer. Employee motivation, productivity, morale, and overall job satisfaction are boosted when they work with a sense of purpose. Without it, it is hard for them to connect with their work and company and many would feel that they are just working for money and are not getting any value from their jobs.

In fact, there are many employees who are willing to give up a fancy pantry room or three hours long lunch for work that they think is fulfilling. Imagine that you work in a company with a vision, a company that lets you know how the work that you do impacts the company and its clients, wouldn’t that be great?

2. You have to feel appreciated at work

Appreciation doesn’t need to be ostentatious or lucrative and being appreciated is definitely not just getting a pay raise. Often, a simple message is enough to make someone feel appreciated.

Studies have shown that employees who feel appreciated and are shown signs of gratitude can be up to 50 percent more productive in their work.

Furthermore, employees will also tend to be more loyal and satisfied in their jobs if they are in a positive working environment. So be sure to find a company that will value your contribution.

3. You should love the job that you do, or do the job that you love

Loving what you do improves physical and mental health by providing a sense of meaning and purpose. You will feel more fulfilled, more productive at work and you may even inspire others!

There are many people who are afraid to follow their work dreams and do what they love but consider this, would you discourage a loved one or a friend from doing what they want just because there are some risks or they might get a lower salary? When you do take that leap yourself, you become an inspiration to those individuals.

4. Your job should make you happy

This is perhaps the most important thing your job should do for you. While work is great and money is essential, if you feel miserable, it’s going to really bring down your life. You may love your job but may be unhappy at work due to your work environment or work culture. If you are unhappy at work, find a job that makes you happy.

If you think that working a 9-5 job makes you unhappy and restricted, find another job that allows you to escape the humdrum.  And yes, you deserve to be happy! Many people often think that they are just one of the many that suffer at work, but you don’t have to be.

Let your job add to your life and not take away from it. Ever find yourself dreading Monday morning or not being able to enjoy your weekends and public holidays because you know that you have to go back to work again soon? These may be warning signs. Perhaps it’s time for you to consider other options. But do remember, while you are searching for that perfect job, don’t forget to keep celebrating and expanding all other things in life that matter to you!

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