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Join the world's most influential workforce in design, business and technology. Connect with experts through networking events and more. Our diverse community is distributed across Asia and over 48 countries around the world.
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Works Thriving Community

We foster engagement and expertise-sharing among Works community members around the world.

World-Class Community

We foster engagement and expertise-sharing among the Works community around the world.
Works' Community Leaders host more than 150 events each year to help you connect with global professionals.

Connect with Professionals

Each year, Works’ Community Leaders host more than 150 events worldwide to help connect you to global professionals.
Advance your career and expand your network by attending events hosted by Community Leaders.

Career Advancement

Advance your career and expand your professional network by attending events hosted by our Community Leaders.

Connect With Experts Globally

Works' largest community of top freelance talent is spread globally across Asia, Africa, and the United States

Works' Community Leaders

Representing Works talents in more than 50 countries. Works Community Leaders host events, conferences, skill development workshops, and more.
Akazo Suzuki is a passionate interaction designer, and is the leader of the fastest growing tech hub in Japan. He strongly believes in the power of a remote revolution and wants to see more happy faces on Mondays.
Working remotely through Works taught me discipline, professionalism, communication and responsibility. That’s what Works is. I’ve never felt such a strong sense of belonging to a community and experienced such a successful remote culture before.
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Akako Suzuki

Interaction Designer from Japan
Maggie Lim is a highly experienced and award-winning designer with expertise in mobile UI, UX, web and product design. Maggie has partnered with 30+ clients around the world including Microsoft, Cisco, and Charles Monat. She achieved a 98% customer satisfaction rate with solid design principles and a user-centered approach.
As a member of the Works talent community, I've been exposed to challenging freelance projects and experienced a great remote community culture. I love Works!
Image of Maggie Lim

Maggie Lim

UI/UX designer from Singapore

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Community Roundtables

Community Roundtables

Each month, we host Community Roundtables where our members come together to learn from key lessons and skills from industry leaders. These lessons range from creating design systems, to prospecting better as a freelance talent.
Speaking Opportunities

Speaking Opportunities

Join Works’ Speakers Network and secure ongoing speaking opportunities at top design, business and technology conferences around the world. Works’ Speakers receive individual coaching and guidance, and deliver talks at more than 150 events annually.
Develop Cutting-Edge Skills

Develop Cutting-Edge Skills

The Works Academy hosts regular and rigorous learning sessions for the most sought-after skills. By presenting our elite and experienced network with the valuable opportunities to update and build their portfolios, we are able to solve the issue of pressing talent shortages, while delivering success to our dedicated participants.
Monthly All-Hands

Monthly All-Hands

Join us once a month to stay informed about new job postings, learn the best work practices, and to interact with the Works leadership team.

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Liquidity providers (LPs) are known as “connectors'' in the Works networks. They use their referral link to invite users to Works. When an invited user enters the Works or starts trading, the connector receives WORKS tokens and increases their network ownership.

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