Top 1% of IT experts are hired and trusted by world's leading firms to scale your teams for most critical projects.

Hire top 1% of IT experts scale your business

Each of our IT experts are thoroughly vetted and trusted by world's leading firms for their most critical project
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DHL trusts Works to find expert freelancers hassle-free within 48 hours
Cisco works with Works to hire freelance software architect for their security project
Charles Monat collaborates with Works to hire in-demand freelancers within 48 hours
Mercer engages remote software developers through Works to flexibly scale their team whenever their projects start ramping up
Microsoft looks for the world's most talented freelancers on Works
James Cook University students join Works as freelancer
Panasonic works closely with Works to hire software cloud architect when they need to scale up their teams for urgent projects

Works exclusive network of Developers

How to hire Developers through Works


Speak to Our Hiring Expert

Our industry expert will work with you to understand your project requirements, business goals and team dynamics.

Work with the Hand-Picked Talent

Within 48 hours, we will connect you to the most qualified talent perfectly fit for your project.

Work Quality, Guaranteed

Work with your new team member and only pay if you are completely satisfied with their work quality, assuring you a 100% risk-free hiring.

Tap into the World's Best Tech Talent

Works pre-vet freelancers and only the top 1% of remote developers, designers and product managers will be approved and accepted

The top 1%

We test and vet our talent rigorouly and only accept the top 1% of the applicants which leads to a 98% success rate
Hire pre-vetted software developers, UI / UX designers and project managers who best fits your team to complete high priority projects on time

Right fit, best quality

Hire top software developers, designers and project managers with verified credentials who best fit your team and projects.
Companies can hire remote software developers, UI / UX designers and project managers on demand, transit hired talent to part-time roles or stop their services

Scale up and down, whenever

Scale your Works team up or down and transit your hired talent, whenever you want.
Hiring through agencies can be costly and time consuming for businesses so we abolish intermediaries cost and save time for you at Works

Additional Savings

We take care of your talents' benefits, annual leave, HR paperwork, hiring time and expenses.
Works' AI technology matching system helps to find the most suitable tech talent that meets client's needs

Get intelligently matched

With our experts and AI matching technology, we match you with the talent that's best for your project.
Track hired talent's work progress and result with Works via screenshots and advanced activity tracking system

Works hours validation

Ensure hours billed are actual hours worked through our screenshot captures and activity tracking.

Success Stories

DHL delivered a security solution 3x faster with top web development specialists through Works

DHL Delivered a Security Solution 3x Faster with High-Quality Talent

DHL's APEC commercial team needed a bench of web development specialists who can design and build data solutions to optimize their slow warehouse operation process urgently. Instead of working with a traditional agency that is slow and averaged a 40% upcharge, the company saved money by sourcing talent skilled in C/C++/C#, Java, JavaScript and React JS directly through Works. DHL successfully completed the project 3x faster as the onboarding process took less than 48 hours as compared to 2-3 weeks before.

3x Faster

Project turnover


Cost savings
Panasonic lowers hiring risk and improves productivity with Works' pre-vetted Python developers

Panasonic Lowers Hiring Risk with Works' Top 1% Talent

Panasonic's risk management team urgently needed to hire Python developers proficient in data science and machine learning to help them improve their multidimensional risk models. The uneven talent pool of traditional institutions increases Panasonic's hiring risks. With rigorous testing and vetting, Works only accepted the top 1% of talent. At the same time, Works' experts and artificial intelligence technology helped Panasonic recruit professional data scientists from around the world within 48 hours, reducing the risk of a wrong hire and improving Panasonic's productivity.

50% Faster

Project turnaround time

3 days

Average time to start projects

Top Developers are in high demand.

World's leading firms are turning to Works to hire top software developers, engineers, programmers, coders and consultants. Let us help you hire fast, with unparalleled success.
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How are Works developers different?
At Works, we maintain a high success rate of more than 98% by thoroughly vetting through the applicants who apply to be our developers. To ensure that we connect you with professional developers of the highest expertise, we only pick the top 1% of applicants to apply to be part of our talent pool. You'll get to work with top developers to understand your business goals, technical requirements and team dynamics.