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What is Works?

Works is a leading decentralised Web 3.0 talent platform for the world's best remote developers and designers. We offer the best of both worlds - our clients and our talent. With less than a 48-hour turnaround, businesses can connect to the top 1% of pre-vetted tech talent, on demand. We use Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in our platform to match remote tech talent with clients and bridge language barriers between different countries.

What is Works built on?

Works is built on the Ethereum blockchain.

Why is Works built on blockchain?

Works employs blockchain technology to transparently distribute dividends based on 25% of its monthly profits to our community members who contribute to its growth. By incentivising user contributions (such as referring client or talent, completing projects on 5 stars rating, creating awareness on social media), Works look to align long-term interest and benefits with the people who help in building it, instead of adopting a centralised platform which extracts disproportionate value in the form of high fees from its talent.

This model helps Works to achieve rapid growth.

How is the commission charged to the users?

Clients will be charged a 10% fee for each invoice and the talent gets to keep 100% of their earnings.

Where does the 10% commission fee go?

The 10% service charge which clients pay is used to cover the operational costs of the platform so that fee can always be kept low.


How does the blockchain benefit Works users?

Works implemented blockchain technology on the platform to provide a transparent and decentralised work environment. With our native token, WORKS, we redistribute value. It will serve as a motivator for our users, allowing them to take advantage of free or discounted courses as well as other community benefits. This is a win-win situation that motivates users to continue building our network while simultaneously rewarding them, and it will also help Works develop faster.

What sets Works apart from other marketplaces?

The marketplace is decentralised, which makes Works stand out. Other platforms, such as Toptal, Upwork, and others, take 20-40% of what the talent earns on the site, and ownership is concentrated around a small number of people and investors. Works gets 0% of the talent's earnings and is governed by a token governance community. Works can now attract and retain higher-quality employees because of this strategy. Works uses blockchain technology to take out the intermediaries and keep incentives aligned. This significantly lowers employer expenses and raises talent profits, attracting the top people in the world while sharing value more evenly throughout the network's talent.

What types of projects are available on Works?

The talent pool of Works is generally focused on large, complicated technological and design projects involving software, data analytics, UI/UX, and related activities.

Is it free to join Works?

Yes, Works is free to join. All you need is the skill set and passion to do what you love.

How do I join as a talent?

Show your interest to join our talent community by applying through here.

How do I hire talent?

Engage with the world's top 1% of remote developers and designers with Works in 48 hours here.

What kinds of businesses find talent on Works?

The highly qualified, vetted workforce attracted by Works brings in businesses and corporations from many industries. Works' enterprise user base includes companies like DHL, CISCO, Microsoft, and Panasonic.


How does Works make money?

Clients pay Works a fixed 10% success fee. The project's mission is to build a decentralised talent marketplace, along with making the network useful to everyone on it.

What are the payment methods?

Payments for projects are only available using fiat currency and here is a list of accepted payment methods:

  • Credit cards
  • Paypal

Background and Team

When was Works created?

Works is a rebrand from Gigworks, which was launched in July 2019.

Who founded Works?

Works is founded by Glenn Tay, who established Plexure from ground-up with zero resources to a recognised IT consultancy firm with annualized returns of USD 5.4 million. He has worked with several MNCs on business process re-engineering and hand-picked by clients to spearhead large-scale overseas IT consultancy projects.

Where is Works headquartered?

Works is currently located in Singapore.

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