Top 1% of product managers are hired and trusted by leading firms and startups to manage product development, research, ideation and go-to-market strategy.

Hire the Top 1% of Product Managers

Our product managers are thoroughly screened on product ideation, agile management, scrum framework, product strategy & validation and are hired by leading companies to lead end-to-end product lifecycle.
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DHL trusts Works to find expert developers hassle-free within 48 hours
Cisco works with Works to hire remote software architect for their security project
James Cook University students join Works as developer
Microsoft looks for the world's most talented developers on Works
Panasonic works closely with Works to hire software cloud architect when they need to scale up their teams for urgent projects
Mercer engages remote software developers through Works to flexibly scale their team whenever their projects start ramping up
Charles Monat collaborates with Works to hire in-demand developers within 48 hours

Gain Access to Top Skillsets

We have a community of high performing product managers with skills in research, ideation, and management

Meet Our Product Managers

We have a community of product managers with years of experience in leadership roles.
Danielle Teo is an experienced technical product manager with expertise in Scrum and Agile technologies.
IT Product Manager

Danielle Teo

Product Management
Agile Product Management
+ 2 more
Danielle is an experienced technical product manager. For over the past 10 years, she has designed, developed and launched an extensive range of cloud solutions. Her expertise in Scrum and Agile technologies helps leading companies to build better and more sustainable products.
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Karl Sargsyan is a professional web product manager and a certified Google Analytics Professional.
Web Product Manager

Karl Sargsyan

Product Management
+ 2 more
Since 2009, Karl worked in product development and management, He has led and guided over 120 web and mobile projects remotely. Karl is a certified Scrum product owner and also a certified Google Analytics professional.
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Alice Ng is a seasoned agile product manager who has 8 years of experience in launching products with excellent user experience.
Agile Product Manager

Alice Ng

Agile Workflow
Software as a service(SaaS)
+ 2 more
Alice is a seasoned agile product manager with nearly 8 years of experience leading teams of up to 10 people and 5 different SaaS products from idea through launch. Her focus on customer feedback and data-driven approaches allows her to develop products with excellent user experience.
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Nichole Wan has over 6 years of experience as a mobile product manager to build and deliver innovative products on time.
Mobile Product Manager

Nichole Wan

Mobile Product Managers(iOS, Android)
+ 2 more
Nichole has over 6 years of experience leading cross-functional teams to market both software and hardware products. Trained in human-centered design, she has built and delivered innovative products on time and budget for established companies.
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Client Testimonials

"We need a product manager with a supply chain background joining our team immediately. Allen exceeded our expectations with his work. He understood our project needs in a short time and worked seamlessly with our team. With his rich skills and work experience, he has successfully helped us build digital logistics and a first-class cutting-edge product platform. Works helps us quickly recruit professional product managers from around the world, reducing the risk of misfiring."
"Works makes finding professional product managers a breeze. We needed an experienced product manager to lead innovation in the SD-WAN space. Works found three great candidates for us within 48 hours. After making our selection, product managers can work closely with the executive team to develop growth strategies. It is much faster and easier than the traditional hiring process of finding and vetting candidates."
"We were highly impressed with both Works and product manager Oscar. Oscar has been a valuable member of our team. He has a deep understanding of consumer appliances in the cooking market. What makes his contribution unique and highly effective is his excellent skills and knowledge, and the emotional intelligence with which he manages each relationship. Thanks to Works' pre-vetted talent pool for helping us quickly find great product managers like Oscar. Works is now the first place we look for expert-level help."

How to hire top remote product managers through Works?


Speak to Our Hiring Expert

Our industry expert will work with you to understand your project requirements, business goals and team dynamics.

Work with our Product Manager

Within 48 hours, we will connect you to the most qualified talent perfectly fit for your project.

Work Quality, Guaranteed

Work with your new team member and only pay if you are completely satisfied with their work quality, assuring you a 100% risk-free hiring.

Success Stories

Works' talent network enabled Microsoft to work with top product managers, avoiding the risk of a wrong hire

How Microsoft used Works to Hire Risk-Free

Works' talent network enabled Microsoft to find and start working with a technical product manager with 10 years of experience leading development teams, to create, scale & deliver new security solutions for its Microsoft Defender 365. Having expertise in AWS and Azure helped to speed up the process of product research, ideation, roadmap, user stories, execution, and successful launch. The access to tough-to-find skills at scale and pre-vetted talent at Works helped Microsoft overcome the hiring challenge in the tight local labor market while avoiding the risk of a wrong hire.

<2 days

Time to hire


Customer Satisfaction
Works uses AI technology to match Cisco with product managers within 48 hours, saving their time on recruiting

Cisco Delivers Security SaaS Solutions Faster with Works.

In order to deliver new and innovative security SaaS solutions to market as quickly as possible, the Cisco Security Platform & Response group needed a product manager with a deep understanding of market issues and the competitive landscape to help the team find the most appropriate segments and build product roadmaps to address the most relevant customer struggles. Compared to the lengthy recruiting process of traditional agencies, Works uses AI technology to match Cisco with product managers within 48 hours, saving their time on recruiting. With Works' manual and rigorous selection process, only the top 1% of talent make it into Cisco Security Platform & Response teams,reducing the risk of hiring the wrong talent.

<1 week

To source & contract talent


Saved over traditional hiring sources

Top Remote Product Managers are in High Demand

Leading Fortune 500 companies and fast-scaling startups are turning to Works to hire top remote product managers, product specialists and product analysts to take their product vision forward from research, ideation and realisation. Let us help you hire fast, with unparalleled success.
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At Works, we thoroughly screen our product managers to ensure we only match you with talent of the highest caliber. Of the more than 100,000 people who apply to join the WORKS network each year, fewer than 1% make the cut. You'll work with product management experts (never generalized recruiters or HR reps) to understand your goals, technical needs, and team dynamics. The end result: expert vetted talent from our network, custom matched to fit your business needs.