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Looking for cloud computing solutions? Look no further than Amazon Web Services (AWS), a cloud computing division of Amazon providing customers with a wide variety of cloud computing solutions. These solutions cater to diverse sectors, including healthcare and life sciences, manufacturing, media and entertainment, power, and utilities, among others. AWS offers customers AWS Solutions Reference Architectures, AWS Solutions Constructs, AWS Solutions Implementations, and AWS Solutions Consulting Offers, which can be accessed through the Amazon Web Services Solutions Library, the go-to platform for high-quality cloud-based technology solutions.

AWS Solutions Reference Architectures and AWS Solutions Constructs (CDK) offer access to an exhaustive library of reference architectures that are free and accessible to everyone. For a seamless setup, customers can rely on AWS Solutions Implementation, which offers a deployment guide and answers to frequently asked questions. Are you ready to take advantage of AWS’s powerful cloud computing solutions? Contact our experienced skilled AWS developers to guide you through the process and ensure your success.

Discover the Capabilities of Amazon Web Services (AWS)

In 2020, Amazon Web Services (AWS) generated revenue of $546 billion, according to reports. AWS introduced cloud computing in March 2006, followed by the launch of Web Services in July 2002. Many major companies have incorporated AWS into their operations and praised its reliability, legality, scalability, and flexibility. Notable companies that utilize AWS for their data management and computing needs include BP, Cerner, Enel, Expedia, General Electric, FINRA, Hess Corporation, Intuit, Kellogg’s, Netflix, Philips, and Workday.

Noteworthy Qualities of Amazon Web Services (AWS)

  1. Adaptable

    Amazon Web Services (AWS) is highly flexible when compared to traditional Information Technology approaches. Developers can utilize a range of programming paradigms, operating systems, and tools to create personalized and unique products. As a result, AWS has become an indispensable resource for those seeking to develop custom software solutions for their specific needs.
  2. Cost-efficient

    Resource investment is an essential aspect of progress. However, when creating an application, it can be difficult to estimate the exact quantity of resources required. Unlike traditional IT setups where customers must commit to purchasing resource packages, Amazon Web Services (AWS) allows users to select individual resources as needed. This makes cloud computing highly adaptable while providing customers the ability to pay only for the resources they used, making AWS highly efficient in terms of cost.
  3. Elastic and Scalable

    Scalability refers to the ability to adjust the available resources in line with user requirements. In evaluating the scalability of a service, the efficiency with which new users are accommodated is considered. Cloud services from Amazon Web Services (AWS) excel in terms of scalability since they can automatically adjust the available resources based on demand while remaining flexible and reliable.
  4. Secured

    Protecting the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of customers’ data and associated services is a top priority for Amazon Web Services (AWS). AWS securely manages their services, providing absolute assurance of confidentiality from the beginning till the end. They implement extensive security and privacy measures to safeguard customers’ information at all times.

The Role and Processes of an Amazon Web Services Developer

  • To build the application’s continuous integration and continuous delivery pipeline, the AWS CI/CD stack is utilized. Check out our recommended continuous integration and continuous delivery tools.
  • To enhance scalability and reliability.
  • Creating a cloud-based platform for hosting web applications
  • To ensure the smooth functioning and continuous improvement of the existing cloud setup,
  • To safeguard and enhance the current cloud infrastructure,
  • Prior experience in designing large-scale systems is essential.
  • Employing Cloud Formation or an equivalent service to convert the infrastructure into code.
  • Proficiency in Linux and/or Unix system administration is required.
  • As a strategy for containerizing applications
  • Experience with Docker and Kubernetes is an added advantage.
  • To possess strong views on what qualifies as sound security practices
  • Transferring software between ECS and EKS, or vice versa, is feasible.
  • To set up a monitoring stack
  • Gaining knowledge about the core AWS services
  • For implementing reliable and scalable techniques

Required Skills

  • To identify problems in decentralized systems
  • Capability to develop and handle cloud-native applications
  • Acquiring hands-on experience of serverless approaches using AWS Lambda
  • For collaborating with the IT department
  • The objective is to create code that is efficient, reusable, and scalable.
  • To detect system weaknesses and performance issues
  • For updating and validating the software

Freelancers, full-time staff, and contractors can all take advantage of the proficient Amazon Web Services (AWS) Developers from around the globe available through Works.

Self-Employment / Freelance Work

In recent times, the job market has experienced significant alterations, with increasing numbers of companies opting for outsourcing and freelance workers. Subsequently, several online intermediary marketplaces have emerged, connecting job-seeking individuals with businesses that require skilled professionals. Some examples of such platforms are,, and, offering a remarkable opportunity for job seekers to locate suitable roles.

Contracts are generally awarded to freelance workers who can deliver high-quality work within the stipulated timeframe. Freelance professionals usually set their pay rates, and in the UK, they demand an average of 28.21 GBP (39.21 USD) per hour. The average hourly rate for freelancers in the USA is significantly higher than other countries, at 61.54 USD, probably because of the high demand for skilled Amazon Web Services engineers in the country.

Acquiring Amazon Web Services (AWS) Certification

Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides several on-demand training programmes for free, which are available both online and offline. These courses offer individuals an opportunity to learn new skills or prepare for certification exams at their pace. The AWS courses are founded on practical examples, with the ultimate goal of educating industry-standard practices and norms. The AWS Training and Accreditation Portal enables users to access training sessions in various fields, such as cloud computing, virtual server hosting, DevOps, security, SysOps, migration, internet of things (IoT), media and streaming services, application delivery, network architecture and connectivity, container management, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), developer tools, AWS cloud systems, and more.

Building trust and credibility with customers is critical to any thriving business, and achieving AWS Certification is an excellent method to do it. AWS Certification is a widely-acknowledged representation of industry-standard skills and experience, and individuals who possess the relevant skills and credentials can explore numerous opportunities in firms that employ Amazon Web Services for cloud infrastructure. Several courses extensively cover each of these topics, providing a plethora of resources to assist you in achieving your certification targets.

Field Expertise

At Works, we specialize in hiring remote technology engineers across various industries. We offer comprehensive human resources services, including selection, invoicing, compliance, and taxation, for both international contractors and full-time employees. Our aim is to help you find the finest remote developers to spearhead your most important technology initiatives and achieve your desired outcomes.


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