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Angular 2 is a powerful framework which equips developers with the necessary tools to create captivating and functional websites and online applications. It is developed using the JavaScript library and supports both JavaScript and HTML. Angular 2 framework is open-source and can be easily accessed with a good command of JavaScript. The framework comes with a range of useful pre-made components to simplify the development process. Furthermore, Angular 2 is designed to provide superior event handling and improved support for mobile devices. To start working with Angular 2, developers must first set up npm, Visual Studio Code, and Git from GitHub on their device.

Angular 2 is a comprehensive platform comprising several distinct elements that work together seamlessly. Modules can be used to break down an app into more manageable chunks of code to make each component serve a specific purpose. Templates are utilized to define the view, while metadata offer additional information to supplement the Angular 2 class. Elements are then used to tie the components together effectively. Lastly, services can be employed to make custom parts, which can be utilized by users of other systems.

Gain Knowledge on Angular 2

Angular 2 is an innovative and advanced platform that offers web developers a range of features that can be leveraged to create high-quality websites and applications. Additionally, the same code can be used across multiple programmes and systems. Angular 2 enables developers to create applications that can be deployed on a variety of platforms such as web, native mobile, native desktop and mobile web. Furthermore, Angular 2 facilitates rendering applications on the server, thereby achieving faster application speed. Developers are also provided with ample freedom to scale their applications while meeting even the most demanding data requirements. Visit us to learn more about Angular 2 and how it can benefit your business.

Key Enhancements in Angular 2


Angular 1’s primary focus was to implement controllers as the core components to manage all the processes of the application. However, Angular 2 shifted the focus to components instead of controllers. By adopting Angular 2’s component-based development approach, developers can incorporate numerous sub-features into the application. This method has the advantage of creating several modules that perform specific functions, thus simplifying maintenance and upkeep of the application over an extended period of time.


Following its initial release, TypeScript, a powerful superset of JavaScript designed to introduce static typing to the language, has received ongoing support from Microsoft. By incorporating this feature, TypeScript has enabled developers to be more efficient when writing code, and has become a cornerstone of Angular 2. Microsoft continues to invest in TypeScript development, providing developers with a dependable, stable and robust platform.


Angular 2 services offer a script-based method for resource pooling across different components of an application. This approach makes it effortless for developers to reuse the services not only within an application but also across multiple programs, eliminating the need to write the same code multiple times manually and hence saving time in the process. Visit us to learn more about how our skilled Angular 2 developers can help enhance your project with their expertise.

Roles and Responsibilities of an Angular 2 Developer

  • Designing and Developing Angular 2 Components
  • Proficiency with TypeScript is a prerequisite.
  • Ensuring that all tasks are executed in line with established norms and specifications.
  • Familiarity with Angular, Angular2, TypeScript, CSS, JavaScript, Node.js, and Git is required.
  • Capability to integrate front-end applications with RESTful middle-tier apps effectively.
  • Contributing to the development of innovative user experience features.
  • Ensuring effective communication with the web development team at all times.
  • Assisting and overseeing the quality assurance and user acceptance testing procedures.
  • To quickly validate the accuracy of issues.
  • To investigate any issues that may arise thoroughly.
  • For prompt and efficient resolution of identified issues.

Essential Skills

  • Prior experience as a web designer is necessary.
  • Thorough understanding of basic web application design patterns.
  • Demonstrating superb skills in both design and interpretation.
  • Gain a deep understanding of the company’s requirements in order to create exceptionally functional user interfaces.
  • Expertise in developing mockups, storyboards, and wireframes.
  • Excellent skills in verbal and written communication.
  • Create a complete user experience for a web application suitable for both desktop and mobile platforms.
  • Assembling an application by connecting individual modules and components through interfaces.
  • Guided by the goal of achieving optimal performance,
  • To achieve a clear dependency diagram,
  • Improving the search engine ranking for single page web-based applications through Search Engine Optimization.

Whether you’re looking for a freelancer, employee, or contractor, Works can help you find skilled and proficient Angular 2 developers who meet your unique needs, no matter where they are located.

Contract and Temporary Positions

Many companies across various industries require the expertise of skilled Angular 2 developers, but may not have the resources to hire a full-time employee. In such situations, contract Angular 2 programmers provide valuable services. These independent workers- such as freelancers and contractors- charge an hourly fee for their services and are not subject to the same regulations as traditional corporate employees. Additionally, freelancing offers the opportunity to work with businesses from all over the world and the flexibility of not being tied to a traditional office setting.

Adoption of Angular 2

Professional certification is often a smart choice as it can boost your standing within the industry. If you are considering obtaining Angular 2 certification, there are several options available including classes and exams. Fortunately, these courses are often affordably priced, and some universities offer scholarships to students in need of financial assistance. All you need to enrol in an Angular 2 certification program is a basic foundation in programming.

Expertise in Domain

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