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Hiring Angular 4 Developers

Angular 4 framework, created using JavaScript, allows the development of websites and applications, utilizing additional tools such as TypeScript and HTML. This release came after Angular 1 (also known as Angular JS) and Angular 2, as there was no release of Angular 3 due to internal versioning. Angular 4 requires developers to use TypeScript, which is then transpiled into JavaScript. It provides new features such as animation, materials, and the HTTP service, including navigation, menus, auto-complete, and a toolbar. TypeScript 2.2 was introduced to help reduce compilation time, making Angular 4 more lightweight to use. While Angular 4 follows the same component-based structure as Angular 2, it performs faster than its predecessor.

Explore the Features and Advantages of Angular 4

Angular 4 is a preferred choice for developers to develop websites and applications, thanks to its numerous benefits. This latest version has been improved with advanced features, providing better performance compared to previous versions. Developers can create modern, responsive, efficient, user-friendly, flexible, and innovative apps and websites using Angular 4. Some of the standout features of Angular 4 include:

  • Angular 4 allows you to produce scripts from specific templates and combine them with handwritten code to enhance JavaScript framework efficiency. By leveraging the framework’s power, developers can develop apps quickly and easily. Furthermore, the custom templates provide a more natural and user-friendly development experience.
  • Angular 4 offers a robust new tool for building cutting-edge web applications that give your sites the look and feel of native apps.
  • Developers can create advanced mobile apps with ease using Angular 4’s efficient process. By taking advantage of libraries like React Native, Ionic Framework, and NativeScript, Angular developers can build top-tier native apps.
  • Angular 4 provides developers with an inbuilt 11y test infrastructure to ensure their apps are more accessible.
  • Unlike previous frameworks, Angular 4’s IDEs and editors offer real-time error feedback, allowing for more efficient development.
  • Angular 4’s Command Line Interface (CLI) tools facilitate faster construction, component addition, testing, and deployment of applications.
  • Angular 4’s animation package makes it effortless for developers to create sophisticated and high-performance animation sequences with minimal coding effort. This package provides an extensive set of tools for developers to create visually stimulating and interactive apps for their users with ease. Animations can be both functionally valuable and visually attractive when developers leverage the power of the animation package. Furthermore, the animation package allows for the creation of intricate animation sequences with only a few lines of code, enabling developers to create interactive and engaging experiences for their users.

Key Features of Angular 4

Angular 4 introduced several features that were absent in its previous versions:

  1. Alternatively,

    In earlier versions of Angular, If-else support was restricted to only the if condition, but in Angular 4, it is fully implemented.
  2. Keyword usage

    Angular 4 allows for values to be stored by utilising the ‘loop’ keyword. This has been an efficient method of handling large amounts of data, as it allows for the accumulation of variable stores from the outputs of the slice to be saved in the same location. All in all, this has proven to be a very useful tool for dealing with massive data sets.
  3. Animated Components

    Prior to Angular 4, animating components required accessing the @angular/core folder rather than accessing it as a separate package. However, Angular 4 offers a standalone package for animation that can be imported from @angular/animations.
  4. TypeScript 2.2 Upgrade

    With the upgrade to Angular 4, TypeScript has also been updated to an improved version, TypeScript 2.2. This new version offers significant enhancements in terms of speed and type checking when compared to TypeScript 1.8, which was used in previous versions of Angular. These enhancements have played a role in significantly increasing the performance of Angular 4.
  5. Pipe Title Case Feature

    We firmly believe that the addition of the Pipe Title Case feature in Angular is beneficial and advantageous. This feature guarantees that all outputs are in title case format, irrespective of the case used as input.

Responsibilities of Angular 4 Developers

  • Proficiency in the principles of Angular software engineering.
  • With the aim of developing a visually appealing and user-friendly interface,
  • Attain proficiency in JavaScript.
  • Proficiency in HTML.
  • The Process of Utilizing Cascading Style Sheets.
  • To become an efficient project manager,
  • Targeting the Planning and Development of User Interfaces.
  • Redesigning the Interface to Work with Present Web Applications.
  • Integrate advanced front-end technology.
  • Development of Product-Based Analysis.
  • To address complex issues in technology and design,
  • To Develop Program Code for Applications.
  • Using Angular 4 for Unit Testing Purposes.
  • Assessment of Functional Capability.
  • Consultation with the Design Team.
  • To ensure the production of high-quality software,

Essential Abilities.

  • Proficiency in creating code that operates in various web browsers.
  • Ability to utilise a build system tool, such as Gulp or Grunt.
  • Proficiency in JavaScript’s MV-VM and MVC frameworks.
  • Strong Written and Verbal Communication Abilities.
  • Critical Thinking Involves.
  • Capability of Efficiently Resolving Issues.
  • To Research and Assess.
  • Dom should possess proficiency in AJAX and JavaScript.
  • Previous Experience in working with RESTful services.
  • Demonstrating Cooperative Behaviour.
  • Proficiency in Time Management.
  • Demonstrating Excellent Interpersonal Skills.

At Works, we can offer a vast range of competent and expert Angular 4 Developers, both for full-time and contract-based roles, from all across the globe. We understand that hiring the ideal individual for any project is crucial, and our worldwide network of proficient professionals enables us to provide the most suitable and competent candidate based on your specific needs.

Freelance or Contract-Based Work.

For numerous businesses, the key to establishing and maintaining an optimal relationship with their clientele is to engage the services of skilled Angular 4 developers. A well-designed, user-friendly interface is imperative for enhancing customer engagement, and lack thereof can have an adverse impact on a company’s performance. Owing to this, businesses are hiring Angular 4 developers services for creating an effective, efficient user interface that ensures a smooth experience throughout the application stack.

Working as a freelancer provides Angular 4 developers with considerable flexibility, enabling them to accept multiple contracts and potentially earn substantial additional income. This is far more beneficial than traditional jobs, allowing freelancers more creative autonomy and entitling them to significant financial gains.

Validating Angular 4 Proficiency.

In the current job market, where the demand for developers with formal qualifications is constantly increasing, obtaining certification in Angular 4 is crucial if you wish to stand out. Given the increasing digitalization of numerous industries, now is an ideal time to showcase your proficiency in this framework. Employers seek more Angular 4 developers than ever before. By obtaining certification, you can demonstrate your capabilities and give employers a reason to consider you as a viable candidate.

Getting certified in Angular 4 is a straightforward and cost-effective process. With some basic coding knowledge and a certification course, you can become a certified Angular 4 developer. Once you’ve completed the course and passed the exam, you can expect an increase in salary and other significant financial benefits. By investing just a small amount of your resources and time, you can ensure a lifelong career of success.

Specialized Knowledge in the Field.

At Works, our primary focus is hiring remote IT engineers and offering comprehensive human resources solutions. Our services include recruitment, invoicing, compliance and tax filings for international hires and independent contractors. Our mission is to equip you with the capability to hire the best possible remote developers for your project team, enabling them to lead and drive your critical technology-based initiatives to success.


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