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  • Develop applications that run seamlessly on cloud infrastructure
  • It is possible to develop Windows client applications using C#.
  • C# is frequently used by developers of libraries and components for Windows platform.
  • System maintenance and support services
  • Development services for Windows and web applications
  • Web APIs and web services
  • Custom mobile applications developed for Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android platforms
  • C# is commonly used in AI and ML domains.
  • Software and services offered on the Azure cloud platform
  • Machine learning and data tooling for server-side operations
  • Applications that facilitate communication between two computers, for instance Microsoft Office, SharePoint, SQL Server, etc.
  • C# applications are used in the development of blockchains and distributed ledger technologies, including cryptocurrencies.
  • C# is extensively utilised by devices that are a part of the Internet of Things (IoT).
  • C# is used in creating video game consoles and PC gaming systems by Unity3D developers.
  • Create your own video games

Windows Client Application

Since being first announced in 1999, Microsoft’s C# programming language has remained a favoured option for the development of applications for Windows OS. At present, Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) and Windows Forms are the most extensively employed frameworks for creating Windows client applications. As a highly versatile language, C# can also be used for developing other kinds of applications beyond graphical user interfaces.

Indicators of Needs

For an entry-level C# developer, it is imperative to possess a thorough understanding of C#, .NET, and Microsoft Visual Studio. Familiarity with other programming languages like SQL, Python, and Java would be considered an added advantage. Writing well-structured and understandable code is of utmost importance. Additionally, analytical and problem-solving skills are highly desirable for the role. Other relevant skills and abilities that I have are:

  • The candidate should be able to communicate effectively both in writing and verbally.
  • The ideal candidate should be self-motivated and capable of working independently with minimal supervision.
  • The candidate must be accustomed to working with globally dispersed teams.
  • The ideal candidate should have a minimum of three years of experience working with C#, preferably more.
  • Prior experience with ETRM and/or CTRM would be an added advantage.

Aside from the abilities mentioned earlier, a senior C# developer should also possess the following:

  • The candidate should possess comprehensive knowledge of all aspects related to programming and software development.
  • The candidate should be able to function effectively in a fast-paced, iterative environment.
  • The candidate should be familiar with Azure’s DevOps Automation Tools.
  • The candidate should have a good understanding of software engineering and OOD processes.
  • The candidate should be proficient in implementing C# and the OOPS paradigm.
  • Prior experience with SQL and relational databases is an added advantage.
  • Prior experience with object-relational mapping frameworks.
  • Employers have a growing demand for professionals skilled in the fields of computer science and engineering.
  • Prior experience with developing web services, specifically SOAP and REST, would be advantageous.
  • The candidate should have knowledge of OOP, MVC, Design Patterns, and SOLID concepts.
  • The candidate should have at least three years of experience in leading software design and development projects.
  • The candidate must have a strong command of C# and Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF).
  • The candidate should have the ability to identify issues and resolve bugs.
  • The candidate should have an understanding of algorithmic frameworks and data structures.
  • The candidate should be capable of building effective communication among team members and maintaining it efficiently.
  • The candidate should have the ability to reach a consensus and explain design reasoning.
  • The candidate should be capable of setting priorities and meeting deadlines on multiple time-sensitive projects.
  • The candidate should possess innovative problem-solving abilities to develop solutions for complex challenges.
  • The candidate should be able to leverage their technical or professional expertise to influence others in their team.
  • Desirable soft skills for the candidate include paying attention to detail and executing ideas efficiently.
  • The selected candidate must showcase the ability to swiftly grasp and master the usage of new software, programming languages, and operating systems through practical experience and instruction. They should also have the capability to apply the newly acquired knowledge to their daily tasks and be open to experimentation with novel technologies.

Unconventional competencies

  • Preference will be given to candidates who possess knowledge of the Windows Presentation Foundation.
  • The candidate should be familiar with developing C# libraries to support reuse.
  • The candidate should showcase proficiency in Object-Oriented Design and Development.
  • The candidate should be acquainted with software versioning tools and possess a thorough understanding of them.
  • The candidate will be responsible for setting up a structure for automated testing and implementing unit tests. Familiarity with C# and SQL could be an added advantage.
  • The candidate should demonstrate proficiency in utilising ASP.NET WebApi, ASP.NET MVC, Entity Framework, and Net Framework/Core.
  • The candidate should possess familiarity with SPA frameworks such as Angular, React, and Vue and should have hands-on experience in working with JavaScript and Typescript.
  • The candidate should have the ability to develop unit tests.
  • The candidate should showcase a solid understanding of OOD/OOP concepts and their practical implementation.
  • The candidate should be well-versed with the agile development process, including story sizing, planning, and retrospectives.
  • The candidate should have expertise in utilising Git or any other equivalent distributed version control system.
  • The candidate should exhibit competency in analysing, solving, and troubleshooting various problems.
  • The candidate should have the ability to grasp and utilise new techniques and tools effectively.
  • The candidate should possess exceptional verbal and written communication skills.
  • The candidate should be capable of adding new features to the existing codebase.
  • The candidate should be responsible for ensuring the proper functionality of the product and any new features assigned to them by devising and coding automated unit tests.
  • The candidate should be comfortable with an agile development approach that lays significant emphasis on metrics.
  • The candidate should be proficient in designing and developing bespoke C#.NET solutions to cater to business requirements.
  • The candidate is expected to have expertise in utilising the .NET framework to develop diverse applications as per the company’s requirements.
  • Debugging and managing code should be a familiar skill for the candidate.
  • The candidate should possess a clear understanding of how to structure and manage tasks efficiently.
  • The candidate should have experience in identifying and resolving issues related to framework.NET.
  • The candidate should be capable of mitigating technological risks.
  • The candidate should possess the necessary qualifications to collaborate effectively with team members.
  • The candidate is expected to provide technical assistance to other members of the company.
  • The candidate should have excellent communication skills to efficiently convey project updates to upper management.
  • The candidate should participate in project meetings and contribute their insights.


  • The candidate should design, develop, and conduct testing of novel features for the software under development.
  • The candidate should possess the ability to establish open communication and collaborate effectively with all relevant stakeholders.
  • The candidate should feel at ease working in an Agile Scrum environment.
  • The candidate should offer assistance to actual users of the product.
  • The candidate should be skilled in developing functional applications based on comprehensive storyboards and use cases.
  • The candidate should design, alter and assess novel features.
  • The candidate needs to possess the capability of building, maintaining and designing high-quality, reusable, and modular C# code.
  • The candidate must take responsibility for ensuring the efficiency, dependability, and responsiveness of the applications.
  • The candidate should identify roadblocks (bugs) and quickly devise solutions to resolve them.
  • The candidate should participate in and contribute to Scrum’s entirely agile deliverables.
  • The candidate may aid in maintaining the code’s cleanliness, organisation, and automation.
  • The candidate creates and verifies new user interface functionalities in conjunction with the product owner and other Micro Focus development teams.
  • The candidate should append supplementary features to existing components while ensuring full compatibility.
  • The candidate is responsible for troubleshooting customer service requests and resolving reported problems to maintain smooth operation.
  • The candidate needs to edit and offer suggestions on testing methodologies, testing cases, and testing procedures.
  • The candidate must develop and execute unit tests for a defined section of the program.
  • The candidate must explore new technologies to discover methods of enhancing existing technology.
  • The candidate collaborates with a team of software application engineers to produce high-quality, efficient, and reliable products.
  • The candidate acts as a mentor and role model to junior employees.
  • The candidate must have either four years of work experience in software development or a bachelor’s degree in computer science, software engineering, or a related field, excluding internships or trainee programs.
  • Applicants should have a minimum of one year of recent, professional experience in authoring production level code for software development and web application, utilising the .NET platform. This requirement excludes internships and trainee programs. Here’s a useful resource on software development and web applications.
  • The candidate should possess the ability to work collaboratively across continents and time zones.
  • The ability to acquire knowledge quickly is beneficial.
  • The candidate must have a strong theoretical background in areas such as OO, CA, SE, data structures, and algorithms.
  • The candidate must have experience in developing and testing features in a complex production system.
  • The candidate should possess efficient communication skills in both written and spoken English.
  • The candidate should have the ability to perform efficiently under pressure.
  • The candidate must have experience in developing large-scale web applications for businesses.
  • Practical knowledge of architectural design would be an added advantage.
  • Having knowledge and experience in software design patterns is highly desirable.
  • The candidate must have experience working with .NET Core and Entity Framework.
  • Proficiency and practical experience in utilising HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Angular are valuable assets.
  • The candidate must be an expert in SOA, RESTful APIs, and web services.
  • Experience in database design and familiarity with LINQ would be an added advantage.
  • Hands-on experience in using Microsoft Azure would be an added advantage.
  • The candidate must be a strong enthusiast of automated procedures, unit testing (mandatory), and continuous integration.
  • Proficiency in teamwork and effective communication with colleagues while developing applications.
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Visual Studio (VS), Microsoft.NET Framework (.NET), Microsoft’s Model View Controller (MVC), and Microsoft’s Entity Data Model is required.

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