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The Drupal development environment has undergone significant improvements, leading to its increased popularity as a content management system (CMS) and over 1.7 million websites now rely on Drupal worldwide. This has resulted in a growing demand for skilled professionals with expertise in Drupal-related technologies and systems. At Works, we are renowned for our international recruitment services and continuously adapt our approach to stay ahead of industry trends. If you want to hire a proficient Drupal developer for your company, you should focus on their hard and soft skills, as well as the relevant technologies and industries associated with this platform.

Drupal is a CMS that allows developers to create and manage websites without coding. To customize the interface, minimal coding is needed, but developers should have knowledge of Drupal’s core and contributed modules to integrate features effortlessly for optimal user experience. If you plan to employ Drupal developers, make sure that they understand how the various components of Drupal work together to build the desired website.

At Works, we can help your organisation recruit the best Drupal developers from around the globe with our streamlined recruitment process. You can leverage our onboarding and orientation process to efficiently onboard and train new employees, saving time and resources. Our knowledge of the Drupal industry and recruitment process enables us to create a tailored hiring and management strategy that is specific to your organisation’s requirements.

Technologies used in Drupal Development

Drupal is an advanced tool for building digital solutions, supported by a vast network of developers that offer their services to businesses of all sizes and types. With Drupal, organisations can create web content, develop modules, build e-commerce stores, and use Drupal Themer and other advanced technologies.

By combining Drupal’s core interface with modern technologies, businesses can achieve various objectives. Drupal has proven itself as a versatile and dependable platform for numerous corporate applications. Before hiring a Drupal developer, it is critical to define the necessary skillset and project requirements. To ensure the best outcome, we recommend that our clients liaise with Works to find the most suitable candidate for their organisation.

We will review the various Drupal technologies before discussing the specific technical and soft skills that employers seek when recruiting Drupal developers.

Managing Web Content with Drupal

Drupal’s highly customizable framework enables businesses to build web content management systems that cater to their customers’ specific requirements. Additionally, this technology can inspire creativity and support the continuous evolution of the web, providing opportunities for developers to implement unique ideas. Therefore, it’s crucial to have a Drupal developer who can exercise their creativity to its full potential.

Retail Stores Utilizing Drupal

The importance of Drupal in the online commerce industry cannot be overstated. Its eCommerce platform is designed to support intricate eCommerce projects, complete with integrated product and marketing solutions that allow businesses to create an engaging platform. By merging the features of an eCommerce platform and web content management system, Drupal delivers a unique user experience.

Website Builder in Drupal

If you are looking for skilled developers who can build dynamic websites using Drupal technology, you have come to the right place. Drupal site builders are proficient in customizing Drupal’s core and related modules to offer a solution that caters to your business’s unique requirements. Site builders can also provide you with access to a comprehensive set of digital tools that can aid the development and management of your website. With the expertise to design and construct websites with or without coding, Drupal site builders can be a valuable asset to your organisation.

Building a Stacked Foundation

Drupal relies on the modern and sophisticated LAMP stack which comprises of Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP. The combination of these components provides the ability to build extensive digital solutions. The advanced LAMP stack technology is a perfect match for modern enterprises looking to maintain a competitive edge.

Drupal Developers with Expertise in Front-End or Themes

Front-end and back-end development are two major specializations for Drupal developers. Front-end developers, also known as Drupal Themers, are responsible for transforming the desired website design into a functional theme using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. They have the expertise to ensure that these websites and applications are mobile-responsive.

Drupal Developer with Expertise in Backend or Module Development

Most of the code written by Drupal backend developers is in PHP, but they may also have knowledge of other server-side programming languages. This group of Drupal developers is crucial for tasks such as automation, module development, automated testing, and web services implementation. Their expertise is paramount for the successful accomplishment of these tasks.

With the increasing number of Drupal technologies and job opportunities, employers should consider certain factors when looking to hire Drupal developers. It’s important to understand the range of tasks that Drupal developers can perform, the various technologies used within the Drupal platform, and the diverse skill sets required to successfully employ Drupal developers. By considering these aspects, employers can ensure that they hire the appropriate Drupal developers for their specific requirements.

  • Expert Drupal Developer
  • Drupal Theme Designer
  • Drupal Website Builder

A Drupal developer is responsible for security, PHP code development and performance testing using tools such as Ajax, SQL, and Query Builder. On the other hand, a Drupal Themer must possess a strong command of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and SASS, as well as the ability to create templates that meet all preprocessing requirements. After successfully completing these tasks, the Themer must demonstrate their proficiency in building and implementing rules, views, content types, panels, and other technologies associated with Drupal website building.

Assessing your requirements and developing job descriptions aligned with industry standards is essential when seeking Drupal developers. However, if you want to avoid this process and quickly attain results, Works is the optimal solution.

Growth of the Drupal Development Industry

With its comprehensive feature set, Drupal is a powerful content management system that is well-suited for the development, management, and expansion of digital solutions across various industries. A Drupal developer can help you to effectively communicate your brand identity by identifying your organisation’s specific needs and utilizing Drupal’s features to create a customized solution that caters to them.

Here are some of the industries and clients that rely on enterprises that utilise Drupal:


Puma is one of the most renowned global companies that utilizes Drupal’s power to integrate content and e-commerce operations, providing site visitors with a seamless experience from start to finish. Additional noteworthy companies like TIMEX and Royal Mail have also adopted Drupal as their preferred framework. Drupal offers various e-commerce solutions that are customized to the platform and extremely user-friendly.


In the entertainment industry, brands require an efficient method of meeting the diverse needs of their customers. Drupal is the perfect solution as it offers a platform that can cater to a broad range of users while also allowing Drupal experts to focus on more specialized areas of their operations. Thus, many large companies, including Warner Music Group, have implemented Drupal as a content management system (CMS) on their desktop and mobile sites.


The Economist’s website receives over 1.2 million monthly visitors who look for articles, blogs, and videos. To enhance the user experience, The Economist has integrated Drupal to support a personalized homepage for its millions of subscribers. This behind-the-scenes system ensures that each user’s experience is seamless and uninterrupted.


Effective management of digital interfaces is of utmost importance, and Drupal is making remarkable progress in this field. For instance, the Australian government uses this platform to disseminate data from its various departments digitally to the public and other users.

Drupal is widely utilised by organisations, and the aforementioned examples highlight its significant achievements in the software engineering sector. To ensure success, enterprises opt to hire Drupal developers with proficiency in specific technologies. As you have chosen to leverage Drupal’s capabilities and are seeking Drupal experts to advance your organisation, it is evident that you have made a prudent decision.

Knowing the fundamental Hard and Soft skills of Drupal developers is critical, not only their expertise in technologies and sectors.

Essential Requirements

  • Create and innovate digital services for various clients.
  • Assess, adjust, and deploy the application’s code to fulfill all given requirements for the final product.
  • Work in partnership with the product’s user interface and user experience designers to establish the product’s designs and visual components.
  • Adept at constructing user interfaces utilizing HTML, Sass/CSS, Twig, and JavaScript.
  • Develop and troubleshoot code for both the front and back ends as per the designated tasks.
  • Drupal site-building necessitates the setup of modules prior to their utilization.
  • Possesses experience with diverse command-line programs such as Drush and GIT, among others.
  • Acquire comprehensive knowledge of Drupal’s Entity Systems.
  • Proficient in RestAPI and Drupal Form Development, with mastery in Web Forms and comparable technologies.
  • Working with the DevOps team necessitates familiarity with continuous integration/continuous delivery tools and processes.
  • Experienced with various web development frameworks including PHP, Laravel, CodeIgnitor, and Node.js.

Soft Skills that Developer Candidates for Drupal Companies Must Possess

  • Capability to efficiently communicate with teams and clients to comprehend their requirements.
  • Able to collaborate with other specialists to produce superior code and designs.
  • Aid the design team in evaluating the technical feasibility of a proposed idea.
  • Providing their input to achieve an exceptional end outcome for both the customer and end-users.
  • Mastery in data analysis, problem-solving, and designing efficient solutions.


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