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Facebook, founded by American Mark Zuckerberg in 2004, is the world’s leading social networking service, boasting over a billion active monthly members. This free-to-use platform enables users to expand their social connections, create accounts, upload media such as photos and videos, and create online groups. Additionally, users can run online businesses with ease. Facebook’s primary revenue comes from advertisements and offers its members a variety of features, including the timeline to post content and connect with others, the status that displays location and current situations or scenarios, the like button to express appreciation for posts and messages, and the feed that alerts users to changes in their friends’ profiles and statuses. Apart from this, the platform enables users to send private messages and form one-on-one connections.

Having started out as a social networking service, Facebook has now become a multibillion dollar international conglomerate. To keep pace with the changing times, the company is proactively investing in a range of technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), networking, Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR). This enables Facebook to offer personalized experiences for its users while serving various consumer needs. In addition, Facebook is pushing wireless data transmission technology to its limits, having developed millimetre-wave technology that has set world records – transmitting data at a speed of 36 GB per second over a distance of 13 kilometres. Also, the company is running tests on their latest technology, Terragraph, which promises to provide speeds and reliability comparable to fibre optic technology. As they strive to maintain their edge in the market, the company is seeking accomplished developers to help further its reputation.

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It’s truly remarkable how Facebook manages to provide services to more than two billion active users every single day. Known for its iconic blue colour, the back-end services of Facebook are built on a LAMP stack (Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP). This social networking site was built as an integrated piece of software, and its underlying services must continue to evolve and adapt to incorporate new, advanced features to ensure the optimal functioning of this extensive network. Below are some pivotal technological components of Facebook’s network infrastructure:

  • Facebook’s PHP is transformed into server-side native code via a compiler, thereby enhancing the speed of the program.
  • The developers utilize Linux for network management, which is tailored to meet the specific requirements of the project.
  • Facebook employs the database management system MySQL to store data indefinitely. To ensure optimal efficiency of the network’s data storage capabilities, engineers have reorganized joins and logic. Database management system

Amongst the many other systems in use, there is Haystack, a system devised to satisfy Facebook’s specific requirements in handling massive amounts of data and photons. Memcached, a widely utilized caching layer between MySQL and the webserver, is one of the core components of Facebook’s software. The company has focused on making improvements to Memcached over time, based on feedback received from its network locations.

The Key Features of Facebook

If you wish to expand your brand and create a positive social presence for your business, Facebook is the ideal platform to do so. By optimizing their profile, feed, status, and pages, marketers can increase their chances of connecting with potential customers. Moreover, there are several valuable features available, such as Facebook Insights page including a “watch” function that allows visitors to monitor their competitors’ activities. Companies can also export their Facebook Insights to aid in data collection and analysis, providing insight into how customers engage with their products and services, allowing them to refine their strategies and objectives accordingly. Facebook, with its expansive user base, is a highly competitive platform; thus, the Audience Optimisation tool serves as a vital resource, enabling businesses to target specific demographics when advertising their offerings.

Facebook also utilizes a metric called relevance score, which offers essential insights for businesses seeking to gauge their advertising performance and overall brand visibility on the social media site. As the global economy continues to grow, Facebook has become a crucial hub for companies of all scales, ranging from small businesses to large corporations.

Roles and Responsibilities of Developers at Facebook

  • The principal duty of a Facebook developer involves designing new features and enhancements in the form of code.
  • The programmer should possess excellent teamwork skills and be proficient in working independently with minimal supervision.
  • The developer’s proficiency with various OSes and platforms is critical.
  • An exceptional programmer also requires an analytical mindset and the capability to identify and organize even the minutest details.
  • To design the most optimal application features, it is necessary for the developer to be a proficient coder.

Required Skills

  • The developer’s skill in comprehending the requirements of their clients and incorporating them into their app’s functionalities is crucial.
  • The programmer collaborates with a team of IT professionals to develop and improve software.
  • They must possess a creative mindset to devise unique and engaging prototypes that fulfill all necessary requirements.
  • Efficient time management is also imperative. Skilled programmers prioritize delivering high-quality code while complying with set timelines.
  • An accomplished software developer should possess a comprehensive range of skills, which includes but is not limited to unit testing, integration testing, functional testing, non-functional testing, troubleshooting, and debugging. Adeptness in these areas is crucial to achieve a smooth and successful development process.
  • Technical documentation layout is crucial to communicate his work effectively. Therefore, he should have some experience in this area as well.

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Freelance or Contract Assignments

Numerous programmers choose to work as independent contractors, which allows them the flexibility to collaborate with multiple clients and projects concurrently. For instance, a Facebook developer who is uncertain about taking on a full-time role may prefer to work on a contractual basis, assisting businesses with managing their company pages, enhancing their brand’s Facebook presence, and fostering engagement. Freelance or contract work can offer the independence and flexibility to work on several projects simultaneously.

Recognition as a Facebook Developer

To provide superior marketing solutions, Facebook conducts competitive examinations for software developers. The evaluation entails a multiple-choice section and a coding assessment test, with an estimated duration of up to 2 hours and 30 minutes. Candidates who pass the tests may receive job offers for roles like software developers, IT consultants, front-end engineers, technology consultants, website designers, technical partner managers, etc. Working for Facebook is highly gratifying for skilled programmers and technicians, particularly for engineers, as the company presents bountiful opportunities for growth and success. Thus, it is among the most desirable employers in the industry.

Expertise in the Domain

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