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In the competitive world of applications, the front end plays a crucial role in determining the success of your application. The front end serves as the public face of your application, and a unique and well-developed design can promote your brand’s identity. Hiring a proficient front-end developer with extensive knowledge of front-end technologies is essential to creating a one-of-a-kind user interface and user experience. In this post, we’ll discuss some of the key traits to look for when hiring a new front-end developer.

The Latest Technologies and Rapidly Expanding Industries in the Developing World

Front-end development typically involves three primary languages – HTML, Cascading Style Sheets, and JavaScript. While static web pages can be created using HTML and CSS, JavaScript is essential when adding dynamic functionality to a program. Effective communication between front- and back-end developers is crucial for any project’s successful completion.

Emerging Industries

In today’s world, nearly every industry requires the services of expert front-end developers to showcase their products or services to the world. Front-end developers are vital in developing websites, user interface, and user experience software across various fields such as healthcare, e-commerce, fashion, education, advisory services, and freelancing.

Responsibilities of Front-End Developers

A significant aspect of a front-end developer’s job is to write the code that runs on the visible portion of a website, hence the need to focus on the website’s design elements. Collaboration between front- and back-end developers is essential for the success of any project. Therefore, a front-end developer’s responsibilities span both programming and design aspects. In collaboration with user interface and user experience designers, front-end developers must define the aesthetic and functional parameters of an application. To achieve this, all front-end developers are required to have technical skills and work closely with various stakeholders and team members to ensure successful project completion.

Position Description


  • Proficiency in HTML, JavaScript, CSS, jQuery, and other related technologies is essential.
  • Expertise in modern web development frameworks such as Bootstrap, SASS, CSS, the GRID system, and related technologies is necessary.
  • Prior experience in developing multiple websites and apps utilizing a sophisticated REST API for diverse users is a must.
  • Applicant must have hands-on experience with alternative code-versioning technologies besides Subversion, Git, and Mercurial.
  • Capability to manage Ajax, asynchronous requests, partial page refreshes and related functions is necessary.
  • Prior knowledge and experience of cloud computing, SonarQube, Docker, Jenkins, and related technologies is required.
  • Proficiency in utilizing visual tools is a necessary skillset.
  • Essential requirement includes expertise in enhancing application performance and optimizing existing website architecture, as discussed in this article.
  • Necessary skillset includes the capability to develop mobile features for a diverse range of clients.
  • Applicant must possess exceptional teamwork skills to collaborate with other professionals to build integrated online and mobile applications, and maintain effective working relationships with web designers and back-end engineers.
  • Expertise in documenting and preparing functional requirements is an essential requirement.
  • Proficient in creating diverse high-quality mockups and prototypes for a wide range of clients is a necessary skillset.
  • Ability to assist back-end developers in writing code and resolving technical issues is required.
  • Basic knowledge of SEO (search engine optimization) strategies is expected.
  • Strong hold on fundamental concepts of browser testing and debugging, as well as testing frameworks and tools such as Webpack, Jasmine, Karma, etc. is necessary.
  • Proficiency in utilizing Adobe products, website content management systems as discussed in this article, and Photoshop is a mandatory requirement.
  • Capability to monitor application or website usage and trends to identify areas for improvement and make necessary enhancements is a crucial skillset.
  • Ensure to develop libraries and reusable code that can be utilized for future use in the project.
  • Possessing experience and a strong understanding of browser compatibility issues is vital.
  • Expertise in client-side configuration management, troubleshooting, and administration is a mandatory requirement.

Interpersonal Skills

Gone are the days when developers could only thrive based on their technical skills. Developing essential soft skills is a must in today’s professional and personal space. Below mentioned are the critical soft skills that developers must possess.

  • Proficient in effective communication.
  • Ability to maintain work ethics while working under intense time constraints.
  • Delegation of responsibilities.
  • Ability to quickly adapt to new technologies.
  • Efficiently managing multiple urgent tasks simultaneously.
  • A self-driven independent thinker who strives for success.
  • Valuing the company’s requirements and priorities.
  • Open to constructive criticism.
  • Active participant in teamwork.


Merely possessing the required skills and language proficiency does not ensure that a front-end developer would be an excellent fit for the project and its needs. Alongside designing and coding, front-end developers must also have exceptional teamwork skills. They are responsible for various tasks besides technical expertise related to the subject. To hire a skilled front-end developer, assessing their overall abilities is crucial.

  • Front-end developers must be proficient in multitasking and be able to perform under high-pressure situations.
  • The ability to multitask and analyse complicated issues is among the most crucial skills for a front-end developer.
  • Staying up-to-date with the latest advancements in the field is a must for front-end developers.
  • Front-end developers are responsible for listening to clients and users’ feedback, considering the advantages and disadvantages, and devising custom solutions.
  • Ensuring visual quality and brand consistency is a top priority for a skilled front-end developer.
  • As a front-end developer, adapting to change and creatively resolving software development issues is crucial for success.
  • Front-end developers must possess the flexibility to adjust to the continuously evolving technological landscape and have enough expertise to coach team members.
  • Effective communication, outstanding client management, and impressive leadership are interconnected skills for a front-end developer.

Expertise Accreditation in Front-End Programming

Front-end development encompasses a vast array of methods, platforms, and libraries. Therefore, it is possible for front-end engineers to specialise in a particular technology and obtain a certification in that area. There are various types of front-end development certificates available, including but not restricted to:

  • Skilled in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
  • Programme leading to official recognition in the basics of web development and programming.
  • Mastery in constructing applications from scratch, with a focus on ReactJS.
  • Certification in both responsive web design and development.
  • Build an entire website from scratch using WordPress.
  • Fundamentals of programming confirmed through examinations in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
  • Tutorial on OOPS (Object-Oriented Style Programming).
  • Introduction to cloud computing and web programming, which covers HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
  • Validation in Google Cloud Networking credentials.

Certification in data science, Big Data, and machine learning adhering to the Good Clinical Practice guidelines.
Employing a front-end developer with appropriate qualifications is the most reliable approach to guarantee that your company is in capable hands. These credentials demonstrate the front-end developer’s competence in both technical and functional aspects of the field.

What are the benefits of acquiring a Front-End Development Certification for your career?

Front-end development certification enables programmers to maximise the use of available resources. Organisations and projects profit greatly from engaging certified front-end developers opposed to uncertified ones.

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Prerequisite Knowledge

  • Front-end development encompasses information visualisation.
  • Platforms such as Joomla, Drupal, WordPress, and similar ones are excellent for front-end development.
  • Engaging a front-end developer boosts usability, productivity, and agility in development.
  • Web Assembly, JavaScript, CSS, and HTML are a few of the most popular front-end development tools and technologies.
  • With its flexible, resilient and expansive features, front-end development is a delight to work with.

Proficiency in the Field

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