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As the demand for mobile app development skills increases due to the growing popularity of Apple’s iPhone, iPad and iPod, iOS Lead Engineer positions are becoming a lucrative opportunity for both entry-level and experienced employees with great salary packages and career advancement prospects. According to a Vision Mobile survey, iOS is considered as the most popular mobile technology to invest in. Your main responsibility as an iOS Lead Engineer would be to create software applications for Apple devices and submit them to the App Store. Along with your team members, you would design, create and implement application features. Furthermore, you would be expected to troubleshoot any bugs and issues that arise within the code. Your ultimate role as an iOS Lead Engineer is to ensure that the organisation achieves forward-thinking operations and performance with everything functioning smoothly. Budget management and addressing complaints and issues would also be under your purview.

What are the duties and responsibilities of iOS Lead Engineers?

The requirement for mobile-based on-demand services is rising quickly, and so is the significance of developers who are able to handle business and customer service operations. Enterprises realize that customer-facing applications serve as a valuable platform for sales and marketing and hence need continuous attention and quality maintenance. This has opened doors for both newcomers and experienced developers to participate in enterprise-level projects. As per projections, mobile-based on-demand solutions are expected to emerge as the leading trend in the upcoming decade due to present trends and desired business models. Consequently, iOS Lead Engineers with expertise and significant industry experience can explore numerous opportunities in various fields. Employers look for technical leaders who possess the ability to manage and lead entire projects, making it a valuable asset to have such knowledge and capability. To secure the best remote iOS Lead Engineer jobs, it is crucial to stay updated on current trends and develop effective models.

What are the responsibilities and commitments of an iOS Lead Engineer?

As an iOS Lead Engineer, my primary duty is to develop, test, and improve applications that are compatible with Apple’s iOS operating system. I should possess a sound understanding of iOS and its functionality with various Apple devices like the iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Apple TV. I should also have the expertise to tailor applications according to the individual needs of the client or company. Some of my key responsibilities and obligations may include but are not limited to:

  • Design and implement an iOS platform application.
  • Collaborate with team members comprising developers, designers, product owners, and QA to develop and implement new features.
  • Continuously support the existing features while incorporating new product features.
  • Upgrade and replace outdated technology with the latest and advanced technology.
  • Formulate test cases and strategy, and then execute or automate them.
  • Recognize and rectify system weaknesses and impediments.
  • Collaborate with engineering teams and other departments to execute product and marketing strategy.
  • Design and develop unique products and services that meet the demands of users.
  • Engage in the complete development cycle, starting from technical design and development to testing and product launch.
  • Evaluate coding and design documentation and take necessary actions on product requirements and mockups feedback.
  • Help and mentor a team of skilled and motivated engineers in their professional growth.
  • Set up standards for enhanced development procedures and promote dissemination of best practices.

What is the process to land a job as an iOS Lead Engineer?

The increased usage of mobile applications in digital businesses has made understanding Swift and other iOS programming tools an essential skill for developers. A prior history of working in the industry is a valuable asset since companies look for developers with experience in large-scale projects, knowledge of customer preferences, and technical proficiency. Senior engineers must also have expertise in UI/UX development approaches and be familiar with designing user-friendly applications. Mastery of major iOS development tools like Xcode is critical for success. Acquiring profound understanding of the position’s principles and skills is necessary to thrive as an iOS Lead Engineer. Keeping current with the industry’s latest advancements can distinguish individuals as iOS Lead Engineer candidates. A comprehensive breakdown of the essential competencies required for this position is discussed in the section below.

Requirements for the iOS Lead Engineer position

The initial step is to acquire the essential competencies required for a lucrative iOS Lead engineer job.

  1. iOS Software Development Kit

    An SDK (Software Development Kit) is a set of tools designed to aid in creating applications for a specific platform. Typically, SDKs incorporate an Application Programming Interface (API) that provides a connection between software programmes and the platform where they operate. APIs could be created in numerous ways, and may encompass beneficial programming libraries and other tools. In many cases, software providers license SDKs, allowing developers to develop software or tools solely meant for a particular platform. This is particularly advantageous for self-sufficient developers intending to launch apps on the platform.
  2. XCode

    XCode is Apple’s Integrated Development Environment (IDE) designed solely for creating applications for macOS, iOS, watchOS, and tvOS. It is the only officially recognised tool for developing and launching apps on the Apple App Store, suitable for both developers starting out and seasoned developers. XCode has all the necessary tools for creating an app, including a text editor, compiler, and a build system. XCode’s variety of features streamlines the development process, giving developers a better chance of creating successful apps in a short amount of time. Developers can use XCode to build, compile, and debug their programs before submitting them to the App Store.
  3. iOS Frameworks

    Understanding crucial frameworks is crucial for any expert iOS Lead programmer. Frameworks are used in iOS projects, much like in any other software or web development process, to simplify and make development more efficient. Knowing core animation, core data, and other frameworks are vital for building a comprehensive understanding. Taking advantage of these resources will distinguish developers and enable them to come up with solutions that fulfill project requirements and user preferences more effectively. Some of the popular Swift frameworks include Cocoa Touch, Cloud Kit, AVFoundation, Postal, GzipSwift, SwiftyDraw, SwiftCLI, and several others. Hence, keeping up-to-date with relevant frameworks is critical for those wishing to be considered for senior positions as Swift iOS developers.
  4. Swift

    Having a comprehensive understanding of the Swift programming language is crucial for becoming an adept iOS programmer. Swift is the most used language for creating mobile applications and user interfaces for Apple devices. As an iOS developer, it’s important to continually expand one’s knowledge of the language to accommodate large data sets and cater to a growing user base. As a result, businesses prefer developers who can create successful apps rather than just new ones. Therefore, companies should understand and adhere to best practices for Swift development. To ensure success, it is important for developers to refine their Swift iOS engineering abilities continually and keep up-to-date with new and improved models to incorporate into their projects.

What are some resources for finding remote iOS Lead Engineer positions?

Leading IT firms are seeking iOS Lead Engineers who have a broad range of technical abilities and are keen on staying up-to-date with the latest industry developments. These engineers must possess a deep understanding of relevant technologies and possess outstanding interpersonal skills to meet customer requirements effectively. Works is fast becoming the leading platform for iOS Lead Engineers who aim to advance their careers and tackle challenging projects using cutting-edge technology. Become a part of the world’s quickest growing network of top engineers and secure a full-time, long-term remote iOS Lead Engineer job with a high pay rate.

Position Description

Work Responsibilities

  • Develop code for both operational and non-operational purposes and contribute to enhancing code quality.
  • Engage in all phases of the development process, such as design, preparation, programming, and distribution.
  • Guide the iOS development team to comply with best practices for upcoming development projects.
  • Formulate and sustain novel iOS functionalities.
  • Supervise the end-to-end development and delivery process for a system or application.
  • Provide distinctive solutions by combining technical prowess and creative thinking.
  • Enhance app performance and keep up-to-date with the newest trends in the mobile technology industry.
  • Oversee, train, and guide a team of developers.


  • Bachelor’s or master’s degree in Engineering or Computer Science (or equivalent work experience)
  • At least 5 years of experience in iOS development (with rare exceptions for exceptionally talented developers)
  • Expertise in Swift and Objective-C programming languages, as well as the iOS software development kit (SDK), Cocoa, and Xcode.
  • Familiarity with the CocoaPods framework management system.
  • Thorough comprehension of iOS app design and implementation.
  • Creating, building, and overseeing large and intricate app codebases.
  • Robust comprehension of reactive programming principles, including RxSwift, Combine, and other related frameworks.
  • Demonstrated efficiency in working with design patterns like MVVM, VIPER, Clean Architecture, and others.
  • Knowledge of multithreading in Objective-C.
  • Proficiency in Agile methodologies, Test-Driven Development (TDD), and Test Engineering, as well as Automation.
  • Familiarity with iOS frameworks, including Core Data, Core Location, MapKit, Foundation, and other related frameworks.
  • Proficiency in utilizing and integrating web APIs into iOS applications.
  • Fluency in the English language is essential for effective communication.
  • Be able to work a full-time schedule of 40 hours per week, including a 4-hour overlap with US time zones.

Desirable skills

  • Familiarity with commonly used networking, asynchronous, and image loading libraries.
  • Prior experience with A/B testing is mandatory.
  • Expertise in security, networking, and OS-level operations.
  • Proficiency in using project management tools like Jira.
  • Must have at least one application that is available on the app store.
  • Previous experience in managing teams is mandatory.
  • Excellent comprehension of the Agile Development methodology.
  • Strong technical, analytical, and problem-solving skills.


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