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By utilising the Java programming language and the Android Software Development Kit (SDK), developers can effectively manage and control Android devices on the Android platform. Developing managed code with Java is an ideal choice for creating Android applications due to the language’s inherent scalability and cross-platform compatibility with systems such as iOS, Windows, and Linux. Additionally, the extensive and mature libraries available in Java provide developers with a robust set of tools to facilitate the development of complex applications with numerous features and capabilities.

With regards to its suitability for different uses, Java is particularly well-suited for mobile application development, as it is one of the recommended programming languages for Android. Moreover, due to its strong security features, Java is a popular choice for the development of financial applications which require robust protection.

What does Java Android development entail?

The requirement for Android app developers is growing rapidly and this trend is expected to remain for the foreseeable future. Major smartphone brands such as Samsung, Vivo, and One Plus are continually introducing new models with innovative features, thereby driving the need for Android app development. Consequently, it is projected that the demand for Android app developers will not diminish in the coming years.

Java is renowned for its extensive and powerful set of features, allowing application developers to create applications that are tailored to their requirements. This is beneficial not only for coding, but also for debugging, which is essential for the successful operation of real-time applications.

When developing applications for the Android platform, many developers opt to use Java, a platform-independent programming language due to its broad compatibility. This advantage is shared among many other programming languages, which is likely why they are so favoured amongst software engineers.

Learning Java can be an easy and economical endeavour, as it requires no significant financial investment to get started. With regular practice and dedication, you have the potential to become a proficient Java programmer and establish a successful career in the field.

Creating secure mobile applications is a critical component of any successful application. To ensure user security, the entire system, which includes the compiler, interpreter, and runtime environment, was developed using the Java programming language. Java is renowned for its secure programming capabilities, making it an ideal choice for developing secure mobile applications.

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What are the duties and obligations of Java Android developers?

As a Java Android Developer, you will be responsible for the development of mobile applications for Android devices. Your primary focus will be to supervise the creation and functioning of these applications, working in close collaboration with other developers and engineers. Your tasks and duties will include, but are not limited to, the following: contributing to the design, development and testing of applications; troubleshooting technical issues; and ensuring that applications meet established quality standards.

In addition to the previously mentioned responsibilities, Java Android developers are expected to complete additional tasks on a daily basis. Some examples of these tasks include:

  • Writing clean, succinct Java code for Android app development.
  • Clear and succinct Java code for Android apps.
  • Analysing and improving the performance of existing live apps (if required)
  • Apps are continuously maintained, bugs are addressed, and performance is enhanced.
  • Collaborating with diverse teams to create new apps with enticing features.
  • Keeping abreast with current advances in mobile technology.
  • RESTful APIs should be possible to link Android apps to back-end services.
  • A solid knowledge of the fundamentals of Android user interface design.

How can I get started as a Java Android developer?

In order to become a successful Java Android developer, it is essential to possess the necessary knowledge, practice, and dedication. The most straightforward pathway to achieving this goal is to begin with a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science and progressively build upon this foundation. Acquiring an understanding of APIs and Android SDKs can also be beneficial in order to secure a distinguished career as a Java Android developer.

Having a thorough understanding of Java programming, along with practical experience, can be beneficial in many ways. To hone your technical skills, consider taking part in coding competitions, which will help you stay up to date with the latest trends in the field. When applying for jobs, it is also important to demonstrate your abilities through a comprehensive portfolio.

Now, let’s go through the abilities you’ll need to master to become a competent Java Android developer:

Qualifications for becoming a Java Android developer

Gaining the necessary skills is the initial step to building a lucrative career as a Java Android developer. In order to achieve success in this field, it is essential to acquire the required abilities. Let us take a closer look at the abilities that are essential to becoming a Java Android developer.

  1. JAVA

    Java is a powerful, object-oriented programming language that serves as the foundation for Android application development. Experienced developers who are familiar with other programming languages may experience a learning curve when attempting to use Java, while those who are new to the language may find the learning process to be more challenging. However, the use of Java ensures that all applications are clearly defined and will execute the tasks for which they were designed.
  2. XML

    XML is a structured markup language that is commonly utilised in internet-based applications for encoding data. It has many similarities to HTML, making it ideal for quickly and easily transferring information across devices in a clear format. XML is also a key component for developers who are constructing layouts for Android applications; as such, it is essential for developers to have a strong understanding of XML fundamentals.

    Software Development Kits (SDKs) provide developers with access to a range of functionalities, such as cameras. For example, developers can integrate Facebook (or any other social media network) into their application using the library provided. One such library is Gradle, which requires downloading the code from Facebook and informing Gradle that this code is being used. The code remains in the program when it is compiled, making it easier to use and integrate. There are also many other examples of SDKs that provide similar advantages.
  4. APIs

    As a developer, it is essential to consider the potential need for the utilisation of third-party services for certain functionalities. Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) can provide this function and demonstrate how to safely access data. Furthermore, developers can connect to any pre-existing APIs or develop their own through their applications.
  5. Integrated Development Environment (IDE):

    Android Studio is the most widely-utilised Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for developing Android applications. It offers a broad range of Software Development Kit (SDK) support capabilities and provides auto-complete recommendations as you type your code. If you are seeking a viable opportunity in Android app development, it is highly suggested that you have a fundamental understanding of using an IDE.

How can I find remote Java Android developer jobs?

Java Android Development is an in-demand field that is becoming increasingly popular as businesses look to leverage the power of this platform to facilitate their operations. To be successful as a remote Java Android Developer, it is essential to have a detail-oriented approach to work, a comprehensive understanding of programming languages, and a consistent daily routine. Additionally, having regular practice and staying up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies in this field is essential to ensure success in securing a remote working opportunity.

At Works, we provide extraordinary remote opportunities for Java Android developers to reach their professional goals. Our offerings are designed to give you the chance to grow, learn, and thrive in your career as a Java Android developer. Join our global community of similarly-minded developers and benefit from the full-time remote potential to further your development career.

Job Description

Responsibilities at work

  • Work with project owners and design and development teams to identify, create, and ship new features.
  • Participate in the design and development of Android OS apps.
  • Ensure precise application optimisation for maximum performance, quality, and responsiveness.
  • Identify and resolve development bottlenecks, as well as defects.
  • Write Java code that is of high quality, scalable, reusable, and tidy.
  • Participate in the maintenance of code quality, structure, and automation.
  • Ensure that app development best practices, testing, release, and documentation rules are followed.


  • Bachelor’s/degree Master’s in engineering, computer science, or information technology (or equivalent experience)
  • 3+ years of full-stack Android app development experience (rare exceptions for highly skilled developers)
  • Comprehensive understanding of the Java, JVM, and Java EE platforms.
  • Knowledge with the Android SDK and Android design concepts.
  • Experience connecting to back-end services using REST APIs and JSON.
  • General understanding of the mobile environment, architectures, and upcoming technologies.
  • Understanding of application design and development on Java EE platforms.
  • Good understanding of Java and JEE internals such as class loading, memory management, transaction management, and so on.
  • Clear principles of Android app design and UI standards.
  • Strong knowledge of relational databases, SQL, and ORM technologies.
  • English fluency is required for good communication.
  • Work full-time (40 hours per week) with a 4-hour overlap with US time zones.

Preferred skills

  • Knowledge of the whole mobile development life cycle.
  • Knowledge of the Kotlin programming language.
  • comprehension of test-driven development.
  • Spring framework expertise.
  • A keen eye for technical and artistic details.
  • Knowledge of Agile software development approaches.
  • Excellent analytical and problem-solving abilities.


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