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Are you interested in learning more about the popular programming languages C++ and JavaScript? Both of these languages are favoured by web and app developers who work on server-side and client-side applications. If you are interested in becoming a JavaScript/C++ developer, then you are likely looking to gain a competitive edge. Though the path to becoming a proficient developer in either language is not easy, the effort will be worth it. If you would like to learn more about the benefits of mastering C++ and JavaScript, please continue reading.

JavaScript is a cross-platform, object-oriented programming language that is used to create more interactive webpages. It has the capability to make complex animations, clickable buttons, and popup menus. Additionally, there are more sophisticated versions of server-side JavaScript, such as Node.js, which enable users to do more than simply download files to a website. Node.js allows for real-time collaboration between multiple computers.

C++ is an incredibly powerful and versatile object-oriented programming language that is extensively used within the software development industry. Although originating from C (its creator, Bjarne Stroustrup, famously referred to it as “C with Classes”), the two languages have developed separately and now differ in many respects.

The utilisation of the C++ programming language by software developers in the creation of desktop and mobile applications has greatly increased in recent years. This has led to an increase in the number of remote C++ developer positions, providing an excellent opportunity for software engineers worldwide to pursue a rewarding and lucrative career. Development teams rely on C++ developers to contribute their expertise in the design, management, and support of various software programs. As such, the potential for success in this field is tremendous.

What does JavaScript/C++ development entail?

As the demand for JavaScript developers continues to grow, so too does the opportunity for them to further diversify their skillset by creating their own portfolio websites and taking on freelance work. Due to its versatility and speed, the JavaScript programming language is rapidly becoming more and more popular across a wide variety of industries, including banking, insurance, and telecommunications. As such, those with the ability to utilise JavaScript are likely to find many more job opportunities in the future.

C++ is a versatile general-purpose programming language that is widely used for a variety of applications. Its straightforward syntax and ease-of-accessibility make it an ideal choice for those looking to expand their programming skills and add a valuable asset to their resume. Furthermore, the current market climate has resulted in an influx of remote C++ developer jobs, making it an increasingly popular choice for developers.

As time passes, the accuracy and precision of C++ programming are becoming increasingly sophisticated. C++ is a renowned programming language that is currently leading the way in the world of digital technology. Those who develop a fluency in this language often find it easier to learn and understand other programming languages, thereby resulting in a greater level of accuracy and precision when coding.

What are the duties and obligations of JavaScript/C++ developers?

To be a successful professional JavaScript developer, it is essential to have an in-depth understanding of web markup and be highly proficient in JavaScript. Additionally, one must be prepared to work in a fast-paced environment and be able to tackle complex design requirements efficiently.

To succeed as a C++ developer, it is essential to possess advanced C++ software development skills and extensive experience in software development. A successful C++ developer should be able to use their software development expertise to create efficient and user-friendly solutions. The following are some tasks that a remote C++ developer might be expected to perform:

  • Developing and improving the performance of the primary front-end website.
  • Creating innovative front-end apps and user-facing features for a variety of platforms.
  • I help with front-end development on other projects.
  • Developing new requirements and designs, as well as changing and maintaining complicated existing applications.
  • Obtaining input from a wide range of stakeholders in order to determine the scope of application development
  • Creating and maintaining efficient, reusable, and trustworthy C++ code
  • Diagnostic testing and debugging procedures are followed.
  • Various applications are being explored to see how well they may be optimised and upgraded using C++.
  • Testing the app for functionality and altering the C++ script
  • Developing feedback channels for user-facing apps

How can I become a JavaScript/C++ programmer?

For those just starting out, it is essential to understand the foundational ideas and principles of JavaScript, such as Let, var, and const, the If-else statement, Loops, Functions, Map, Philtre, and Reduce, Expressions and Operations, Numbers, String, Arrays and Objects, and ES5 and ES6. Before beginning, ensure that you are comfortable with all of the basic concepts, such as how to manipulate the DOM, apply events, and all of the other fundamental JavaScript principles. Once you have grasped these basics, proceed to learning JavaScript’s asynchronous behaviour. In this, you will learn how to implement prototypes, coercion, hosting, scope, callback, promises, closures, and higher-order functions.

Searching for remote JavaScript and C++ development opportunities is now easier than ever. Job postings for experienced C++ professionals often require applicants to have a basic understanding of software and demonstrated programming experience. Additionally, applicants may be required to take an advanced C++ assessment as part of their application process in order to demonstrate their proficiency in the language.

Qualifications for becoming a JavaScript developer

Every developer on the planet must have a certain set of abilities in order to get a job as a JavaScript/C++ developer. The specifics are as follows:

  1. JavaScript core

    Mastering the JavaScript programming language is an essential component of learning to code. Despite the fact that one does not have to be an expert to use it, a fundamental understanding of its paradigms and control flow is necessary. Although learning JavaScript can be challenging for many people, with time and practice, it can become easier and more enjoyable. JavaScript is a dynamic, prototype-based language, which may be unfamiliar to those who typically work with static objects. Fortunately, there are several options for obtaining instruction from an experienced and knowledgeable developer.
  2. Framework and libraries for the client

    Many developers find themselves at a loss when it comes to making a choice between the two most popular JavaScript frameworks: Angular JS and React JS. Depending on the task at hand and your level of experience, either one may be the right choice for you. It is important to note that both frameworks are widely used and highly sought after in the software development industry, and many businesses rely on them to build their applications. Without any specific requirements, you could depend on either of them. However, I would strongly recommend that you take the time to familiarise yourself with both languages in order to ensure a secure future.
  3. C++ programming abilities

    A successful software developer must possess an in-depth knowledge of the C++ programming language. C++ is a powerful object-oriented programming language that requires an understanding of the fundamentals of objects and how they are manipulated. It is beneficial for a programmer to have familiarity with the C++ standard library template and a good grasp on the use of pointers. Having experience with classes, operating systems, programming environments, databases, and compilers will give applicants a competitive advantage in the job market.
  4. Structures of data

    In order to effectively program in C++, it is essential to have a thorough understand of data structures, data types, variables, and operators. These will provide you with a solid foundation for the language and how it is used. Additionally, having a comprehensive knowledge of reference variables, operator overloading, and optional arguments will be immensely beneficial in your programming endeavours.
  5. Cross-Browser Development

    In order to ensure that your website or application is accessible across different browsers, it is important to take into consideration browser compatibility. JavaScript is commonly used to provide this compatibility, by allowing the same code to be used across multiple browsers. This ensures that your website or application can be viewed and used by a wider range of users, regardless of their preferred browser.
  6. Redux

    Redux is a widely-recognised library for managing state in React applications. However, it can be challenging to comprehend and utilise. Gaining a thorough understanding of the Context API may provide a helpful foundation before moving on to Redux. It is essential for JavaScript developers to understand Redux, especially when considering the implementation of e-commerce functionality in React applications.

How can I acquire a job as a JavaScript/C++ developer?

As a JavaScript or C++ developer, it is essential to be detail-oriented in order to be successful in the field of development. To increase the chances of obtaining remote JavaScript developer employment, it is important to hone programming skills with the help of a more experienced team and to continually work on expanding knowledge in the relevant field.

At Works, we offer the highest quality remote JavaScript/C++ programming jobs to help you progress your JavaScript/C++ development career. Through working on difficult, cutting-edge technology and commercial projects, you can capitalise on opportunities for rapid career growth. Join our expansive worldwide developer network to discover long-term, full-time remote JavaScript/C++ programming roles that offer higher salaries and greater promotion potential.

Job Description

Responsibilities at work

  • Create high-performance apps and distribute them across many platforms.
  • Review current designs, tweak functionality, and assess technical viability in collaboration with UI/UX designers.
  • Improve the performance, speed, and scalability of online and mobile apps.
  • Create, develop, and manage reusable C++ and JavaScript programs.
  • Improve the performance, speed, and scalability of your apps.
  • Conduct code analysis, requirements analysis, and software reliability testing.
  • Participate in diagnosis and problem fixes, code quality maintenance, organisation, and automation.


  • Bachelor’s/Master’s degree in Engineering, Computer Science, or a related field (or equivalent experience)
  • At least three years of full-stack development experience is required (rare exceptions for highly skilled developers)
  • Extensive knowledge of C++ and JavaScript programming
  • Knowledge of JS libraries such as Backbone.js, Angular.js, Node.js, and others.
  • Experience with the development procedures of Android, iOS, Windows, and Linux
  • Solid SQL, JavaScript, and XML understanding Experience working with web development technologies such as Git, jQuery, and Bootstrap
  • Knowledge of JavaScript module loaders such as Require.js and AMD
  • HTML and CSS proficiency
  • English fluency is required for good communication.
  • Work full-time (40 hours per week) with a 4-hour overlap with US time zones

Preferred Skills

  • Knowledge of algorithms and data structures
  • Working knowledge of SDLC
  • Knowledge of asynchronous request processing, partial page updates, and AJAX
  • Understanding of browser rendering behaviour and performance
  • Excellent analytical, technical, and creative abilities
  • Outstanding communication and organising abilities


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