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Joomla is a widely used Content Management System (CMS) for website design and management, developed using popular web technologies such as PHP, MySQL, and Apache. It adopts the Model View Controller (MVC) design pattern to simplify application development, by separating the view from the legacy code. In addition to the aforementioned systems, Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Internet Information Services can also be used as databases and web servers with Joomla.

Joomla has emerged as a highly sought-after content management system enabling businesses to develop mobile-friendly and highly responsive websites. Joomla is equipped with several features that make it an ideal choice for creating multi-lingual, easily accessible, customizable, search engine optimized websites. For added convenience, Joomla users can access a vast collection of free templates developed by its active user community, helping businesses maintain a modern and visually-appealing online presence.

Joomla boasts an impressive library of over 8,000 extensions to empower its users with the capability to customize their website down to the smallest detail. The platform not only features an appealing interface, but also offers robust tools to elevate the overall user experience, including menu customization options and a built-in cache manager. The development process is made simple, whether you choose to work from a ready-made template or create something fresh. Joomla’s extensive feature set, which includes publishing tools, WYSIWYG editor, content versioning, article management, and media manager, ensures that the platform is highly adaptable, flexible, and user-friendly. What’s more, Joomla offers website speed optimization tools in addition to its secure website development features.

Joomla stands out for providing an extensive feature set that makes content management a breeze. Its intuitive documentation and handy built-in help system make it exceptionally user-friendly, while challenging web developers to discover its many capabilities. Additionally, the large and helpful community of Joomla users is always on hand to answer any queries that users may have.

The Components of Joomla’s Framework

Joomla developers may choose to focus on any one of the four core components of Joomla: modules, components, and plugins. However, before beginning their development work, it is essential to acquire knowledge of Joomla’s secure coding principles and best practices, and set up their workstation for Joomla development. Luckily, Joomla’s website and its thriving community of users offer the required tools and resources, along with access to experts, making the development process seamless.

Components play a critical role in the Joomla development process, providing a framework for integrating the application’s business logic and visualizing data within a designated template. With Joomla extensions, it is also possible to integrate new capabilities as the need arises.

Plugins are an incredibly useful tool enabling customized responses to events, thereby maximizing their overall utility. Joomla’s standard plugin events provide a broad range of options for further enhancing projects through custom reactions to events. This exceptional feature also allows Joomla extension developers to broaden their project’s scope and capabilities.

Modules are a crucial element of the Joomla platform, enabling content to be divided into blocks or boxes and displayed at various locations throughout the website. Unlike components that are linked to a specific area, modules are flexible and can display an array of content types ranging from HTML to plain text. Joomla modules offer a significant advantage by allowing content to be quickly and conveniently rearranged as per desired. Moreover, modules are also instrumental in collecting the required output and presenting it in the designated area of the template.

Joomla offers two main types of templates: front-end templates and backend templates. Front-end templates determine the overall appearance, layout, and design of a website, while backend templates function as the administrative interface and are typically not modified. Developers can choose any front-end template as per the specific requirements of their website, as Joomla only provides two backend templates.

Description of Job


  • Proficient in building websites with the Joomla framework.
  • With a thorough understanding of web development languages and frameworks, including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and other Joomla technologies, I can create and maintain websites that adhere to the highest standards of quality.
  • Extensive knowledge of the best practices of web design, especially concerning responsive layouts.
  • Proficiency in customizing Joomla components and experience working with Joomla’s plugins and extensions.
  • Mastery in developing, testing, and refining Joomla applications and components.
  • Knowledge of Joomla templates and their effective utilization in presenting website content in an appealing and well-organized manner.
  • Adept at executing website security protocols utilizing Joomla’s built-in components and customizable parameters.
  • Proficiency in acquiring knowledge about and integrating backend services.
  • Proficiency in SQL (database programming) and experience in working with MySQL are advantageous.
  • Adeptness with source code management systems including Git, Subversion(SVN), and other similar tools.
  • An eagerness to stay updated on the latest advancements in the Internet world.
  • Proficient in all stages of the software development lifecycle (SDLC), particularly in an Agile environment.
  • Skilled in collaborating effectively with peers, contributing to prompt delivery, actively engaging in project conversations; a valuable team member.
  • Ability to deliver consistently high-quality work with minimal supervision or guidance.


For accurate classification of Joomla programmers, it’s crucial to consider the wide range of responsibilities they typically handle. Some Joomla programmers specialise exclusively in template customization and design. These experts possess a thorough understanding of Joomla templates and add-ons, which they leverage to craft stunning and practical websites. Moreover, there are developers who excel at designing visually appealing websites using aesthetics and design principles. Proficient in this domain, they create distinctive and captivating websites with ease.

The Joomla developers who exhibit the highest level of technical proficiency possess a thorough understanding of the different extensions available within Joomla. They effectively employ existing add-ons to integrate particular features into website functions, or they may opt to develop their own add-ons. The most experienced developers seamlessly coordinate these features to create a cohesive and streamlined workflow. Consequently, Joomla developers may begin by working within their area of expertise, but their skills are likely to progress to a more advanced level over the course of their career. Eventually, they will possess comprehensive knowledge of every aspect of Joomla ecosystem.

  • The obligation to complete the entire design, development, testing, and implementation of the allocated project components.
  • Guiding less seasoned Joomla developers while ensuring the project adheres to the stipulated timeline.
  • Responsibility for issue triage, stakeholder management, and providing progress updates.
  • Demonstrating a thorough understanding of the company’s mission and products, and ensuring that they are accurately portrayed in the website’s content.

Proficiency in Domain Knowledge

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