Meteor Developers

Hiring Meteor Developers

A skilled Meteor developer plays a crucial role in developing cutting-edge mobile and web applications. This versatile full-stack development technology empowers the developer to build both the client-side and server-side components with ease. Meteor offers a well-curated selection of packages from the Node.js and JavaScript communities, making the process of creating connected-client reactive apps smoother than ever.

The Meteor platform only requires working knowledge of JavaScript, which makes it uncomplicated to recruit talented developers for the job. Given its wide-ranging popularity, JavaScript has amassed a huge developer community with varying levels of expertise, making it easy to find suitable Meteor developers. A Meteor developer’s responsibility entails developing both web and mobile applications based on MVC architecture using HTML, CSS, and of course, JavaScript.

When in search for the perfect Meteor developer to hire, it is crucial to establish your requirements beforehand. Meteor’s support for JavaScript is just one of the framework’s many benefits, enabling it to reach a vast developer audience. Meteor’s robustness and security make it a preferred choice, and as a result, it’s becoming one of the most favoured development frameworks available.

The highly versatile Meteor framework can be applied across multiple platforms, allowing developers to optimize time and costs by leveraging the same web framework and frameworks for developing both Android and iOS applications. The Meteor framework has added convenience with official support from GraphQL and MongoDB.

Advancements in the Development of Meteor Framework

JavaScript Isomorphism

Isomorphic JavaScript applications are also known as “Client-Server apps” because they can be deployed efficiently to either the client or the server. This presents numerous advantages for developers with skills in all areas of software engineering. Isomorphic JavaScript enables programmers to build applications that are high-performing, easy-to-maintain, optimized for search engine rankings, and able to manage state.

Isomorphic JavaScript is made possible by reliable server-side runtime technology such as Node.JS. Developers can use this technology to create necessary abstractions and logic to make their applications functional on both the server and client ends. Among the many tools available for developing Isomorphic JavaScript, Meteor is one of the most extensively used platforms. It offers package management and deployment tools, as well as being part of a growing ecosystem.


With LiveReload, any changes made to the file will trigger a complete reload of the application. This feature ensures that links added to the scroller and then saved, will be automatically restored to their previous state upon the program’s restart. This differs from hot reload, which may not preserve the file’s altered state after the application has been restarted. LiveReload, on the other hand, preserves the file’s state as it was before the program restart despite being technically restarted.


Galaxy, a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS), is often the preferred hosting provider for web applications developed using Meteor technology. Galaxy expands the capabilities of Meteor.JS programs, enabling developers to easily distribute software from local development environments. Moreover, Galaxy offers production-level management and debugging features, automating the entire deployment process.

When hiring Meteor developers, it is imperative to ensure that they have the requisite experience and knowledge of the Meteor framework. Candidates should be adept in the deployment process, understand Galaxy Hosting — a hosting service specifically designed for Meteor — access the public packages created for Meteor via Meteor Atmosphere, and leverage Meteor APM for performance monitoring within development teams.

Atmosphere.js – The Meteor Package Repository

Assessing a candidate’s knowledge of MongoDB is crucial before hiring Meteor developers. Real-time database access and modification capabilities are necessary for users of web applications. As the application grows and becomes more complex, the data layer must keep up with changing requirements.

MongoDB is an excellent option for managing data layer transitions in Meteor due to its advantageous features. When using Meteor alongside MongoDB, access is provided through the use of collections which serve as the application’s persistent storage system. In today’s technological climate, users expect a connected and dynamic experience; to achieve such expectations, Meteor developers often utilize MongoDB collections to fulfil user needs.

At Works, we have the privilege of being connected with some of the most experienced and knowledgeable Meteor developers and communities worldwide. This connection enables our recruiters to gain valuable insights into the specific skills and qualifications prospective employees must possess as per your requirements.

With Works, businesses can easily form and manage teams worldwide, regardless of geographic locations and time zones. We offer full support to companies that plan to expand into new markets and manage their operations abroad, including hiring and managing local personnel. Our services are the ultimate solution for businesses looking to manage a team of Meteor developers.

Industrial Development with Meteor Developers

For businesses aiming to develop user-friendly web applications, Meteor is the optimal solution. In recent years, many companies have made the switch to Meteor due to its efficiency and dependability in constructing web applications. Meteor can be used to quickly and accurately create web apps that are simple for users to access.

  1. Meteor in the World of Mass Communication and Creative Expression

    The Walt Disney Company is utilizing Meteor.JS to build a web application that can be accessed by people globally. The app has to handle a large number of requests without crashing, making streaming media providers look towards Meteor for dependable solutions. Meteor can seamlessly display vast amounts of data without disruption or interruption, making it an excellent choice for businesses to construct reliable applications.
  2. Meteor in Automotive Industry

    The automotive industry caters to a large and diverse clientele, requiring multiple interlinked software applications. To ensure streamlined development, a reliable reactive framework is essential. Mazda understands this and uses Meteor to create responsive, high-velocity applications for its worldwide customers.
  3. Meteor for Personnel Administration

    The benefits of Meteor are once again showcased in the development of Plutio, a secure and efficient company management platform. Plutio was designed with the aim of offering a fast loading experience, and Meteor was the preferred technology to accomplish this goal. Responsiveness is highly valued by the company, and choosing Meteor for a responsive web application was an intuitive decision.
  4. Meteor in Real Estate

    Knotel, a leader in the commercial real estate industry providing convenience and security akin to Airbnb, has integrated Meteor and Apollo frameworks into the development of their web applications for viewing and booking commercial real estate. With the widespread adoption of Meteor, now is the ideal time for businesses to invest in its safety, speed, stability, and reliability. Our company has a proven track record of helping organizations of all sizes find the perfect developers, enabling them to achieve their success goals promptly. We understand the significance of having a qualified team of contributors and providing necessary support.

    Works offers the perfect employee-care solutions for businesses, irrespective of their team’s size or location. By categorizing candidates according to your criteria, we make it easy for you to find the ideal candidate for your enterprise. Our advanced systems support your business growth and facilitate hiring quality talent with minimal effort.

Required Competencies

Essential Requirements: A Proficient Meteor Programmer

  • Expertise in Meteor and equivalent technologies in development.
  • Advanced knowledge of web design principles, concepts, frameworks, and modules.
  • Thorough familiarity with analytical and organizational software like Google Drive, etc.
  • Demonstrates expertise in front-end development.
  • Has a clear comprehension of the basics of both client- and server-based programming.
  • Possesses practical knowledge of HTML and CSS.
  • Exhibits a strong understanding of Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) principles.
  • Demonstrates practical knowledge of JavaScript and its associated technologies.
  • Effectively utilizes Atmosphere.JS to enhance the app’s functionality.
  • Understands the interplay and functioning of Node.JS and Meteor effectively.
  • Demonstrates the ability to analyze a situation and choose the appropriate front-end technology from a vast selection of tools.
  • Capable of comprehending the project’s technical requirements and taking the subsequent logical step.
  • Proficient in addressing issues and challenges that arise during the scaling up process.
  • Demonstrates an understanding and appreciation of how Meteor and Cordova collaborate to develop web applications.

Expectations concerning the Soft Skills of Meteor Developers

  • Proficiency in operating in a fast-paced and constantly changing environment.
  • Devises innovative tactics for resolving a coding problem.
  • Displays initiative when required and collaborates effectively with others to accomplish a common objective.
  • Outstanding communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Prepared to participate in discussions with clients whenever required.
  • Capable of presenting the technical aspects of the project to peers, supervisors, and other relevant parties.
  • Possesses the ability to leverage previous experience and knowledge to make informed decisions.
  • Able to lead the development team and steer tasks towards a successful completion.
  • Readily acknowledges and takes credit for their efforts and accomplishments.
  • Demonstrates the capability to deliver services within the specified timeframe without compromising on quality.
  • Cultivates a culture that fosters the professional growth and development of younger team members.

Expertise in the Field

At Works, we take pride in leading the recruitment of remote technology engineers for businesses of all sizes and industries. Our primary goal is to equip you with the necessary resources to hire the most exceptional remote developers for your team, empowering them to lead your organisation’s most crucial technical ventures. To achieve this, we offer complete HR services such as selection, invoicing, compliance, and taxes for hiring and onboarding remote workers and international contractors. We are enthusiastic about assisting you in finding the right talent to propel your business forward.


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