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Engineering Managers are responsible for the planning, organisation, and supervision of engineering activities within a company. They are responsible for monitoring the progress of engineering projects and providing effective management and oversight. Furthermore, the mobile engineering manager must be able to assess various, sometimes conflicting, factors and make timely decisions in a quickly expanding business.

As the mobile engineering landscape continues to expand and evolve, companies are increasingly in need of experienced personnel to help keep their engineers motivated, engaged, and focused on meeting business objectives. Mobile engineering managers play a key role in this regard, assisting in the implementation of effective engineering processes, metrics, and policies. For those who are currently holding the position of senior developer or senior mobile engineer, there may be an opportunity to advance to a managerial role as early as 2022.

What are the responsibilities of mobile engineering managers?

Companies are looking for engineering managers who can contribute to the improvement of engineering quality, efficiency, and team management. As a mobile engineering manager, you will have the chance to develop, motivate and guide your engineering team. You will also have the opportunity to mentor engineers individually, and help them to become better professionals, and even potential leaders. This can be achieved by encouraging them to cultivate the right attitude, communication style and work ethic.

As a product manager, you will be responsible for researching, proposing, and managing new product development or product modifications. You will have the opportunity to collaborate with multiple teams, including product, marketing, and sales, in order to shape the product’s design and development. In addition, you will have the freedom to engage with all aspects of the product, rather than being limited to a particular area.

What are the tasks and obligations of a mobile engineering manager?

As a Mobile Engineering Manager, you will have the unique opportunity to lead projects from start to finish. You will have an interdependent relationship with both Square salespeople and internal product teams, requiring you to employ strategic thinking and careful execution, as well as demonstrate effective stakeholder management.

The following are some of the mobile engineering manager’s responsibilities:

  • Create sophisticated apps for the Android and iOS platforms.
  • Make use of third-party data sources and APIs.
  • Evaluate the robustness of your code, including edge cases, usability, and general reliability.
  • Remove errors and improve software performance.
  • Constantly seek out, evaluate, and apply new technologies to improve development efficiency.
  • Developing and designing applications for usage on a number of Android devices.
  • Implementing protections for user data.
  • Proofread the code and fix any issues before releasing each app.
  • Collaborating with UI/UX Designers and Software Testers to guarantee that each app is appealing and functioning.
  • Monitoring app evaluations to see where they may be improved.
  • Developing app updates for release, such as bug fixes and new features.

How can you become a manager of mobile engineering?

The first step in your journey towards becoming a successful mobile engineering manager is to assess your current standing in your professional field and industry. Take an honest look at yourself, considering your qualifications and experience, and use that information to inform a realistic timeline for reaching your goal. Through this process, you will be able to chart a course for future success.

With your past experience and educational qualifications, you may find it easier to make the transition to a new role. Having extensive technical knowledge will be beneficial in ensuring the process is as straightforward as possible. If you have previous leadership experience or have held project management positions, the transfer should be a much simpler procedure. However, if you have never been an engineering manager or had any leadership experience, it may take longer to become fully acclimatised to the new role.

Mobile engineers are typically expected to hold a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering or Computer Science. Preferably, they should also possess a background in Engineering or Computer Programming, and have three or more years of experience with development and automated testing tools on a mobile platform. Additionally, they must have a good command of popular programming languages. It is also important for an engineering manager to have the technological proficiency and knowledge of the tasks that their team members carry out.

Following that, we’ll go through the abilities and processes you’ll need to learn to be a good mobile engineering manager:

Qualifications for becoming a mobile engineering manager

  1. Programming abilities

    If you are a professional Android app developer, you should have a thorough understanding of the programming languages commonly used to develop Android applications. These languages include Java, Kotlin, Dart, C++, C#, Python, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and other popular programming languages. On the other hand, if you are an experienced Mobile Engineering Manager who is responsible for a team of iOS app developers, you should be proficient in either Objective-C or Swift, depending on the specific requirements of the organisation. In addition, a Mobile Engineering Manager should have an overall knowledge of programming.
  2. APIs and SDKs

    The ideal candidate must possess a strong understanding of cloud messaging Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and push notifications. Furthermore, they should have extensive experience constructing and enacting mobile Software Development Kits (SDKs) as well as connecting mobile applications with web services and external APIs.
  3. Mobile/Responsive Design

    A responsive design is one in which a website adjusts to the device being used, such as a phone, tablet, or desktop computer. In certain cases, you may want to provide visitors with a completely different design for their mobile device, so that they can view only what you intend them to see. To accomplish this, you can use grids and graphics to create a clear hierarchy of displayed information. The ability to work with responsive and mobile designs is an increasingly sought-after skill in the field of digital marketing, and is often included in job listings.
  4. Testing and debugging

    As a developer, having the skills necessary to effectively test and debug code is essential. This is especially true for those seeking remote front-end development positions. Unit testing is a method of testing individual pieces of source code, and frameworks exist which provide programmers with the necessary tools and structures to do so. Debugging, meanwhile, is the process of isolating and resolving discrepancies (or “bugs”) in code. Both of these abilities are essential for any developer, but particularly so for those in the remote front-end development field.
  5. Optimisation of Mobile Apps

    As a mobile engineering manager, it is your responsibility to understand the non-functional elements of mobile application design and provide solutions to maximise performance, scalability, and so on. You will be the primary point of contact for the mobile application development project, which is being developed in collaboration with stakeholders. In this role, you will be responsible for defining the technical requirements for the mobile solution’s implementation and implementation of best practices for solutions, reference architecture, design, development, and quality assurance. You will also be expected to gain hands-on experience in the creation of reusable artefacts/frameworks, reusable assets, and industry best practices.
  6. Security and analytics

    It is critical to understand mobile security standards, analytics, and social channel integration.
  7. Other abilities

    With a comprehensive understanding of mobile architectural paradigms, such as Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM), Model-View-Controller (MVC), and Model-View-Presenter (MVP), as well as familiarity with the Core Data and Core Animation Frameworks for iOS, as well as back-end services for iOS, a strong grasp of all four layers of the Android stack, and an understanding of Android user interface design ideas, patterns, and best practices, the ideal candidate will also possess knowledge of mobile analytics and code versioning systems, such as Git.

How can I acquire a position as a remote mobile engineering manager?

Mobile engineering managers are similar to athletes in that success in their field requires regular, efficient practice, as well as a commitment to improving their skills over time. To facilitate this progress, two key elements are essential: having a mentor or coach who is more experienced and knowledgeable to help you practice and develop techniques, and identifying any signs of burnout. It is critical that developers incorporate sufficient practice into their routine and have the support of an expert to ensure their success.

At Works, we offer the best remote mobile engineering manager positions available to help you reach your professional goals. Our positions provide an opportunity to tackle complex technical and business-related issues while utilising the most advanced technologies. In addition, you get the chance to join a network of some of the most talented developers across the world and find full-time, long-term remote mobile engineering manager jobs that come with higher salary and promotion prospects.

Job Description

Responsibilities at work

  • Work with the product, design, and analytics teams to set project deliverables and the development plan.
  • Follow best practices to lead the team from concept through design and execution.
  • Set the team’s technical vision and direction, and then coach them to accomplish it.
  • Take part in critical technical, design, and product conversations with cross-functional teams.
  • Take responsibility for the team’s development process, code, architecture, and general performance.
  • Conduct frequent performance assessments to create individual and team objectives.
  • Assist engineering directors and project managers in making resource choices for projects.
  • Ensure that developers/engineers follow mobile app development standards and best practices.
  • Maintain a high level of engagement, productivity, and output quality from your workforce.


  • Engineering or computer science bachelor’s/degree master’s (or equivalent experience)
  • 5+ years of product/software development experience is required (rare exceptions for highly skilled developers)
  • Hands-on experience developing iOS and/or Android mobile applications
  • Knowledge of Swift, Java, Kotlin, or other programming languages is required.
  • Expertise in system design using Java, C#, JavaScript, and other programming languages.
  • Test-driven development knowledge using AAA unit tests, BDD requirements, and system verification
  • Espresso, UI Automator, XCTest, XCUITest, JUnit, and Spock are examples of automated testing tools.
  • Experience handling microservices such as Hybrid Monolith, Isolated Services, and Diverse Data Sources.
  • Practical knowledge of distributed systems
  • Excellent understanding of cloud-based platforms and capabilities such as hybrid on-premise, Lambdas, elastic scalability, and cloud resilience.
  • Solid understanding of design patterns such as MVP, Viper/MVVM, Gang of Four, Async, Distributed, and so on.
  • Strong command of the English language is required for efficient communication.
  • Work full-time (40 hours per week) with a 4-hour overlap with US time zones

Preferred skills

  • Knowledge unit testing and the principles of CI/CD
  • Experience working in a variety of contexts, including Agile, Lean, and Kanban
  • Outstanding critical thinking and problem-solving abilities
  • Excellent communication, organisational, and leadership abilities
  • Excellent team management and project management abilities


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