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In today’s age, having an online presence is crucial for businesses to thrive, as emphasized by Bill Gates and reinforced by the booming e-commerce industry, which is expected to reach a staggering $791.70 billion by 2020. Thus, it is imperative for companies, regardless of their size, to establish an online presence. This can be achieved through various shop management systems, including OpenCart. OpenCart, which has been available for free since 1988, is built on PHP scripting language and HTML files, and uses a MySQL database. The latest version, OpenCart, was released in February 2021 in collaboration with Webkul.

Benefits of OpenCart’s Adaptable Framework

  1. No Limits on the Products You Can Offer for Sale

    OpenCart offers retailers unrestricted freedom to choose the number of products they want to sell. These products can be categorised into multiple groups to aid the customer in making informed purchasing decisions. Additionally, star ratings and reviews from previous customers can be included to provide further clarity.
  2. Establish a Global Presence

    Having a global customer base is a major advantage of running an online store. OpenCart allows you to localise your store into several languages, enabling you to make significant changes to product names and service quality while keeping track of them in multiple languages. This feature can be beneficial, even for small businesses, and can lead to substantial rewards.
  3. Customize Shipping Preferences

    OpenCart offers extensive shipping options for e-commerce stores, ranging from conventional mail delivery to reputable services like USPL, Royal Mail, FedEx, UPS, and Australia Post. By providing a variety of dependable delivery services, customers can rest assured that their orders will be delivered on time and without any glitches.
  4. Fast and Reliable Performance

    By implementing the OpenCart e-commerce platform, the store’s functionality and features can be greatly improved, allowing customers to easily and quickly browse through all available options even when using average internet speeds.
  5. User-Friendly Interface

    With the assistance of an OpenCart Developer, creating and managing your online store is a breeze. OpenCart provides entrepreneurs with a comprehensive set of tools, including more than 13,000 plugins and themes, making it ideal for businesses in a variety of industries. Additionally, you can utilise integrations with various social media and e-commerce platforms, such as auction websites, to drive sales.
  6. Comprehensive Analytical Reports

    OpenCart offers an array of tools and reports to provide insight into your store’s performance. These reports can be customised to suit your business’s specific needs, allowing you to gain a more comprehensive understanding of how your store is functioning. Additionally, you can filter the collected data to customise your website and optimise it to better serve your customers’ needs.
  7. Integrate with Your Preferred Payment Processor

    OpenCart is compatible with various major payment processors, with PayPal being the most preferred option. However, other methods like Sage Pay, E-Way, Amazon Payments, and World Pay are also accepted, ensuring that you don’t have to switch payment processors to use OpenCart.
  8. Create and Apply Coupons

    OpenCart recognises the impact that sales and promotions can have in attracting new customers and retaining existing ones. It is effortless for vendors to implement these strategies in their business with minimal effort.
  9. Reliable Technical Support

    OpenCart, an open-source project, offers access to professional technical assistance for a fee. Customers can expect to receive a comprehensive report and a response within two days when requested.
  10. Manage Multiple Stores with Ease

    The robust feature of managing multiple OpenCart stores from a single administrative console streamlines the process of overseeing numerous stores from one control panel. Utilising the unique design and functionality of each store can also offer a strategic advantage.

OpenCart has gained popularity among developers due to its ability to provide the perfect platform for creating efficient and effective online stores for their clients. The rise of e-commerce has provided numerous benefits, making OpenCart an appealing choice for developers who want to maximise the opportunities it provides.

Why Hire an OpenCart Developer?

Developers specialising in OpenCart possess excellent skills in customisation and integration of available solutions. They excel in the following areas:

  1. Installation

    As it is open-source, they have the flexibility to choose the most suitable framework for your project.
  2. Help Determine the Right Design

    The developer will collaborate with you to determine the most suitable template from the vast array of options available. They will ensure that the template aligns with the theme of the application.
  3. Integrate New Features

    The team has made substantial efforts to integrate a new feature into the application resulting in improved functionality of the shopping cart. Moreover, there are several other advantages to this new feature.
  4. Include All Essential Components

    The developer will manage all significant alterations such as adding new languages, payment methods, shopping carts, and other functionalities to the project.
  5. Regular Maintenance

    The OpenCart team is dedicated to providing users with not just the software but also the necessary support. To improve customer satisfaction and enhance the retail experience, routine maintenance and software updates are regularly performed.

Reasons to Hire an OpenCart Developer

Having gained a clear understanding of the advantages of hiring an OpenCart developer, it is evident how valuable their services can be. They can develop a store from scratch and have it operational in a timely manner. Moreover, they can help an established brand leverage the latest technology to remain competitive in the market.

  1. Transparency


    When collaborating with an OpenCart specialist, you will receive regular updates on each stage of the process. This is intended to ensure that every party has the same information, so that any discrepancies or misunderstandings can be addressed before proceeding.
  2. Enhanced Exposure


    The OpenCart development team is available to help not just in building but also in promoting your store to increase its visibility to a larger audience.
  3. Quality Assurance

    They may conduct several extensive tests on the platform before releasing it to the public.
  4. Skilled

    The developer can tap into their technical knowledge to identify and recommend the most appropriate framework for your business, drawing on their experience of working with a diverse range of retailers. Additionally, they can add a touch of sophistication to the presentation.

Description of Job

Requirements – Essentials

  • Manages the entire production cycle of OpenCart’s products
  • Develops both the backend and frontend of the platform
  • Customizing OpenCart with a variety of extensions
  • Managing all the technical aspects of the products
  • Maintaining products in line with established standards
  • Developing, modifying, and releasing new features and functionalities
  • Troubleshooting code and application errors
  • Providing solutions for integrating data storage
  • Finalizing the backend development and testing web applications.
  • Enhancing and refining the software’s functionality through updates and fine-tuning


  • Has 2-5 years of experience working in this field
  • Proficient in the field of e-commerce
  • Qualifications equivalent to a computer science degree from a university
  • Proficient in HTML5, CSS3, PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, and MySQL
  • Design abilities are an added advantage.
  • Familiar with various debugging techniques
  • Able to deliver a satisfactory user experience
  • Addressing customer queries and fulfilling their requirements
  • Thorough comprehension of Object-oriented programming principles
  • Well-versed with PHP web frameworks such as CodeIgniter and others
  • Adept at utilizing different version control systems and repositories, such as Git, Mercurial, CVS, and SVN
  • Developing and customizing plugins

Proficiency in Domain

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