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It has been widely suggested that businesses must have an online presence in order to succeed, a sentiment echoed by Bill Gates. This sentiment has been further substantiated by the recent surge in online purchases, with predictions that the total value of this market will reach $791.70 billion by 2020. Consequently, it is essential for companies of all sizes to have an online presence. To this end, there are several shop management systems available, such as OpenCart, which is built on the PHP scripting language, and makes use of MySQL database and HTML files. OpenCart has been available for free since its inception in 1988, and the latest version,, was released in February 2021 in collaboration with Webkul.

Gains from OpenCart’s Flexible Framework

  1. Possess No Limits To The Products You Can Sell

    OpenCart provides retailers with the flexibility to choose the number of items they want to offer for sale. To help the customer make an informed decision, these items can be organised into multiple categories, and star ratings and reviews from previous buyers can be included for further clarification.
  2. Develop a Global Profile

    Having a worldwide customer base is one of the greatest benefits of running an online shop. OpenCart provides the capability to localise your store into multiple languages, allowing you to make extensive alterations to product names and service quality while tracking them in multiple languages. Even if your business is relatively small, you can still make use of this feature and reap the rewards.
  3. Shipping Method Preferences Should Be Used

    OpenCart provides comprehensive shipping options for online stores, including traditional mail delivery, as well as USPL, Royal Mail, FedEx, UPS, and Australia Post. By offering a wide range of reliable delivery services, customers can trust that their orders will be received on time and without issue.
  4. Performs Quickly yet Sturdily

    Installing the OpenCart web shop platform can significantly enhance the performance and features of the shop, enabling consumers to view all available options quickly and easily, even with average internet speeds.
  5. It’s Very Simple to Use

    With the help of an OpenCart Developer, you can create and manage your online store with ease. OpenCart offers a comprehensive suite of tools for entrepreneurs, including over 13,000 plugins and themes, making it suitable for a variety of businesses in different industries. Furthermore, you can take advantage of integration with various social media and shopping platforms, such as auctions websites, to boost sales.
  6. Provides a Full Suite of Analytical Reports

    OpenCart provides a range of tools and reports to help you gain insight into the performance of your store. These reports can be tailored to meet the unique needs of your business, enabling you to gain a more comprehensive understanding of how your store is operating. Furthermore, you can customise your website by filtering the data collected, allowing you to adjust your store to best serve your customers’ needs.
  7. Don’t Change Your Payment Processor!

    OpenCart is compatible with a wide range of major payment processors, with PayPal being the preferred method. However, other methods, including Sage Pay, E-Way, Amazon Payments, and World Pay, are also accepted.
  8. Power to Deposit Coupons

    OpenCart is cognizant of the influence that sales and promotions have in driving new customers and retaining existing ones. Implementing them in a business requires minimal effort on the part of the vendor.
  9. Adequate Technical Assistance

    Despite being an open-source project, OpenCart provides access to expert technical help for a fee. When requested, customers can expect to receive a comprehensive report and a response within two days.
  10. Access to Multiple Stores

    The robust capability of managing multiple OpenCart stores from a single administrative console provides a streamlined experience for overseeing several stores from the same control panel. Additionally, taking advantage of the distinct design and functionality of each store can help to leverage unique advantages.

Developing with OpenCart has become increasingly popular among developers, as it provides the perfect platform to create the most efficient and beneficial online stores for their clients. The rise of e-commerce has provided numerous advantages, making OpenCart an attractive option for developers who want to take full advantage of the opportunities it offers.

When Should You Hire an OpenCart Developer?

Developers specialising in OpenCart are adept at customising and integrating the solutions available to them. They are highly proficient in the following areas:

  1. Installation

    Since it is open-source, they get to choose the framework for your project.
  2. Assist You in Deciding upon a Format

    The developer will work with you to identify the most appropriate template from the extensive range of options available. They will ensure that the template is suitable for the theme of the application.
  3. Add a Piece Together

    The team has gone to extraordinary lengths to implement a new feature to the app, resulting in improved functionality of the shopping cart. Additionally, there are a number of other advantages to this new functionality.
  4. To this we must add all the Necessary Components.

    The developer will handle all of the major changes, such as the addition of new languages, payment methods, shopping carts, and other features.
  5. Maintenance

    The creator of OpenCart is committed to providing not only the software itself, but also the necessary support for its users. To ensure customer satisfaction and to optimise the retail experience, regular maintenance and software updates are undertaken.

Arguments for Hiring an OpenCart Developer

Now that we have a clear understanding of what an OpenCart developer can do for you, it is easy to see how hiring one could be extremely beneficial. They can create a store from the very beginning and have it open for business in a timely manner. Additionally, they can help a well-established brand utilise the latest technology to stay competitive in the market.

  1. Transparency:

    When working with an OpenCart specialist, you will receive updates at each step of the process. This is done to ensure that everyone has the same information, so any discrepancies or misunderstandings can be addressed before proceeding.
  2. Acknowledgement Must Be Raised to a Higher Level.

    OpenCart’s dev team is there to help you not only build, but also promote your store.
  3. Testing

    They may put the platform through several rigorous tests before releasing it to the public.
  4. Proficient

    The developer can draw on their technical expertise to identify and propose the most suitable framework for your business, leveraging their experience in working with a variety of retailers. In addition, they can add a touch of finesse to the presentation.

Job Description

Necessities – Necessities

  • Controls the whole production lifecycle of OpenCart’s goods
  • Develop both the backend and the frontend
  • Personalising OpenCart with a range of extensions
  • Taking care of all the items’ technical details
  • Product upkeep in accordance with established criteria
  • Creating, modifying, and releasing updated capabilities
  • Code and application troubleshooting
  • Solution for integrating data storage
  • Putting the finishing touches on the back end and testing web apps.
  • Adjusting and improving the functionality of the program via updates and tweaks


  • Gained 2-5 years of work experience in the area
  • Expertise in the field of electronic commerce
  • Qualifications comparable to a university degree in computer science
  • Expertise in HTML5, CSS3, PHP, java script, and jQuery, and My SQL
  • Ability in design is a bonus.
  • Knowledgeable about many debugging methods
  • Capability to provide a satisfying experience for end users
  • Resolving customer inquiries and meeting their needs
  • A solid understanding of OOPs
  • Familiarity with CodeIgniter and other PHP web frameworks
  • Capable of using a variety of version control systems and repositories, including Git, Mercurial, CVS, and SVN
  • Creating and modifying plugins

Domain Expertise

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