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If you are considering automated configuration management, then Puppet is your ultimate tool. In addition to being ideal for software distribution, it is an open-source program that can be utilized for various tasks such as setup, administration and deployment. Additionally, with the use of the Domain-specific Language (DSL) integrated into the software, setting up the system is made a breeze.

  • The version of Puppet, commonly referred to as open-source Puppet, can be downloaded at no cost from the website.
  • Puppet Enterprise provides a wide array of benefits including tools for node management, access control based on permissions, a graphical user interface, reporting functionalities, orchestration features, and an application programming interface. These capabilities empower users to manage their IT infrastructure easily, track system performance, and automate various processes.

With Puppet, administrators can not only identify any issues on their servers, but also automate code deployment to the servers, thereby reducing their workload and expediting the process. Additionally, Puppet offers the flexibility to customize individual settings on a per-host basis.

Having the ability to monitor servers continuously is highly advantageous to quickly identify and address any changes made to the system’s settings. Automation simplifies the management of settings from a centralized location, and enables automatic deployment of programs and applications. As a result, the demand for Puppet developers has risen leading to many companies seeking skilled professionals in this field.

Tools and Technologies used by Puppet Developers

Every 1800 seconds, Puppet’s agent nodes inspect the master node to identify any necessary updates. If there are any new codes required, the agent nodes implement them automatically.

Below are the four primary Puppet components:

  • Puppet resources are the underlying building blocks of the framework, which operate in the background to serve various purposes at all times.
  • In Puppet, classes comprise resources that share a common characteristic while remaining distinct in every other aspect.
  • Any files written in Puppet’s Domain-specific Language (DSL) can be found in the “Manifest” directory. These files have the file extension “.pp”, indicating that they are Puppet scripts.
  • Similar to manifest, Puppet modules consist of distinct files and folders. They are both reusable and customizable, making them ideal for collaborative initiatives.

Diverse Resources Available for Puppet

In Puppet, a resource can be anything ranging from a file to a service, package or process.

Resources encompass a vast range of elements required to construct a Puppet, including files, people, services, processes and packages. These resources are versatile and can be utilized for various purposes on systems that allow their usage. It is possible for a single resource to serve multiple purposes in certain situations.

Below is an overview of three separate categories of resources for your perusal:

  • Puppet’s built-in resource types or core resource types are the ones developed by the Puppet team and pre-existing within the software.
  • “Puppet-defined resource types” are resource categories already present in Puppet that comprise a combination of different resource types.
  • Puppet’s custom resource types are built on Ruby and provide advanced customization options.

Roles and Responsibilities of a Puppet Developer

As a Puppet programmer, your responsibilities go beyond just managing Unix and Microsoft Windows operating systems. You may be entrusted with various tasks, such as:

  • Perform thorough analysis and regular reviews of system requirements.
  • Integrating business metadata into Puppet enterprise can be advantageous for automating, designing and developing software.
  • Collaboration with automation architects is necessary for the developer to create and automate bespoke applications.
  • Consideration of security measures is imperative during infrastructure planning.
  • Build scripts based on your familiarity with the code on which applications operate.
  • Assist with troubleshooting requirements whenever necessary.

This list is not exhaustive. When seeking to hire a Puppet programmer, it’s crucial to consider these and several other aspects.



In today’s competitive job market, software engineers must possess strong technical skills and expertise to succeed. These hard skills enable them to produce high-quality work in less time, resulting in improved customer satisfaction. Therefore, possessing these abilities is crucial for success in the software engineering industry.

  • Proficiency in developing and implementing innovative automation techniques.
  • Consistently improve Continuous Integration and keep pace with Continuous Delivery.
  • Emphasizing automation, propel DevOps-based software development from beginning to end.
  • Oversee the creation and implementation of DevOps solutions using a predefined blueprint.
  • Employ Return on Investment evaluations to predict the future of environments.
  • Assess proposals based on their potential for profitability, and pursue such opportunities.
  • Showcase your technical proficiency and leadership skills in the realm of mobile technology development.
  • Advise the client’s business and IT leadership on actions to take in order to meet their infrastructure and automation requirements.
  • Organize presentations for clients to demonstrate proposed solutions.
  • Establish your proficiency in DevOps by utilizing cloud-based infrastructure development and management.
  • In this analysis, we will explore effective strategies for DevOps, automation, and security.
  • Act as an intermediary between customers, developers, and the support desk.
  • Coordinate the implementation of a standardized set of tools and protocols for developing mobile solutions.
  • Analyze the existing infrastructure and the available alternatives.
  • Offer professional guidance on system automation by studying white papers.

Possessing the essential technical abilities is crucial for advancing and achieving success in the software industry. Nevertheless, it requires more than technical expertise to succeed; developers must also possess a comprehensive understanding of the “soft skills” that are essential to satisfying their clients.

Aptitude for interacting effectively with others

Interpersonal skills are vital for any software developer to succeed. These abilities are necessary for efficient communication, teamwork, and resolving problems with clients and colleagues. Such attributes include effective communication, team collaboration, negotiation, understanding customer needs and expectations, and conflict management. Acquiring these skills can help developers establish and maintain relationships, stay organized, and handle difficult situations with confidence. Furthermore, these interpersonal traits are crucial for maintaining workplace harmony and cultivating a strong professional image.

  • Develop a course of action to tackle issues and overcome challenges.
  • Communicate confidently and effectively.
  • Consider the issue from multiple viewpoints.
  • Collaboration across multiple teams towards a common goal.
  • The sense of responsibility to execute assigned tasks maturely.
  • Attempt to think quickly and devise inventive solutions.
  • Creativity, the ability to come up with innovative approaches to solve any problem.
  • Strive to incorporate state-of-the-art techniques while refining existing skills.
  • Show leadership skills and motivate your team.
  • Oriented towards goals, proactive, and dedicated to achieving results.

These intangible skills are crucial for encouraging effective relationships between businesses and employees.


  • Capability to develop solutions using the Puppet framework
  • Proficiency in the Linux operating system
  • Exemplary proficiency in Ruby and ERB templates
  • Furthermore, a fundamental understanding of agile methodologies is essential.
  • Moreover, they should be acquainted with bash shell scripting.
  • Able to convey ideas and information effectively
  • Identification of minute defects
  • Efficacious organisational and managerial abilities

Puppet Programmer Certification

Obtaining certification as a Puppet developer presents multiple benefits that can assist developers in achieving their maximum potential. For enterprises, having certified experts on board guarantees precision and uniformity in their products and services, providing them with the confidence and encouragement to achieve their strategic objectives. Additionally, businesses place high value on Puppet developers who have completed the certification process, as it demonstrates their skill and dedication.

Works makes it effortless to find skilled personnel for all your staffing requirements. We comprehend that you may need personnel for a temporary project or a permanent position, and it is our obligation to ensure that your expectations are fulfilled. We assure you that we will offer you personnel who possess the appropriate abilities and qualifications to accomplish the work to your contentment.

Key Takeaways

  • When automating configuration management, Puppet is the preferred tool.
  • The Puppet platform can be utilized to inspect and repair any malfunctioning servers.
  • The collaboration of developers using Puppet Enterprise with enterprise metadata enhances the automation, design, and development processes.
  • Safety regulations must be considered when designing the infrastructure layout.
  • Individuals interested in pursuing a career as developers must have considerable expertise in Puppet development.
  • Proficiency in Agile methodologies is advantageous.
  • Adequate knowledge of Puppet development is essential.

Specialist Knowledge

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