RabbitMQ Developers

Hire Developers Skilled in RabbitMQ

Hiring Developers Skilled in RabbitMQ

Initially developed by Rabbit Technologies Ltd. in 2007, message-oriented middleware serves as a cross-platform message broker and is leveraged by fledgling startups and sizeable corporations worldwide. This revolutionary software resulted from the partnership of LShift with CohesiveF.

With a continually growing user base of over 10,000 active users, RabbitMQ stands as one of the most favored open-source message brokers of our era. With RabbitMQ, developers can securely, efficiently, and uniformly exchange data and messages between applications on varied platforms and operating systems, hence the increase in demand for experienced RabbitMQ developers. Top companies are seeking competent professionals to join their teams. This situation presents numerous opportunities for skilled RabbitMQ developers to grow professionally and polish their abilities.

RabbitMQ is an enterprise messaging system that has been designed with clustering and failover capabilities using Erlang and the Open Telecom Platform. According to the developers at RabbitMQ, the system is lightweight and user-friendly, supporting API protocols and various languages, including STOMP, MQTT, AMQP, and HTTP. Such versatility offers RabbitMQ several advantages, including flexible routing and delivery confirmations; besides, minor concerns are easily surmountable.

The Technology and Infrastructure of RabbitMQ

The following tools make up the RabbitMQ CLI.

  • Rabbitmqctl

    is the primary command line interface utility used for various tasks, typically of an administrative nature.
  • Rabbitmq-plugins

    is a program that can be utilized in both online and offline modes, maintaining lists as required, activating or deactivating them.
  • Rabbitmq-diagnostics

    is a tool for verifying the proper functionality of RabbitMQ nodes.
  • Rabbitmq-queues

    is a command-line program utilized to manage queues, providing features like expansion and contraction.
  • Rabbitmq-upgrade

    offers guidance on keeping RabbitMQ nodes upgraded regularly.

Additional Resources

RabbitMQ has several supplementary features that enhance its operational efficiency, listed below for your convenience.

  • Rabbitmq-collect-new

    is optimally employed on Unix-like or Unix-based machines.
  • Rabbitmqadmin

    , a command-line tool that is considerably more efficient than a web-based user interface, allows for chore automation.

The Role and Responsibilities of Developers in the RabbitMQ Environment

With RabbitMQ’s increasing popularity, it is crucial for developers to fulfill their obligations and meet their organization’s expectations when utilizing the technology. To ensure RabbitMQ developers are performing their duties, specific requirements must be met. These requirements include remaining current with new releases, customizing RabbitMQ to meet specific organizational needs, offering technical support and troubleshooting, and having expertise in the technology by managing resources efficiently and understanding the overall architecture. A RabbitMQ developer must be able to partner with other departments, lead projects, and take the lead when necessary. By complying with these requirements, RabbitMQ developers can ensure optimum utilization of the technology in their organizations.

  • You will be responsible for installing, configuring, and administering RabbitMQ on Windows platforms.
  • It is vital to have expertise in the practical implementation of pub-sub and other messaging Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) like STOMP, AMQP, REST, and JMS. A thorough understanding of message-oriented middleware is also necessary.
  • Overseer of virtual hosts, exchanges, and queues.
  • Achieving proficiency in clustering, high-availability RabbitMQ nodes, and security is mandatory.
  • Vigilantly monitoring alerts in RabbitMQ.
  • Identifying and resolving software problems.
  • RabbitMQ Migration Services.
  • Thorough knowledge and hands-on expertise in Cloud computing (AWS).
  • Mastery in Cloud deployment and management is necessary.

Position Summary


To build a solid career as a developer, aspiring professionals must prioritize acquiring “hard skills” or technical expertise. Becoming a RabbitMQ developer demands a high level of technical proficiency. Hence, we have curated a list of the most critical technical skills that a successful RabbitMQ developer should possess.

  • Preferably, you should have a sound understanding of RabbitMQ.
  • Proficient in working with RabbitMQ (P3 – Advanced).
  • Sound knowledge of Amazon Web Services best practices (P3 Advanced).
  • Familiarity with concepts like Message Queuing.
  • P3 Advanced Guaranteed Delivery Techniques and Strategies.
  • Proficiency in the Erlang programming language.
  • Extensive experience in working with Java Enterprise Edition (P2 Advanced).
  • Ability to identify and fix technical problems without compromising the existing data.
  • Ability to complete tasks within the assigned deadline.
  • Engaging in various other business activities.

Essential Soft Skills

As a developer, possessing technical as well as soft skills is crucial for achieving growth and success in the professional environment. Soft skills, which are often intangible qualities, can make a person more likeable and successful in a workplace. To excel in their field, developers must work towards improving the following non-technical abilities:

  • Developing the ability to empathize with colleagues is crucial for gaining a comprehensive understanding of the problem and generating effective solutions. By adopting the perspective of team members, one can better comprehend their experiences and how they can contribute to the creation of innovative solutions.
  • Effective communication is an absolute requisite for all software developers, ensuring that everyone engaged in a project understands the expectations, goals, and desired outcomes. By implementing better communication practices, we can encourage more efficient and effective collaboration among all parties involved in a given project.
  • Teamwork is an essential aspect of the contemporary professional world, and success is directly proportional to it.
  • The era when developers could work silently and independently, exclusively coding, is behind us. In the current business scenario, it is vital for leaders to be accessible and available to address customer concerns, engage in meaningful conversations with their teams, and proficiently fulfill any other responsibilities that may be expected of them.
  • Cultivating a composed attitude and a positive outlook towards work requires patience.
  • The ability to grasp new concepts, inspire others, and accept constructive criticism.
  • Developing problem-solving skills is an excellent way to equip oneself for the inevitable challenges in any job.
  • Having the inherent ability to take complete responsibility for one’s actions.
  • Original ideas always find a place, regardless of others’ opinions.
  • With technology continuing to advance at a rapid pace, developers must remain updated to seize the opportunities that come with such progress. Having a current knowledge base and awareness of the newest trends in the industry will better equip developers to maximize the potential that exists.
  • The realm of information technology (IT) is continuously progressing, and keeping abreast of the current advancements can be difficult. Being able to swiftly comprehend new ideas and integrate them into one’s work is a priceless skill for developers, allowing them to stay ahead of the competition and remain competitive. The capacity to adapt quickly to new trends and technologies can make all the difference in staying ahead in the competitive market.
  • For developers to come up with innovative solutions within the organization and yet meet deadlines, thinking critically is an essential trait to possess.
  • The ability to multitask is crucial.
  • The ability to manage one’s time effectively, as well as appreciating the time of others, is a priceless skill for achieving desired outcomes. By adopting proven time management techniques, individuals can enhance their productivity and become more efficient in their daily tasks.


Listed below are the knowledge and experience prerequisites for a RabbitMQ developer:

  • Possess a degree in Computer Science or a closely related field at a Bachelor’s and/or Master’s level.
  • Minimum of three to five years of professional work experience in the relevant field.
  • Collaborating with other programmers to deliver top-notch solutions.
  • Aptitude to adjust effectively to new job environments.
  • Trying to estimate the amount of effort required.
  • Collaborating with managers to ensure a harmonious working environment.
  • Assessing the technological feasibility.
  • Offering viable solutions to emerging problems.
  • Ensuring constant vigilance and promptly resolving any issues that arise.
  • Having frequent meetings and making valuable contributions.
  • Proficiency in meeting critical deadlines.
  • Nurturing and guiding aspiring young professionals in the team to attain optimal outcomes.
  • Offering exceptional solutions to job-related issues.
  • Aptitude for both independent and collaborative work.

Being a qualified RabbitMQ Developer

Obtaining certification as a RabbitMQ Developer is a crucial milestone for IT professionals seeking to enhance their career prospects. It motivates developers to become trailblazers in the industry by broadening their skills and honing their technical prowess. Competent RabbitMQ developers are highly sought after in the IT sector as they are able to handle even the most intricate tasks without causing any system-wide malfunctions. Hence, certification plays a pivotal role in building a successful career as a RabbitMQ developer. Companies value certified developers over non-certified ones, making the investment in certification worthwhile.

At Works, we are privileged to collaborate with some of the most accomplished and certified experts from around the world. Our extensive expertise in the local hiring market empowers us to offer our clients with a wide range of services, ranging from contract workers to in-house programmers.

Key Takeaways

Here are the crucial points to bear in mind regarding RabbitMQ:

  • Originated in 2007 as a collaborative effort.
  • A cost-free and open-source platform for enabling communication between software applications.
  • Built with the Erlang programming language.
  • It is highly portable and operates efficiently in the Cloud.
  • RabbitMQ includes a set of command-line utilities and a variety of auxiliary utilities as well.
  • Two of the significant benefits of RabbitMQ are its configurable routing and delivery acknowledgement.
  • Despite being a superior system, RabbitMQ’s instructions may appear challenging to individuals who are not familiar with it.

Industry Knowledge

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