React.js/Ruby Developers

Hiring React.js/Ruby Developers

Looking to hire React.js/Ruby developers? Look no further than React.js, the most widely-used open-source front-end JavaScript library for creating web applications. Its core purpose is to provide scalability, speed, and simplicity. Developers can use it to create reusable UI components for single-page applications and update data without reloading the page. Plus, React.js can be integrated with other JavaScript libraries and frameworks like AngularJS in the Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture.

If you’re looking for a valuable skill to acquire, Ruby is an increasingly popular programming language that’s in high demand. According to the TIOBE Index study, Ruby ranks as the fifteenth most popular programming language in the world based on online search traffic for key computer languages.

React.js and Ruby are becoming increasingly influential in the development space, offering high levels of work satisfaction and career opportunities to those who work with them. Those looking for remote positions will find a wide selection of job openings for React.js and Ruby developers, ranging from entry-level Junior Programmer and Co-Developer roles to more senior positions.

The Scope of Development in React.js/Ruby

Learning React.js and Ruby programming languages can be a wise choice for developers seeking to create immersive user interfaces and mobile applications quickly. These have the potential for developing large-scale apps that use dynamic data. Additionally, these programming languages are highly scalable, low-risk, user-friendly, and provide modular coding, which can help mitigate the drawbacks that organizations and developers often face.

React.js/Ruby technology is incredibly powerful and easy-to-use for programmers, making it possible for enterprises to successfully deploy products and generate profits. Its development is advancing rapidly, and it promises significant potential for the future. React is widely used across multiple industries, making React.js/Ruby developer positions highly sought-after. To fully take advantage of React, a deep understanding of both server-side and client-side JavaScript and HTML5 is essential.

Duties and Obligations of a React.js/Ruby Developer

To achieve optimal results as a React.js/Ruby developer, it’s essential to execute necessary tasks and fulfill established duties. This role requires designing and constructing user interface components using React.js concepts like Flux, Redux, and Webpack. Additionally, the developer must enhance front-end performance and create documentation for the front-end codebase. Success in a React.js/Ruby developer position requires an in-depth understanding of React and JavaScript fundamentals, excellent front-end coding skills, knowledge of progressive web apps, and creating and implementing new user interface components to improve application speed.

The technical and non-technical responsibilities of a React.js/Ruby developer include:

  • Utilizing the built-in React toolkit to create front-end features.
  • Creating reusable programming, data visualization tools, and frameworks for clients.
  • Integrating wireframes and designs into application code.
  • Monitoring user engagement and converting it into meaningful data.
  • Developing the JavaScript code for the application interface.
  • Consistently monitoring and improving application performance.
  • Producing clean code based on wireframes and designs.
  • Frequently optimizing components to ensure seamless performance on multiple devices and browsers.
  • Familiarity with related technologies such as GIT, Sigma, CSS libraries, Adobe XD, among others.
  • Developing a responsive web-based user interface and managing user data authentication.
  • Being responsible for all architectural development efforts of the application, and writing code that adheres to the app’s specifications.
  • Performing a software assessment.
  • Collaborating with a software development team to ensure the application meets the required specifications.
  • Testing and debugging the application.
  • Suggesting any modifications to the application’s techniques and infrastructure.
  • Efficiently collaborating across teams.
  • Contributing to enhancing the team’s performance.
  • The process for document production.
  • In addition to being proficient in React.js and Ruby, a successful developer should have a comprehensive skill set, including object modelling, JavaScript, DOM manipulation, data structures, JSX, algorithms, and Babel. Moreover, they must be able to demonstrate expertise in developing code that adheres to industry standards, and is concise and clean.

What are the first steps to becoming a React.js/Ruby developer?

If your goal is to become a React.js/Ruby developer, it is important to have a solid understanding of JavaScript. If you are not already familiar with JavaScript, that should be your starting point. Once you’re familiar with the language, you can explore various JavaScript frameworks and choose one to start building dynamic web pages. React.js/Ruby is a common choice for front-end developer positions. As you continue to study React.js/Ruby, you may have questions about what it is and how to get started. To advance your career, you can take advantage of a variety of online courses that cover both fundamental and advanced JavaScript concepts, as well as using React and Redux to build complex front-end applications. In addition to taking online courses, you may find it beneficial to read the official React documentation, which provides a comprehensive overview of basic and advanced topics to keep you up-to-date with the latest updates.

What skill set is required to be a React.js/Ruby developer?

To be considered for a React.js/Ruby developer role, the ideal candidate should possess a strong desire to gain expertise in Facebook’s leading JavaScript library. This position requires proficiency in several critical skills, including but not limited to:

  1. HTML and CSS

    Knowledge of HTML and CSS is essential for all front-end developers, as these are the building blocks for creating user interfaces. Therefore, React.js/Ruby developers must be capable of producing semantic HTML elements, writing and applying CSS selectors, performing a CSS reset, understanding the flexbox and box models, and implementing responsive web design principles and media queries.
  2. Ruby Proficiency

    If you aspire to become a remote Ruby developer, it is essential to have a comprehensive understanding of the Ruby programming language, which underpins all Rails Python frameworks. Moreover, Ruby on Rails is a crucial element of the development process, and expertise in it helps ensure that the fundamentals are correctly applied, resulting in a top-quality final product. Therefore, a candidate’s proficiency in Ruby is a vital factor in assessing their abilities.
  3. Python

    Python is a statically typed and compiled programming language, unlike Java which is dynamically typed and interpreted. As a result, Java may run faster and be easier to debug but Python is simpler to use and comprehend. Python’s intuitive nature makes it more attractive to learners, and its broad range of libraries enables even inexperienced programmers to quickly get started. Nevertheless, Java remains popular and widely used, being an older language with a vast selection of libraries and an active community. For a React.js/Ruby developer, it is crucial to have proficiency in both Ruby and React.js.
  4. SQL

    SQL is a database skill that every Ruby developer should possess. Companies seek this SQL expertise when hiring remote Ruby engineers.
  5. MySQL/PostgreSQL

    MySQL is an unquestionably popular database engine that has become a standard in web development. Ruby on Rails developers are intimately familiar with its capabilities, making it a dependable and enduring choice for web-based applications.
  6. MVC (Model/View/Controller) architecture

    To deliver successful projects that satisfy clients, extensive expertise in developing web and mobile applications using Ruby is crucial. This is a must-have skill on your resume if you wish to remain competitive in the industry.
  7. Tool Proficiency

    Building a successful web application is a complex undertaking that necessitates extensive resources and a thorough familiarity with the technologies involved. To ensure success, it is highly recommended that you become proficient in the following tools: GIT, Docker, and CI, as well as project management tools such as Trello, Pivotal, Asana, and Heroku.
  8. Validation and Testing Skills

    Prior to making a web application available to the public, it must pass regression testing. Without the ability to test the final product, a Ruby on Rails (ROR) developer will render the project useless. As a result, businesses consistently seek Ruby developers who can perform diagnostic analyses and identify any issues. Making certain that the final output is suitable for public use is one of the most crucial abilities that the developer must possess.

What are some platforms to find remote React.js/Ruby developer jobs?

Developing a well-planned strategy is essential to succeed in your job search. Start by considering the type of job you desire and how your skills and knowledge can assist you in narrowing down your search. Additionally, gaining plenty of practical experience will demonstrate to employers that you are prepared to take on the duties of the job. It’s also crucial to remain informed about industry trends and new technologies to have more to talk about during interviews. You can accomplish this by taking advantage of volunteering, freelance, or open-source project opportunities.

At Works, we offer the top remote React.js/Ruby developer job opportunities, tailored to your career goals. You will work with cutting-edge technology to tackle complex technical and business challenges, allowing you to advance quickly in your career. Become part of a global network of skilled engineers and take the next step in your React.js/Ruby developer career with possibilities for salary growth and promotion. Find your ideal full-time, long-term remote React.js/Ruby developer role with us today.

Position Description

Job Responsibilities

  • Analyze application specifications and interface designs
  • Develop new user interfaces and back-end APIs.
  • Develop and implement highly responsive user interface components.
  • Identify and resolve code issues and resolve interface software glitches.
  • Suggest and carry out application updates to improve scalability and performance.
  • Produce comprehensive, scalable, and reusable code as well as unit tests.
  • Review code to enhance system resilience and quality.
  • Combine front-end and back-end functions.
  • Collaborate with designers, developers, testers, and project managers to construct complex products.


  • Bachelor’s/Master’s Degree in computer science, engineering, or information technology (or equivalent experience)
  • Minimum of three years of experience with React.js/Ruby is necessary (with some exceptions for exceptionally skilled developers).
  • Proficiency in React technologies including Enzyme, Webpack, Flux, Redux, and more.
  • Mastery in Ruby programming and frameworks such as Ruby on Rails.
  • Familiarity with Ruby libraries and tools such as RSpec and Resque.
  • Prior experience with service development and REST API design.
  • Prior knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript is necessary.
  • Proficiency in English is necessary to effectively communicate with customers and engineers.
  • Work for 40 hours per week on a full-time basis with at least a four-hour overlap with US time zones.

Desirable skills

  • Proficiency in MVC architecture and ORM libraries.
  • Knowledge of AJAX and AWS serverless architecture. Experience working with code versioning tools such as Git or Mercurial.
  • Understanding of SQL/NoSQL database technologies.


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