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Ruby is currently one of the most sought-after programming languages in the world, as demonstrated by its fifteenth ranking on the TIOBE Index, an evaluation of computer language popularity that is based on search engine traffic. As a result, learning Ruby is a valuable skill to have and is becoming increasingly popular.

Ruby has had a considerable impact on the job satisfaction and career paths of developers. There are numerous remote Ruby developer roles available, spanning from entry-level roles such as Junior Programmer, Co-Developer, and more.

What does Ruby development entail?

Due to the rapid development of web technologies, the scope of Ruby development is significantly increasing. Ruby on Rails (ROR) has become exceptionally popular in recent times as it is capable of rapidly constructing interactive, high-performance, secure, and reliable websites and web applications. It is a web development framework that offers scalability and robustness.

Ruby on Rails is a powerful web development platform that helps to ease the stress of developers by providing them with access to a range of standard functions, significantly reducing the amount of time they need to spend writing code. Rather than having to write the same code over and over again, Rails provides developers with an extensive library of capabilities, which can be employed to streamline coding efforts and simplify activities such as form and table building. Ultimately, these features help to make web development more efficient and effective.

It is evident that some of the most influential and successful companies in the world today, such as GitHub, Shopify, Twitch, Fiverr, Zendesk, Hulu, Dribbble, and Basecamp, were all built using Ruby on Rails. This implies that Ruby on Rails is a powerful and versatile technology, capable of providing limitless opportunities for tech giants. As such, it is no surprise that these companies have chosen Ruby on Rails as the foundation of their business models.

Ruby on Rails (ROR) is becoming increasingly popular for web development across a range of industries, such as retail, insurance, e-commerce, and health care, providing immense opportunities for innovation. Furthermore, the use of ROR in mobile app development is making it a highly sought-after technology in the development arena.

According to Google Trends, there is a global interest in the term “Ruby on Rails” (ROR). Furthermore, ROR has recently moved to the fifth spot in the list of highest-paying technologies, providing great potential for ROR developers now and in the foreseeable future.

The utilisation of Ruby is rapidly increasing, and this trend is expected to continue in the years to come. As such, Ruby on Rails (ROR) is one of the most highly recommended solutions for start-up businesses and developers. This should be a strong incentive for those looking for the best remote Ruby developer job opportunities.

What are the duties and obligations of a Ruby developer?

Ruby on Rails developers are responsible for developing server-side web applications using the open-source programming language Ruby. The programming logic is written within the framework of Model View Controller (MVC), which is known as the Rails framework. Ruby on Rails engineers are also responsible for back-end components, such as connecting the application to the internet services, as well as assisting front-end developers in order to ensure the successful completion of the project.

A Ruby developer’s key tasks are as follows:

  • Design and development of a new online application
  • Maintenance and troubleshooting of existing web applications
  • Ruby code creation and maintenance
  • Bringing together data storage possibilities
  • Back-end component creation
  • Identifying and fixing bottlenecks and faults
  • Including front-end team-created user-facing things
  • Connecting apps to web servers
  • API maintenance

How do I become a Ruby developer?

It is essential to recognise that there are no formal educational requirements when it comes to being recruited for the most sought-after remote Ruby developer positions. Therefore, it is paramount to review the key points that will increase one’s chances of being successful. Let us delve into what it takes to stand out in this field and secure a role as a Ruby developer.

The following is a checklist to help you find the top remote Ruby developer jobs:

  • Bachelor’s degree in computer science, computer engineering, or a related field (Preferred)
  • Knowledge with Ruby on Rails and libraries such as Resque and RSpec is required.
  • Possibility of writing well-structured Ruby code
  • It is necessary to be familiar with code versioning technologies such as Git, Github, SVN, and Mercurial.
  • It is important to be familiar with key concepts such as AngularJS and BackboneJS MVC, Mocking, RESTful, and ORM. Furthermore, proficiency in front-end technologies, such as HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS3, is essential.
  • Slim and Liquid are two server-side templating languages to be acquainted with.
  • Working knowledge of testing tools is required.

For those just starting out with Ruby programming, it is recommended to dedicate 5-6 months of self-study and an additional 3-4 months of mentorship. It is important to keep in mind that technology is rapidly changing and developers must stay current in order to produce the best results. While it is certainly possible to easily find Ruby developer jobs, it is equally important to do your best to stand out from the competition. Additionally, consider submitting a remote Ruby developer CV for desirable positions – this can help to increase your chances of being hired.

Let’s look at the abilities and approaches required for Ruby developer jobs:

The abilities required to become a Ruby developer

Let’s go through the fundamental abilities that will enable you to get high-paying Ruby developer employment.

  1. Ruby abilities

    It is a given that familiarity with the Ruby programming language is a prerequisite for anyone wishing to pursue a career as a remote Ruby developer. Ruby is the language used to construct the Rails Python framework, which is an integral part of the development process. By ensuring that applicants have a good understanding of the principles behind Ruby on Rails operations, employers can be confident that the end product will be of the highest quality.
  2. SQL

    SQL is a database competence required by Ruby developers. Firms seek for this SQL proficiency when hiring remote Ruby developers.
  3. PostgreSQL/MySQL

    MySQL is a widely-recognised database management system that is highly esteemed in the web development industry. Its relevance and utility are unlikely to diminish in the foreseeable future. Consequently, Ruby on Rails developers are particularly familiar with this powerful database engine.
  4. MVC (Model/View/Controller) framework

    If you want to truly excel in the development of mobile and web applications, it is essential that you possess an in-depth understanding of the Ruby programming language. Having a competent command of this language will enable you to deliver applications that will captivate and enthral your customers. Therefore, it is imperative that you add Ruby to your list of programming skills.
  5. Tool handling proficiency

    Creating a website is no small feat, requiring an abundance of resources and the precise application of the relevant technologies in order to yield a successful web application. To ensure the best possible outcome, familiarise yourself with the following tools: GIT, Docker, Continuous Integration, Heroku, Trello, Pivotal, and Asana.
  6. Validation and testing abilities

    Prior to releasing the web program into a live environment, regression testing must be conducted to ensure its viability. Without the capability for a Ruby on Rails developer to properly evaluate the final output, all efforts will be rendered ineffectual. Consequently, companies regularly guarantee that their optimal Ruby developer is competent in performing mock operations and uncovering any imperfections. A critical aptitude that requires honing is the capacity to verify that the finalised product is appropriate for public usage.

How can I find remote Ruby developer jobs?

Successful athletes and developers have many shared characteristics. To achieve excellence in their respective fields, they must practice diligently and consistently. It is also essential that they work hard to cultivate and refine their talents over time. For developers to make meaningful progress, they must prioritise two key elements: obtaining guidance and support from someone more experienced, and utilising more effective learning methodologies. As a developer, it is important to be aware of how much practice to undertake in order to avoid burnout, so it is advisable to seek out someone who can provide assistance and be cognizant of any signs of mental or physical exhaustion.

At Works, we pride ourselves in offering the best remote Ruby developer jobs available. Our positions provide the opportunity to work with the latest technologies in order to solve complex technical and business-related problems, allowing you to develop your skills and advance your career at a rapid pace. By joining our network of the world’s most talented developers, you can gain access to long-term, full-time remote Ruby developer employment with greater pay and career development opportunities.

Job Description

Responsibilities at work

  • Create and keep reusable Ruby code.
  • Maintain application quality and responsiveness
  • Designing strong, secure, and scalable application features.
  • Continue to improve automation, organisation, and code quality.
  • Analyse apps to detect and repair issues.
  • Work with product owners to deliver products in a fast-paced environment.


  • Computer Science Bachelor’s/Degree Master’s (or equivalent experience)
  • 3+ years of Ruby experience (rare exceptions for highly skilled candidates)
  • Knowledge of popular libraries such as RSpec and Resque
  • MVC, ORM, and mocking experience
  • REST API design and service development experience
  • English fluency is required for collaboration with engineering management.
  • Capability to work full-time (40 hours per week) with a 4-hour time zone overlap with the United States

Preferred skills

  • Strong understanding of code versioning tools (Git, Merging, Branching, Pull Requests, etc.)
  • Excellent knowledge of continuous integration, deployment, and monitoring
  • Knowledge of development helping tools Rake, Bower, Bundler, and so forth.
  • Excellent team player with excellent communication abilities
  • Working experience in an Agile context


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