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Go is a robust, general-purpose programming language that is recognised for its straightforward syntax. Its extensive availability on a wide range of platforms, its robust and detailed common library, and its focus on sound software engineering notions make it an ideal starting point if you are new to programming. Go is the most exciting new mainstream language to have emerged in at least fifteen years and is the first of its kind to be specifically tailored to computers and programmers of the twenty-first century. It is designed to be highly scalable, enabling it to be used to build extremely large applications and compile huge programs on a single machine in mere seconds. As a result, Go is quickly replacing Python. This article will explore why you should use Go and how to become a Senior Backend Go Developer. Before making your final selection, it is essential to have a thorough understanding of the language.

As developers select the ideal programming language for their projects, Google’s Golang has become increasingly popular since its introduction in 2009. With its multitude of useful built-in functions and other advantages, Golang has rapidly risen to the top of the list of programming languages. This trend has been particularly evident in 2019, as Golang developers have been presented with more opportunities than Python engineers.

What is the job description for a Senior Backend Golang Developer?

Go is a relatively new programming language that has been gaining a lot of traction lately due to its promise of creating reliable, efficient applications that are also user-friendly and secure. It is an open-source language, meaning that anyone can contribute to the development of the language and its associated tools. Additionally, the language is designed to allow developers to create cross-platform and multi-element products with ease, making it an attractive option for businesses and developers alike. The simple to design and test nature of Go makes it particularly appealing to senior backend developers, leading to an increase in related job opportunities.

A survey conducted recently has revealed that Golang is becoming increasingly popular in the workplace and amongst enterprises. A whopping 76 percent of the respondents reported that they use Go in their work and 66 percent acknowledged that this programming language is critical for their company’s success. Furthermore, the survey results indicate that the respondents are highly satisfied with Go as 92 percent of them reported that they were pleased with it. This data clearly demonstrates that Golang development for digital businesses is at a record high.

What are the duties and obligations of a Senior Backend Golang Developer?

As a Senior Backend Golang Developer, my primary objective is to create and maintain a robust operational environment with 99.99 percent uptime. Additionally, I strive to offer prompt, cost-effective, and reliable technical services to ensure customers receive the best possible experience. My responsibilities may vary depending on the project, modifications required, or direction from management.

As a Senior Backend Golang Developer, I am responsible for ensuring the highest possible levels of service availability and reliability by establishing and maintaining an effective operational environment with 99.99 percent uptime. Moreover, I am dedicated to providing customers with the best possible experience by delivering high-quality, timely, cost-efficient, and dependable technology services.

The following are the major tasks after the purchase of remote Senior Backend Golang developer jobs:

  • Will be crucial in architectural design.
  • Recognise software requirements and translate them into high-performance solutions.
  • Create robust, scalable, and reusable code.
  • Test and improve services in collaboration with stakeholders and decision-makers.
  • Provide analytical problem-solving approaches.
  • As required, troubleshoot difficulties.
  • Create back-end components and connect applications to other web services.
  • Using essential technologies, Golang programmers should be able to create efficient, scalable, and modular software.
  • The things that are released must be bug-free; they must be regularly tested, updated, and patched. Golang developers do regular code testing.

What does it take to become a Senior Backend Golang Developer?

To become a Senior Backend Golang engineer, it is essential to put in a significant amount of effort, dedication and time. Enrolling in college-level programs is the most obvious way to acquire a Golang development education, with computer science being the most popular choice for college graduate developers. However, it should be noted that a computer science degree or certificate is not a pre-requisite for becoming a Golang developer. With sufficient knowledge of Go/Golang and its tech stacks, obtaining a remote Senior Backend Golang developer job is relatively straightforward. To become proficient in Golang, it is advisable to choose a software solution to work on and to implement it in various activities and coding projects as much as possible.

Gaining the ability to use coding principles to apply your specialised skills to real-world applications is a great way to test your capabilities while also continuing to develop your knowledge. This is essential if you wish to construct a portfolio to showcase your skills and experience as a Senior Backend Golang developer to potential employers. In order to build a successful portfolio in order to secure a Senior Backend Golang developer role, it is important to understand the abilities and methods you need to learn.

Qualifications for a Senior Backend Golang Developer

In order to become a successful Senior Backend Golang developer and secure a high-paying job, it is essential to have a thorough understanding of the abilities and qualifications necessary to excel in this role. To begin, one must have a comprehensive knowledge of Golang programming concepts, be able to develop applications with Golang, and have a good grasp of web protocols, APIs, and databases. Additionally, the successful Senior Backend Golang developer should have significant experience in designing and building software systems, debugging code, and creating unit tests. Furthermore, they should have an in-depth understanding of security, scalability, and performance optimisation. Finally, the ideal Senior Backend Golang developer should be able to collaborate effectively with both technical and non-technical team members. By mastering these abilities, one can become a successful Senior Backend Golang engineer and secure a high-paying job.

  1. Visit Libraries

    Using the appropriate libraries and packages when working with Go can simplify the development process significantly. Popular libraries in the Go ecosystem include Go Kit, GORM, Gen and CLI, each with their own unique features and characteristics. Employers are increasingly looking for remote Kubernetes/Golang engineer candidates that demonstrate a deep understanding of this subject matter. For this reason, it is wise to focus on one of these libraries that best suits your needs and gain a comprehensive knowledge of its use.
  2. JSON

    As a Senior Backend Golang Engineer, the ability to produce JSON files is of great importance. JSON files are used to organise and handle package data and dependencies, as well as the project script. If ever in need of verifying which packages or dependencies to use in the application, one can quickly access the JSON file and inspect its contents. Therefore, prior to applying for remote Senior Backend Golang developer jobs, it is essential to gain a firm understanding of this skill.
  3. Information databases

    As a developer, it is essential to be proficient in the use of databases to be successful. This includes being able to perform a range of tasks, including the storage of records, the generation of records, insertion, updating, and deletion of records. All types of applications and software depend on the use of relational databases such as PostgreSQL and MySQL. Furthermore, understanding log frames is advantageous, with Zap being the most relevant for Go.
  4. Software program testing

    Verifying the intended functionality of code is an essential task for any software developer. By thoroughly testing the code, the developer can have a greater assurance that the program will work correctly. Moreover, if changes are made to the code, it is important to run tests again so that any errors or regressions can be identified. Testing the code also allows for the creation of a specification that outlines the expected behaviour of a program.
  5. Command-line interface

    A command-line program, also referred to as a command-line utility or tool, is a program designed to be run from a terminal. This course will provide you with an introduction to the fundamentals of writing a command-line program in Go, including how to parse arguments and create subcommands. Before the introduction of graphical user interfaces (GUIs), it was commonplace to interact with a computer through the command line. Despite the advancements in user interfaces, command-line tools remain a popular and straightforward way for developers and system administrators to interact with the underlying operating system.

Where can I find remote Senior Backend Golang Developer jobs?

Due to the robust infrastructure of Golang, Senior Backend Golang developers are highly sought after in the IT sector. They can assist businesses in a variety of ways by utilising Go’s dynamic features. However, in order to reach a professional level of software development, developers must invest a considerable amount of effort. Two key elements that are necessary for success in this field are obtaining guidance from experienced professionals and engaging in extensive practice. As a developer, you must be aware of the amount of practice that is required to reach your goals. It is also beneficial to assemble a team of colleagues who can support and guide you through any development challenges you encounter.

At Work, we offer an unparalleled opportunity to advance your engineering career. Our extensive range of remote Senior Backend Golang developer positions will provide you with the chance to work on complex technical and commercial problems, while leveraging the most advanced technology available. Joining our network of the world’s finest engineers will not only open you up to a variety of long-term, full-time remote Senior Backend Golang developer positions, but it will also offer you higher compensation and increased chances of promotion. Take your career to the next level with us today.

Job Description

Responsibilities at work

  • Participate in the whole lifespan of an application.
  • To produce solid apps, work with front-end developers, testers, QA leaders, and project managers.
  • Back-end components must be developed and coded, and apps must be linked to other web services.
  • Take responsibility for providing extensive and constructive design and code critiques.
  • Convert user needs into reliable, high-performance software.
  • Enhance monitoring systems in order to improve and automate testing.
  • Monitor, coach, and inspire younger developers to contribute to technological choices.
  • Lead projects on your own.


  • Engineering or computer science bachelor’s/degree master’s (or equivalent experience)
  • At least 5 years of backend programming expertise using Golang is required (rare exceptions for highly skilled developers)
  • Working knowledge of a production-quality Golang codebase.
  • Expertise in the Golang programming language, paradigms, structures, and patterns.
  • Proficient in a variety of back-end programming languages, including Java, Python, Ruby, PHP,.NET, Golang, and others.
  • In-depth knowledge of best practices in web development.
  • Expertise in algorithms and data structures.
  • Database integration, data transfer, transformation, and scripting experience are required.
  • SQL and NoSQL database expertise, including MySQL, PostgreSQL, Elasticsearch, MongoDB, and others.
  • Excellent knowledge of microservices architecture.
  • English fluency is required for good communication.
  • Work full-time (40 hours a week) with a 4-hour overlap with US time zones.

Preferred skills

  • Python/Scala programming knowledge is required.
  • Excellent knowledge of concurrency patterns, WebSockets, and gRPC.
  • Understanding of API extension points and network plugins.
  • Contributing to open-source projects is a plus.
  • Excellent team leadership and project management abilities.
  • Outstanding logical, analytical, consultative, and communication abilities.


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