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Backend development, also known as server-side development, involves the technical work that goes on in the background when users navigate a website. Backend developers focus on building the website’s infrastructure, including databases, APIs, backend logic, and servers. Their responsibility is to provide code that enables browsers to communicate with databases, performing actions like saving, updating, reading, and deleting data or information. As a Senior Core Back-End Engineer at Works, you will use your tech skills to construct a software application’s structure. This position typically involves collaborating with other experts such as frontend developers, product managers, testers, and principal architects to achieve a successful product.

What is the Precise Scope of Backend Development?

As the tech industry continues to grow and evolve, the need for skilled web backend developers is on the rise. With businesses increasingly valuing accessibility, there is an increased demand for remote web backend jobs. Companies are relying on remote web backend engineers to ensure scalability and security of their software. With advancements in AI and machine learning, new possibilities are being created for businesses, and entrepreneurs are taking advantage of the demand-supply gap. In conclusion, this trend will result in increased job opportunities in the field of experienced core back-end engineers.

What Responsibilities and Tasks do Senior Core Back-End Engineers Have?

Senior core back-end developers play an essential role in web development teams. Their remote web backend tasks ensure that data and services requested by the front-end system or application are properly provided. Senior core back-end developers use programming languages such as PHP, Ruby, Python, and Java to facilitate communication between the server, application, and database. They utilise technologies like SQL Server, MySQL, and Oracle to retrieve, store and edit data before presenting it to users. Collaborating with the company owner to understand their goals and technical requirements, they write clean, well-documented code for building web applications. Senior core back-end engineers also provide the data that front-end code needs to enable users to interact with the website, such as filling out forms, building a profile or completing online purchases. This ensures that the backend of a website functions optimally, providing effective and efficient technological solutions.

  • Incorporate front-end components with server-side logic and functionality.
  • Take on the day-to-day coding responsibility, performance profiling, optimization, and troubleshooting of technical issues.
  • Create APIs, data storage solutions, and other technical activities for testing purposes by designing, prototyping and building them.
  • Participate in the organisation’s long-term engineering plans and assist in identifying new areas for development.
  • Create and implement an automated functional test suite to improve test coverage.
  • Establish and maintain pipelines for continuous testing.
  • Ensure all test deliverables are completed within the deadline.

What is the Path to Becoming a Senior Core Back-End Engineer?

Obtaining the necessary expertise and skills to qualify for a Senior Core Back-End Engineer remote job may seem intimidating at first, but anyone with an interest in the industry and key qualities can achieve it. Various avenues are available for acquiring the necessary skills, such as a traditional University education. Pursuing a Computer Science degree can provide a solid foundation and a better chance of entering the field. However, the high cost and lengthy duration of earning a full degree can be major drawbacks. An alternative option is to enrol in a Bootcamp program, either online or in-person, which focuses on teaching the required programming languages for the job. It can be a more economical and faster alternative than a three or four-year degree depending on the chosen Bootcamp. Regardless of the path chosen to secure a remote web back-end job, there are plenty of job opportunities available with a bright future ahead.

Requirements for Becoming a Senior Core Back-End Engineer

When pursuing a career as a successful Senior Core Back-End Engineer working remotely, the essential skills and competencies required, both technical and non-technical, hold more value than educational qualifications. It is imperative to research the necessary skills and abilities required for securing a high-paying job as a Senior Core Back-End Engineer. Here are some of the critical elements to consider:

  1. Python Proficiency

    If you wish to pursue a career as a Senior Core Back-End Developer, it’s crucial to have a good understanding of Python – one of the most commonly used programming languages today. Despite the fact that its name has no direct association with a snake, Python has been recognised as the “fastest-growing major programming language” in the 2019 Stack Overflow survey, second only to Rust for its popularity. 41.7% of the 90,000 people surveyed in 2018 confirmed they use Python. Given the versatility of the language, it’s widely applied across various industries, such as finance, healthcare and travel, for simple and complicated online applications. Major corporations such as Dropbox, Disqus, Instagram and Spotify have relied on Python’s syntax to construct their programs.
  2. Proficiency in Java

    Java is a highly efficient programming language, popular for its ability to develop powerful back-end applications. Typically, it is written in an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) before being compiled into bytecode, a low-level code that is interpreted by software interpreters instead of humans, leading to a more reliable system. In comparison, JavaScript engines can execute JavaScript in its original form. In general, Java is suitable for complex programming tasks more than its front-end counterpart. Moreover, Java can run on any system with Java Virtual Machine, making it an ideal choice for Senior Core Back-End Engineering roles.
  3. Proficiency in PHP

    PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) is a frequently used server-side scripting language in the business world. Unlike Python and Java, which are procedural languages, PHP is a scripting language that enables the runtime execution of scripts (programming instructions). This can be used to automate routine operations and improve application performance. While it is not a necessary requirement for aspiring Senior Core Back-End Engineers, knowledge of PHP can be a valuable addition to their skillset, and make them more desirable to potential employers.
  4. Proficiency in SQL

    Despite the rapid evolution of technology, Structured Query Language (SQL) has remained a steadfast exception. Since its designation as an industry standard language by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) in 1986, SQL has provided online back-end developers easy access to and updating of relational databases. SQL enables developers to add and delete items, search databases, create new tables and stored procedures, and provide access to these tables and procedures. As such, expertise in SQL is indispensable for anyone interested in working with relational databases, including Senior Core Back-End Developers.
  5. Proficiency in Git

    If you’re looking for a modern, reliable version control system that caters to your needs, then Git is an excellent option. Developed by the same individual who created the Linux operating system, Git is regularly updated and open-sourced. With a working copy of the code, developers can easily access the complete modification history, making it convenient to modify and restore code. Not only is Git one of the most adaptable and powerful online version control systems, but it’s also highly secure.

What are the ways to secure a job as a Senior Core Back-End Engineer working remotely?

Programming can be a highly fulfilling career, but it requires proficiency in coding languages. To perform to the best of your ability, it’s crucial to practise and refine your techniques. Furthermore, having a clear understanding of the product and staying focused on the team’s objectives is vital. Strong communication skills are also valuable for promoting teamwork and prioritising tasks in line with long-term goals.

At Works, we recognise that searching for remote Senior Core Back-End Engineer jobs can be a daunting process. That’s why we make it easier for you by providing a vast network of the world’s leading Senior Core Back-End Engineers. By being a part of our platform, you can effortlessly secure a full-time, long-term remote Senior Core Back-End Engineer job with better salaries and prospects for growth. Our purpose is to help advance your career as a Senior Core Back-End Engineer, and we are confident in our platform’s ability to support your success.

Job Outline

Job Responsibilities

  • Integrate front-end components with server-side logic and functionality.
  • Manage daily coding, performance profiling, optimisation, and general troubleshooting.
  • Explore, design, and develop APIs, data storage solutions, and other technical assignments.
  • Offer valuable feedback on the enterprise’s comprehensive engineering strategy, and assist in identifying new growth opportunities.
  • Deploy and enhance an automated functional test suite to enhance test coverage.
  • Design and manage continuous testing pipelines.
  • Ensure timely completion of test deliverables.


  • Bachelor’s/Master’s degree in Engineering, Computer Science (or equivalent experience)
  • Minimum 5 years of software engineering experience (exceptions possible for exceptionally skilled developers).
  • Proficiency in backend technologies, including Node.js, Python, PHP, Java, Ruby, and others.
  • Comprehension of server-side CSS preprocessors (such as LESS and SASS), SQL, and SQL server
  • Experience in developing high-quality, testable code and constructing scalable systems.
  • Thorough understanding of cloud deployment environments (such as AWS, GCP, Azure, etc.)
  • Sound understanding of computer science concepts, including software system architecture, algorithms, and data structures.
  • Proficiency in English is essential for effective communication.
  • Work full-time (40 hours per week) with a minimum of 4-hour overlap with US time zones.

Desirable skills

  • Familiarity with front-end technology such as JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS3
  • Understanding of Git, SVN, or any other VCS
  • Proficiency in NodeJS, ES6, and TypeScript
  • Prior experience in automated testing of distributed system implementations is a prerequisite.
  • Hands-on exposure to CI/CD pipelines
  • Familiarity with prevalent communication protocols, such as HTTP, SSL/TLS, TCP sockets, and WebSockets.
  • Exceptional organizational and communication skills
  • Superior technical, analytical, and problem-solving skills


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