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As mobile technology gains more and more popularity, the demand for mobile app development skills is on a quick rise. With the growing preference of consumers towards Apple’s iPhone, iPad, and iPod, it is crucial to choose the most preferred mobile technology to stay ahead of the competition in the market. Consequently, it’s not astonishing that iOS engineering positions are becoming more appealing for those exploring opportunities in the tech industry.

The job opportunities in iOS development are growing at an outstanding pace, with plenty of options available for experienced and novice professionals as well. Based on a recent survey carried out by Vision Mobile, iOS is currently the topmost technology to invest in, giving developers an incredibly promising prospect. Additionally, with increasing accessibility to the Internet, there is a growing demand for experienced iOS engineers, providing lucrative salaries and growth prospects for those looking to pursue a career in iOS development.

What are the responsibilities of a Senior iOS Engineer?

In recent times, there has been a surge in the requirement for iOS engineers to build applications for Apple’s 1 billion iPhones activated across the globe. This demand is further substantiated by the App Store’s impressive number of 1.96 million apps and the expected $935 billion in mobile app sales by 2023. According to surveys, the usual smartphone user installs 10 apps every day and 30 apps each month. CIO magazine has ranked app developers as one of the top ten most demanded IT jobs. Further, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics has projected a 22% increase in app developer jobs between 2019 and 2029.

In the role of a Senior iOS Developer, it is crucial to have the ability to work with complex websites and advanced technologies. Rather than hiring a large number of highly specialised individuals, several companies are now recruiting Senior iOS Developers who can handle various roles and responsibilities. This helps in not only saving money but also allowing one person to possess a thorough comprehension of a project, thereby avoiding any possible miscommunications or informational gaps.

What responsibilities does a Senior iOS Engineer hold?

As a Senior iOS Engineer, having a thorough understanding of Apple’s iOS operating system and its interactions with various Apple devices like the iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Apple TV is crucial. It is the responsibility of a Senior iOS Engineer to design, test, and improve applications for these mobile devices to satisfy the objectives and expectations of the organization or the customer. Additionally, it is the Senior iOS Engineer’s responsibility to tailor the applications according to the specific requirements of the employer or the client.

Outlined below are some of the roles and duties of a Senior iOS Engineer:

  • Lead efforts in technical, product strategy, operations, architecture, and execution.
  • Collaborate with the Engineering Department and teams to implement product and marketing strategy.
  • Create unique products and services that are desired by others.
  • Contribute to the entire development cycle, including technical design, development, testing, and product launch.
  • Analyze code and design documentation, and implement feedback from product requirements and mock-ups.
  • Support and mentor a team of talented and driven engineers as they progress in their professional journeys.
  • Establish standards to improve development processes and promote best practices.
  • Being a good learner is crucial for enhancing your technical and non-technical skills.
  • Responsible for designing and developing inventive technological and business solutions.
  • Working with business stakeholders is necessary to deliver features within the allotted time frame and budget.
  • Promote the implementation of new technologies while enhancing and evolving our existing codebase.
  • Collaboration with team members is essential for building our best practices and processes.
  • Engage in code reviews, conduct automated tests, and contribute to the advancement of our technological strategy.

What is the pathway to becoming a Senior iOS Engineer?

Becoming a Senior iOS Developer is contingent upon demonstrating a comprehensive understanding of a variety of hard skills such as ideation, market research, design fundamentals, and most significantly, coding. Additionally, the ideal Senior iOS Developer should have expertise in user testing, compliance, and App Store submission. While these skills may seem simple, they require focused study to master. In addition to technical skills, a well-rounded set of soft skills is also crucial for a Senior iOS Developer to be competitive in the job market. Gaining these soft skills may take some time, but they can greatly benefit individuals in various industries. Here are six strategies to help secure a position as a Senior iOS Developer:

  • Acquire a firm grasp of the basics of iOS programming.
  • Join an iOS developer training program.
  • Master the fundamental programming languages.
  • Develop your own project to hone your iOS programming skills.
  • Refine your soft skills.
  • Build an iOS developer portfolio to showcase at your workplace.

Requirements for a Senior iOS Engineer

The initial phase involves mastering the fundamental skills necessary to secure a well-compensated remote position as a Senior iOS Developer.

  1. Swift

    Swift, Apple’s programming language is an indispensable tool for individuals seeking to develop applications for iOS. As the preferred language for all future iOS development, aspiring developers must grasp the basics of Swift. While mastery of every aspect of the language is not requisite for working as a junior iOS developer, developers should acquaint themselves with Swift’s essential syntax, optionals, flow control statements like if and switch statements, inheritance and class initialization, error handling, and interoperability with Objective-C. These are the fundamentals of the language that establish a robust foundation for beginners.
  2. Spatial Reasoning

    To create successful applications for mobile devices, developers must comprehend the diverse kinds of inputs and controls available for different platforms and understand the spatial connections between objects in three-dimensional spaces. To accomplish this, they must be well-versed with the devices on which the software is created and capable of envisioning how users will engage with the application. While some individuals may possess a natural inclination for this, it is a skill that can be gained through practice and experience.
  3. Design Principles

    Apple’s iOS apps are revered for their user-friendliness, which is accomplished by adhering to Apple’s design guidelines. To create apps that are easy to use, understanding of the design patterns is indispensable. With our iOS Developer Nanodegree program, you will acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to develop iOS applications, including expertise in Swift programming language, the UIKit front-end framework for crafting advanced and rapid web interfaces, Apple’s Grand Central Dispatch and network requirements (GCD), basics of persistence, iOS File System, and sandbox.
  4. Collaboration

    It is nearly impossible to envision an app on your phone that does not rely on the internet in some form. This illustrates the significant role that networking plays in app development. To be able to receive and transmit data from the network, it is crucial to understand and employ the JSON format, which means JavaScript Object Notation. Although this format may seem complicated at first, it is actually a simple and widely-used format.
  5. Essential Knowledge

    One of our Subject Matter Experts recently articulated that learning Core Data is comparable to working out: the initial days may be arduous, but after two weeks, it becomes difficult to imagine life without it. Essentially based on Core Data, Apple’s persistent foundation is critical to the effective storage and retrieval of data on Apple devices. Without Core Data, it would be similar to the early days of video games, wherein the user had to complete the entire game in one sitting, without the option of saving their progress. Therefore, Core Data serves as the bedrock of data storage on Apple devices.
  6. Grand Central Dispatch

    Grand Central Dispatch (GCD), commonly known as Grand Central Terminal, offers an efficient method of introducing concurrency to programs, enabling multiple processes to run concurrently with ease. Why is this significant? Our apps frequently require performing multiple tasks simultaneously, such as obtaining data from the internet, displaying information on the screen, processing user touch inputs, and many more. If all of these processes were to run together, it would overload the user’s device, causing it to slow down or even crash.

How to Secure a Remote Senior iOS Engineer Position?

Developers and athletes share numerous similarities, with each field necessitating rigorous practice and consistent effort to achieve success. This growth process requires two crucial elements: the guidance of experienced professionals to aid in refining their training techniques, and the adoption of more efficient training methods. By collaborating with an adept mentor and applying better practice methods, both developers and athletes can increase their proficiency and achieve their goals.

At Works, we take pride in presenting the foremost remote Senior iOS engineer positions to our clients, enabling them to realise their professional ambitions. These roles provide them with the opportunity to work with cutting-edge technology and tackle intricate technical and business challenges, empowering them to advance their career rapidly. Additionally, by joining our network of the world’s finest developers, our clients can procure full-time, long-term remote Senior iOS engineer jobs that offer better remuneration and room for growth.

Description of Job

Job Responsibilities

  • Develop intricate mobile applications for Apple’s iOS operating system.
  • Cooperate with diversified teams to develop, design, and implement innovative features for iOS applications.
  • Guarantee the code’s durability, usefulness, and reliability.
  • Test, diagnose, and rectify code to elevate and streamline app performance and efficiency.
  • Identify, evaluate, and implement pioneering technologies to enhance development efficiency.
  • Ensure timely project delivery in a high-speed, deadline-driven, and iterative programming setting.
  • Publish and distribute apps on the App Store


  • Hold a bachelor’s/master’s degree in engineering, computer science, or information technology (or possess comparable experience)
  • Have a minimum of 5 years of background in iOS app development (with infrequent exemptions for exceptionally skilled developers)
  • Proficiency in Objective-C, Swift, and Cocoa Touch is mandatory.
  • Acquaintance with Apple’s Xcode Integrated Development Environment (IDE) is necessary.
  • Proficiency in interface builder, core animation, and Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) principles is mandatory.
  • Proficiency in C and C-based libraries
  • An extensive understanding of the iOS app development realm, frameworks, advancements, and upcoming technologies is mandatory.
  • Familiarity with Apple’s design principles and application interface guidelines
  • Thorough expertise in third-party libraries and Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)
  • Proficiency in English is necessary for effective communication.
  • Work full-time (40 hours per week) with at least a 4-hour overlap during US time zones

Desirable proficiencies

  • Hands-on experience in HTML, CSS, MySQL, and JavaScript.
  • Proficiency in JSON, Git, VIPER, MVVM, MVC, and spatial cognition
  • Thorough understanding of Agile/Scrum methodology
  • Experience in building and leading technical teams
  • Exceptional technical, analytical, and problem-solving skills
  • Outstanding interpersonal and organizational skills


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What makes Works Senior iOS Engineers different?
At Works, we maintain a high success rate of more than 98% by thoroughly vetting through the applicants who apply to be our Senior iOS Engineer. To ensure that we connect you with professional Senior iOS Engineers of the highest expertise, we only pick the top 1% of applicants to apply to be part of our talent pool. You'll get to work with top Senior iOS Engineers to understand your business goals, technical requirements and team dynamics.