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Microsoft endorses SharePoint as a reliable business platform that enables collaborative efforts on both the organizational and the web levels. This web-based platform, first rolled out in 2001, is compatible with Microsoft Office and is geared towards streamlining collaboration. With varying degrees of adoption across various industries, SharePoint is a highly versatile tool. In fact, it currently has about 190 million users from at least 20,000 distinct companies.

For organisations that aim to increase productivity and adapt to changing needs, SharePoint from Microsoft offers an ideal platform. By acquiring a license, businesses can tap into a plethora of applications and features, making for a swift implementation. This content management system was developed by Microsoft and can be easily tailored to suit individual user requirements. To fully leverage the platform’s benefits, however, it is important to be acquainted with SharePoint’s business applications.

Get Up to Speed with SharePoint 2013!

For organisations seeking to enhance their operational efficiency, SharePoint 2013 presents an ideal option. Its user-friendly interface allows secure storage, sharing, and personalisation of documents, files, and other data. With various versions available, each offering its own set of features and capabilities, it is essential to have an understanding of each version’s unique aspects. Check out the overview below for more information:

SharePoint-Based Hosted Content Management System (CMS)

If organisations desire greater autonomy over the operation and aesthetics of SharePoint, they can make use of available servers. After obtaining the product and updates, clients can integrate it into their current IT infrastructure, thus gaining access to a wealth of features and the opportunity to personalise their experience.

SharePoint Server for Enterprises

With the SharePoint Enterprise license, organisations can utilise a feature that enhances search results through thumbnail previews. However, additional licenses need to be purchased and monthly service charges apply in order to access this feature.

SharePoint Online

Microsoft SharePoint comes as a component of all Microsoft 365 subscriptions and can also be purchased separately. The primary benefit of utilising SharePoint Online is that there is no requirement for server maintenance. However, a self-hosted installation of SharePoint allows for greater flexibility in terms of customising modifications.

SharePoint Standard Version 1.0

SharePoint Standard comprises of various vital components, such as websites, online communities, content, search capabilities, and composite applications. This all-encompassing solution is now accessible through a cloud licensing model, giving businesses access to the complete array of SharePoint Standard features.

Key Features of SharePoint 2013

From a business viewpoint, there are numerous compelling reasons to start utilising SharePoint immediately. To aid your comprehension of SharePoint 2013’s abilities, we have compiled an extensive list of its features.

Content Management

This feature enables users to deposit, retrieve, and manage documents, as well as publish statements, with the assistance of SharePoint, which provides proficient management of the content.

Social Computing on the Cloud

SharePoint offers a robust platform for team collaboration. Through Community Portals, users can utilise Wikis, Blogs, Forums, and Conference Rooms to promote online collaboration and organise events.

Business Intelligence

SharePoint simplifies the task of monitoring and improving organisational performance by utilising Business Intelligence tools, incorporating components such as Excel Services, Visio Services, Dashboards, and other features.

Identity Management Methods

SharePoint provides notable improvements to authentication capabilities, granting users the ability to utilise claim-based, server-to-server, and app-based authentication. This set of authentication features is among the most beneficial components of SharePoint, since it promotes a higher level of security and protection for users.

Simple & Swift

SharePoint offers users a streamlined and uncomplicated process for creating new sites, libraries, and lists, assisting them in saving a significant amount of time and energy. Furthermore, users can make the most of this platform by utilising their existing knowledge of Microsoft Office. Moreover, users can automate repetitive processes to make their workflows highly efficient.

Duties and Responsibilities of a SharePoint Developer

To embark on a career path in SharePoint, one must be ready to shoulder all the responsibilities related to the position and meet deadlines as required. Upon being employed as a full-time employee, successful candidates will receive an attractive compensation package. The responsibilities of a SharePoint Developer consist of, but are not limited to, the following:

  • As part of their job, they must present multiple deployment packages to the executives for approval.
  • The SharePoint Developer must possess a comprehensive grasp of SharePoint’s pre-built features and.NET development, which is crucial.
  • SharePoint developers also conduct unit tests and memory tests. Learn more about JUnit developers.
  • SharePoint developers are also responsible for addressing issues faced by other team members, and they must do so expeditiously.
  • Developers working with SharePoint are responsible for closely monitoring the platform to ensure its seamless operation.

Essential Skills

Works can aid in the sourcing and connection with highly qualified and seasoned SharePoint Developers from anywhere in the world. Our team can assist you in locating the ideal candidate, whether you require the services of a freelancer, an employee, or a contractor.

The Gig Economy: The Emergence of Freelance and Contract Labour

Microsoft is dedicated to collaborating with numerous businesses to offer an integrated solution for companies to work efficiently with independent contractors. As a result, the demand for SharePoint Developers to work on a contract basis has increased. Freelancers enjoy the flexibility to work with various clients and gain valuable experience in their field of expertise. The availability of opportunities for freelancers is influenced by their level of proficiency and experience in the sector.

Certification for SharePoint Developers

The COVID-19 pandemic has spurred many talented young professionals to pursue employment in the industry. For recent graduates, obtaining certification as a SharePoint Developer could be a game-changer. Despite numerous job opportunities, finding the ideal role that aligns with their area of study can be challenging. Therefore, taking a SharePoint certification course and passing the corresponding exam is a vital requirement for entry-level SharePoint developer positions. Once employed in the field, there are various career growth opportunities due to SharePoint’s increasingly significant role in hybrid solutions. Thus, pursuing a career in SharePoint is an excellent choice for young and ambitious individuals. Companies seek individuals who have taken a SharePoint certification course to ensure they possess the necessary skills and knowledge to be proficient with SharePoint.

Expertise in the Domain

At Works, we are industry leaders in providing businesses across various domains and sizes with top remote technology engineers. Our comprehensive human resources services encompass selection, invoicing, compliance, and taxes for both international contractors and full-time staff. Our aim is to assist you in hiring the most competent remote developers for your team, empowering them to handle your organisation’s most critical technological tasks and projects.


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