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Stripe is a payment processing service that enables businesses to securely accept and process payments via credit and debit cards, mobile wallets, and other payment methods. Additionally, it supports payments made in a wide range of currencies. Stripe Payments is a platform that facilitates numerous types of transactions, while Stripe Terminal is a point-of-sale system designed for in-person payments. The Stripe platform also provides ancillary services such as billing, invoicing, and sales tax automation. Due to its open application programming interface (API) and its ability to accommodate over 135 currencies, Stripe is a favourite of many top companies, including Amazon and Shopify. Any merchant that accepts credit and debit cards and/or mobile wallet payments can use Stripe. This payment processor is especially well-suited for businesses that do most of their business online.

What are the possibilities for Stripe development?

In 2022, Stripe plans to expand its Global Payments and Treasury Network, providing additional tools and services to help ambitious companies grow their revenue. This expansion will make Stripe available to millions of companies in Brazil, India, Indonesia, Thailand, and the United Arab Emirates. Stripe’s product innovation has led to an impressive increase in product use and value, while the Covid-19 pandemic has further accelerated Stripe’s growth rate through the surge in e-commerce sales. Stripe’s product portfolio now spans the entire payment stack, which is expected to result in an increase in Stripe developer positions in the upcoming years.

What are the duties and obligations of a Stripe developer?

Professionally: A Stripe Developer job requires a comprehensive understanding of multiple programming languages and platforms to create payment processes and communicate with the Stripe API interface. Stripe software professionals need to possess advanced skills in Ruby on Rails, Java and Python. Businesses looking to incorporate the Stripe payment gateway into their online payments should seek out highly qualified professionals for their Stripe Developer job roles. The more complex the assignments, the more expertise required for a Stripe Developer job. For junior full-stack Stripe Developers, primary responsibilities include bug patching and machine learning code maintenance. Senior-level full-stack Stripe Developers are expected to aid in the development of new payment solutions, such as software and database architecture design, as well as project development, testing and deployment across various platforms, including Android, JavaScript, AWS and iOS. The project scope will determine the necessary experience level for the role. This overview outlines the tasks and responsibilities expected of Stripe Developers in both small and large enterprises.

  • Android SDKs may be designed, created, and maintained in Kotlin.
  • To create new features and products, collaborate with Stripe’s mobile SDK engineers, product managers, designers, and other stakeholders.
  • Collaborate with Android developers who specialise in developing Stripe mobile applications and Stripe Terminal to create and implement industry-leading best practices for Android development across our entire organisation.
  • From start to end, create outstanding API and developer experiences.
  • Architect and build the tools for Stripe’s public API.
  • Ensure that our APIs are secure, reliable, and quick.
  • Resolve product problems and deliver pleasurable API and developer experiences to our consumers.
  • Collaborate with a team of technically skilled engineers that value developer expertise.
  • Solve problems for coworkers Stripe engineers by thoroughly understanding their needs and developing both short- and long-term solutions.
  • Use both qualitative and quantitative metrics to identify priorities and evaluate effectiveness.
  • Provide Stripe engineers with tools, techniques, and code reworking that are practical, useful, and trustworthy.
  • Collaborate with Stripe’s stakeholders to balance and accomplish competing goals.

How does one go about becoming a Stripe developer?

Stripe’s infrastructure enables businesses around the globe to make transactions. We provide a plethora of services such as processing payments, running markets, combating fraud, allowing entrepreneurs to start an online business from anywhere in the world and offering world-class developer-friendly APIs. If you are an Infrastructure Engineer here at Stripe, you will get the opportunity to design the systems that power our products. We are looking for candidates with a good knowledge in language processing and a keen interest in building language-specific developer tools. The ideal candidate should have a comprehensive understanding of language processing technology, a passion to address developer experience issues and the capability to deliver results on an iterative basis. Applicants who wish to become part of our team should be aware that obtaining a remote job at Stripe requires meeting certain criteria.

  • Are devoted to the development experience.
  • Are results-driven and pragmatic.
  • Thrive in a diverse and collaborative work environment with a diverse set of stakeholders and subject matter experts.
  • I like and have experience in developing language processing tools, especially those that employ or depend on static type systems.
  • Being fluent in at least one of the following programming languages (Ruby, JavaScript, Scala, Go, Java, Python) is essential for successful collaboration with peers. Additionally, having the willingness to engage with others and work together is also a must.
  • A passion for API design and providing outstanding developer experiences
  • In order to create effective solutions that address our customers’ needs, it is essential for us to be able to work together with design teams, product managers, and other Stripe product groups. Through collaboration, we can develop innovative solutions that have a significant impact on our consumer base.
  • Thrives in a collaborative environment with several roles, stakeholders, and subject matter experts.
  • You will have expertise exporting high-quality commodities from start to end.
  • a desire to engage directly with developers that depend on your frameworks to provide value to consumers
  • Particularly concerned with performance, accessibility, reliability, and security.

Qualifications for becoming a Stripe developer

In order to position yourself for success and secure a lucrative Stripe job, it is important to first develop a strong foundation of the fundamental skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in this field. To ensure you are well-prepared, it is essential to be aware of the key abilities that employers look for during the hiring process. Taking the time to equip yourself with these skills and qualifications will provide you with the best opportunity to land a high-paying job in Stripe.

  1. API development

    API design is the procedure of creating Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) that provide access to data and application functionality for developers and users. APIs are an integral part of modern businesses, as they can augment operations, products, and partnership strategies. Companies are no longer debating whether or not to pursue API programs; instead, they are exploring the best methods for doing so.
  2. JavaScript

    JavaScript is a text-based programming language that is commonly used to create interactive webpages on both the client and server side. HTML and CSS provide structure and visual appeal to websites, while JavaScript adds elements that help keep users engaged. Stripe.js is a JavaScript library used to develop payment processes, and its main integration option, Stripe Elements, allows you to securely collect payment information through a customizable user interface. Additionally, Stripe.js works alongside Apple Pay, Google Pay, and the Payment Request API to create a seamless user experience.
  3. Ruby

    Ruby is an incredibly versatile programming language, which can be used to create a wide array of applications and solutions. From desktop applications to static webpages, Ruby can be used to develop a range of software solutions. Furthermore, Ruby is a great language for developing data processing services, automation solutions, web servers, DevOps, and web scraping and crawling applications.
  4. Communication abilities

    As a Stripe Developer, excellent communication and collaboration skills are essential. The ability to work remotely, and engage with engineers, business analysts and other stakeholders is a must. Stripe developer roles may also involve developing open questions for use in agile refinement sessions, to ensure all stakeholders have a comprehensive understanding of the requirements.

How can I get a job as a remote Stripe developer?

In order to have a successful job search, it is essential to have a well-thought-out plan and to gain as much practical experience as possible. Before beginning your search, take time to assess what you are looking for and how you can use that information to narrow down your choices. Demonstrating to employers that you are job-ready requires hands-on experience and the application of your skills. As such, it is important to continue to learn and advance your understanding. Showcasing your involvement in open source, volunteer, and freelance projects will provide you with a range of topics to discuss during an interview. Works offers some of the highest quality remote Stripe developer jobs on the market, tailored to your Scala developer career goals. Working with cutting-edge technology and tackling complex technical and commercial challenges can help you to progress quickly. Joining a network of the world’s best developers will give you the opportunity to secure a full-time, long-term remote Stripe developer job with higher pay and further professional development.

Job Description

Job responsibilities

  • Create custom modules to integrate the Stripe payment processing system.
  • Integrate the Stripe API into your current eCommerce platform.
  • Using Stripe’s strong connections, you can create robust software solutions and assure smooth interaction.
  • To get data, create custom dashboards using the Stripe API.
  • Create automated workflow systems with user-friendly interfaces.
  • Work with other back-end developers and API engineers to create solutions that match business requirements.


  • Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Engineering, Computer Science, or Mathematics is required (or equivalent experience)
  • 3+ years of experience dealing with the Stripe API is required (rare exceptions for highly skilled developers)
  • Knowledge of one or more programming languages supported by the Stripe API, such as Python, PHP, Ruby, Node.js, Java, Golang, and others.
  • Understanding of optimal programming methods for managing financial information and payment processing systems
  • Comprehensive knowledge of data protection and security methods
  • To communicate successfully, you must be fluent in English.
  • Work full-time (40 hours per week) with a 4-hour overlap with US time zones

Preferred skills

  • Experience connecting the Stripe API with ecommerce systems like Magento, WooCommerce, and others.
  • Working knowledge of large-scale initiatives
  • Excellent team player with a strong interest in learning new technology.


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