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Hire Swift/React Native Developers

Cellphone use has increased dramatically over the last decade all around the globe. We now carry the virtual world in our pockets, just as Steve Jobs predicted. From shopping to investing, we can do it everything on our phones. As a consequence, the number of development frameworks for mobile and even PC programs is increasing.

The popularity of iOS apps has spread around the globe. Swift is well-known, simple to learn, and compatible with practically all Objective-C features. As a result, it’s an excellent choice for programmers.

Facebook launched the React Native framework in 2015. It has fundamentally changed the mobile app industry. React Native is an open-source JavaScript framework for creating mobile app user interfaces (UIs). It enables developers to construct mobile applications that are compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

Concerns regarding React Native’s long-term sustainability as a framework have been raised by the growth of Flutter and the collapse of earlier JavaScript frameworks, but its success in recent years shows that React Native is here to stay. Let us now examine the breadth of remote Swift/React Native developer employment.

What does the Swift/React Native Framework cover?

Swift is the language to learn if you want to achieve enterprise-level success in 2022. Almost all programmers have an unquenchable urge to learn new languages. Knowing which languages are gaining popularity and will help you advance in your job can help you prioritize which languages to learn first.

Swift has established itself as the primary programming language in iOS app development due to its excellent compatibility with the Objective-C codebase. Swift is also gaining traction in other sectors as a compiled and sophisticated programming language.

Because it is sponsored by the tech giant Facebook and has a significant developer community, React Native offers benefits that make life easier for developers, entrepreneurs, and end users.

One of the most significant features of React Native is code reusability. It is one of the most cost-effective and time-saving alternatives. 90% of the framework’s code is the same for both operating systems. Cross-platform use is necessary for the effective creation of a mobile product. A developer who just knows JavaScript can create applications for iOS and Android without knowing Swift or Android Java. Isn’t it intriguing enough to make you want to work as a remote Swift/React Native developer?

What are the duties and obligations of a Swift/React Native developer?

As a Swift/React Native developer, you’ll be in charge of creating applications for Apple’s iOS and Android devices, as well as releasing them on the App Store and Google Play, respectively. You will define, develop, and implement application features as part of a team. You’ll also uncover and solve problems caused by flaws and faults in the code.

The following are the primary tasks after getting remote Swift/React Native developer jobs:

  • Develop high-performance applications for Apple’s iOS platform.
  • Ascertain that the app is of excellent quality, that it operates properly, and that it is reliable.
  • To find, construct, and develop new features, work with the internal development and design teams.
  • Recognize bottlenecks and address scalability difficulties.
  • Optimization of several characteristics for web platforms and browsers
  • To design high-quality apps, prototypes and wireframes are employed.
  • Converting existing React web apps to React Native
  • Strong grasp of the JavaScript programming language and its complexities

How can I get started as a Swift/React Native developer?

A job as a Swift/React Native developer is becoming more popular among IT professionals. It’s not as tough as it seems to find remote Swift/React Native developer gigs. The most apparent and well-known path to become a Swift/React Native developer is to enroll in college-level computer science programs or get a degree/diploma in computer science. However, it is worth noting that a computer science degree is not essential to work as a Swift/React Native developer. All you need is a basic understanding of iOS and React programming.

You may learn how to build commercial Swift/React Native solutions via tutorials and boot camps. Jobs as a Swift/React Native developer also need knowledge of similar programming languages such as Java, JavaScript, and Objective-C. Work on projects that need the use of frameworks and libraries, particularly React and JavaScript.

Aside from technical abilities, strong communication and collaboration skills will enable you to become an important team member in the creation of the most successful products.

Qualifications for becoming a Swift/React Native developer

Learning the necessary skills is the first step in securing remote Swift/React Native developer jobs. Let us now take a closer look at them.

  1. Swift

    Swift is an Apple programming language that may be used to develop programs for iOS, Mac, Apple TV, and Apple Watch. This is a necessary skill if you wish to work as a remote Swift/React Native developer. Swift is a simple, open-source programming language that enables anybody with an idea to develop something original. It will take you one to two months to get a basic grasp of Swift if you study for an hour each day. Swift’s principles may be learned in less time whether you study part-time or full-time. Swift is similar to Ruby, Python, and Objective-C. Swift may be of interest if you’ve previously coded in Ruby or Python.
  2. SwiftUI

    SwiftUI is an Apple framework that enables you to design Swift applications for iOS, macOS, tvOS, and even watchOS. SwiftUI is a suite of app development tools that covers how to display images, text, buttons, text boxes, data tables, and more. SwiftUI is not a substitute for Swift; it is a framework built on top of Swift that enables us to create applications. Swift and SwiftUI are both required for success.
  3. JavaScript

    A talented Swift/React Native developer is familiar with JavaScript concepts. JavaScript is the foundation of React and React Native. As a consequence, candidates seeking remote Swift/React Native developer positions should be familiar with ES6 and React. Most firms will test your knowledge of ES6 and React by asking you technical questions. Candidates that have worked with React Native are preferred by recruiters. So, if you’ve built a React Native app, have them on hand.
  4. Version management

    Another essential skill is version control, which may be accomplished with a tool such as Git. You don’t need much here, but you should be able to publicly post your code, such as on GitHub, so recruiters may view it. It’s okay if you don’t completely understand how Git works; all you need to know are the foundations in order to properly save your data and collaborate with others.
  5. Performance Enhancement

    You’ll need to assess the code’s performance when you’ve finished developing it. Even if the code is simple and straightforward, you should check to see whether the application is appropriately optimized. Understanding the user’s point of view and convenience is critical for optimization. It’s more about looking at the big picture and analyzing the minute nuances. Optimization is all about finding practical and appropriate solutions to ensure that the software operates well. As a consequence, learning how to optimize your code is vital to a successful product launch if you’re a fledgling Swift/React Native developer.

Where can I find remote Swift/React Native developer jobs?

A developer must have both technical and soft skills to succeed in their industry. Because of the internet, you have access to a multitude of free resources and platforms that deliver information. Concurrently, the degree of competition in the sector is increasing. However, the overall rule is to stay on track and be your best self. Opportunities will present themselves if you trust in your abilities and seek to improve your weaknesses.

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Job Description

Responsibilities at work

  • Design and create contemporary iOS apps. 
  • Write high-quality, scalable code for complicated applications.
  • Discover, assess, and apply innovative technologies to optimize development efficiency.
  • Create and implement automated tests to improve code and performance.
  • Keep current with Apple’s design principles and interface standards.
  • Create an intuitive application and UI components using wireframes and prototypes.
  • When necessary, work with native modules and native APIs.


  • Engineering or computer science bachelor’s/degree master’s (or equivalent experience)
  • At least three years of experience developing iOS apps is required (rare exceptions for highly skilled developers)
  • Swift 3.0 programming and functionality expertise (syntax, inheritance, classes, Objective-C interoperability, etc.)
  • Understanding of REST APIs and MVC architecture
  • Working knowledge of the React Native framework and related libraries
  • Excellent grasp of the Apple Xcode IDE, Cocoa, and Cocoa Touch frameworks, among other things.
  • To communicate successfully, you must be fluent in English.
  • Work full-time (40 hours per week) with a 4-hour overlap with US time zones

Preferred skills

  • Extensive experience developing intriguing UI/UX design features
  • Working understanding of JSON and Core Data is required.
  • Experience with front-end technologies such as JavaScript, Redux, React, CSS, HTML, and others.
  • Understanding of version control tools such as Git, SVN, and others.
  • Knowledge of third-party API integration
  • Detail-oriented with spatial thinking abilities
  • Excellent organizational and interpersonal abilities