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Team Foundation Server Developers for Hire

Hire Microsoft’s state-of-the-art solution, Team Foundation Server (TFS), to efficiently manage your projects with ease. It is also known as Azure DevOps Server. TFS is an invaluable resource in managing applications, version control, and bug fixes, with Microsoft’s unwavering support.

The optimal performance of TFS is obtained when in operation on Microsoft Windows platforms. It uses Git to manage source code, and has a powerful back-end management system, providing comprehensive software management life cycle.

At the various stages of software development, TFS is a widely used tool. It offers excellent features such as testing, automation, processing, reporting, and requirements collection. TFS enables teams to track their progress, collaborate, and streamline the development process. In addition, its user-friendly interface provides an easy way to manage projects and view related data. By using TFS, your team will effectively manage their projects, completing tasks on schedule with high-quality output.

  • When set up in server-based configuration, Team Foundation Server is referred to as a hosted service.
  • Ongoing tweaking and fixing are necessary.
  • Developing certain features with it can pose challenges.

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Quantitative Analysis: Market for Team Foundation Server Developers

By categorizing users of Team Foundation Server based on their job descriptions, we observe that:

  • Out of those users, 22% are engineers or developers.
  • Fourteen percent of users are product managers.
  • Project managers account for 7% of the users.
  • 57% of the users do not belong to any specific demographic profile and are not American.

Typically ranging from five to twenty members, team sizes that are smaller in number have the advantage of focusing more on individual tasks and deliverables. By grouping workers according to their skill sets, companies can delegate tasks more efficiently, thereby boosting productivity.

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Required Competencies of Team Foundation Server Developers

Technical Skills

Prerequisites are not mandatory for hiring Team Foundation Server (TFS) developers. However, candidates with specific hard skills may have an advantage in the recruitment process. These skills include, but are not limited to, designing, building, debugging, and deploying applications; object-oriented programming proficiency; knowledge of web technologies; meticulous comprehension of software development life cycles; experience in using database systems; and an understanding of security best practices.

  • An undergraduate degree in a technical field such as computer science or information technology (IT)
  • Qualifications that are equivalent to a Master’s degree in Information Technology or a related field of Computer Science
  • Thorough understanding of server hardware and network architecture
  • Skills in problem-solving, debugging, and analysis while working under pressure
  • Capability to work with various programming languages
  • Acquiring Knowledge of SQL Server
  • Proficiency in source control or version management
  • Ability to initiate and oversee projects
  • A basic comprehension of test automation and design
  • Prudent management of revisions and digital laboratories

Interpersonal Skills

  1. Communication

    Effective communication is crucial for the smooth functioning of any organization, regardless of its size or purpose. Many larger companies require proficiency in English communication. However, fluency in English should not be the sole factor in disqualifying potential employees.
  2. Teamwork

    Collaboration towards a common goal is essential for success in any corporate setting. Applicants must demonstrate the ability to work in unison to ensure that objectives are achieved efficiently and timely, while avoiding any potential disputes.
  3. Adaptability

    Adaptability and the ability to learn new technologies are essential soft skills for any candidate. Candidates should be open to relocation, if necessary, and be committed to continuous learning, particularly in their area of expertise and programming languages.
  4. Leadership Skills

    Some candidates may possess natural leadership skills. However, they should also be able to follow authority figures and adhere to company policies.
  5. Problem-Solving Skills

    Strong problem-solving and critical thinking skills are imperative for achieving success in any role. Employers should consider candidates who have unconventional work experience and internships, besides traditional ones. It is crucial to identify applicants who can demonstrate independent and analytical thinking skills when they encounter problems. Such individuals can provide the necessary skills to help the organisation succeed.
  6. Creativity

    Creativity is a vital aspect of success in any profession, including those that are not traditionally considered to be “creative”. Developers working with Team Foundation Server need to apply both creative and analytical thinking to arrive at effective solutions for complex problems.

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Recruiting Expert Team Foundation Server Developers

Here are some benefits of hiring specialized Team Foundation Server developers.

  • Team Foundation Server is being utilized more widely with an increasing number of users, resulting in a greater number of benefits. As more people engage with the platform, the advantages associated with it continue to grow.
  • Team Foundation Server works seamlessly with various other programs. Hence, it can be advantageous for your company to consider hiring Team Foundation Server engineers.
  • Team Foundation Server provides access to browsers, clouds, and local desktops.
  • Software engineers can effectively manage and distribute projects using Team Foundation Server.

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