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Microsoft introduced Visual Basic in 2002 as an advanced object-oriented programming language aimed at replacing Visual Basic 6. The new version was incompatible with VB 6, but was designed to overcome the limitations of its predecessor and incorporate inheritance, encapsulation, and polymorphism. Visual Basic .NET is easy to use and ideal for developers of all levels of experience.

VB.NET is a programming language that is developed on the .NET framework, enabling users to easily access and utilize .NET libraries. This feature is highly beneficial for numerous online and mobile applications that utilize the .NET framework. VB.NET is also an object-oriented language that enables developers to create applications that are on par with languages like C++, Java, and C#.

What is the extent of VB.NET development?

Visual Basic .NET (VB.NET) is an adaptable and dynamic object-oriented programming language that provides an extensive range of development capabilities and remarkable features and advantages, rendering it a highly favoured choice amongst developers globally. Some of these exemplary characteristics include:

  • It is not sensitive to case.
  • Utilizing automatic code formatting to your benefit
  • Support for .NET library
  • Automated garbage collection
  • Applications can perform multiple tasks simultaneously.
  • The simplicity of creating online forms

Companies of all sizes are seeking proficient and knowledgeable VB.NET developers. With the increasing demand for developers, there is an opportunity for you to secure your dream job. However, what qualifications are necessary to become a VB.NET developer? This article intends to give an overview of the qualifications and prerequisites needed to pursue a career as a VB.NET engineer.

Roles and responsibilities of a VB.NET developer

To become a skilled VB.NET developer, one must have a strong footing in both Visual Basic and Object Oriented Programming (OOPs). Additionally, there are several other responsibilities that one must be prepared to handle on a regular basis. These may entail, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Development, maintenance, and debugging of VB.NET applications
  • Prior experience in developing SQL databases is mandatory.
  • Working in collaboration with multiple teams.
  • Stay updated with the latest trends and technologies.
  • Having familiarity with TFS version control is necessary.
  • Able to communicate and document via email, JIRA and other textual modes of communication.

What are the initial steps to start your career as a VB.NET developer?

Are you interested in pursuing a career as a VB.NET developer? Here are a few crucial things you should know before embarking on this profession.

To pursue a successful career as a VB.NET developer, obtaining an undergraduate degree in computer science is vital. This lays the groundwork for a career in VB.NET development by providing a comprehensive understanding of various programming languages. Moreover, mastering other programming languages can give individuals a competitive advantage in the job market, enabling them to achieve their career goals.

To be eligible for a remote VB.NET developer job, it is crucial to have a relevant degree and prior work experience. Strengthening your skills by completing online exams and building a portfolio of your past work can further enhance your abilities. This will be advantageous in demonstrating your competencies and providing a competitive advantage when searching for a remote VB.NET developer position.

Now, let’s consider the skills necessary to thrive as a VB.NET developer:

The essential skills required to excel as a VB.NET developer

To become a proficient VB.NET developer, certain skills are required. These include:

  1. Version Control

    Version management is crucial in developing top-notch software and is an essential prerequisite for enhancing development and testing procedures. To be a skilled developer, one must have a firm understanding of Git and familiarity with various Git hosting providers.

    The ASP.NET framework fosters code reusability and supports various programming paradigms, enabling developers to separate application code from the display layer. Additionally, the ASP.NET Core framework provides improved performance and is platform-agnostic, allowing it to operate seamlessly across Windows, Mac OS and Linux operating systems. It is a substantial upgrade from the ASP.NET 4.x framework, providing an optimised iteration of the original framework.
  3. Structure

    For developers, Microsoft provides the Entity Framework – an open-source object-relational mapping (ORM) framework that streamlines the process of accessing and modifying data in relational databases. Entity simplifies tasks like object and relationship creation, reading, updating, and deletion, allowing developers to concentrate on constructing their applications without concern for the data layer.
  4. Database

    Both front-end and back-end developers require experience with databases and Structured Query Language (SQL). Databases are not solely used for programming, but for testing and resolving technical difficulties as well. Possessing a grasp of databases and SQL is critical for successful development in both the front-end and back-end.
  5. Analytical and critical thinking skills

    During the development process, difficulties and obstacles are inevitable. To effectively tackle these dilemmas, it is essential to think critically and utilise problem-solving abilities. By doing so, a developer can identify potential solutions and overcome the challenges they encounter.

Where can I discover remote VB.NET developer opportunities?

As a VB.NET developer, it is necessary to maintain peak performance to remain a successful and sought-after programmer. This entails staying informed about the latest technology and consistently refining one’s skills. While there are various remote job opportunities available worldwide, success in such a role as a VB.NET developer requires the right experience and necessary abilities.

Collaborating with us can assist you in discovering the most fulfilling remote VB.NET developer positions to advance your career. We offer support to developers to learn, grow, and become a dynamic member of the esteemed global developer community. We provide excellent opportunities to promote your professional development.

Position Overview

Job Responsibilities

  • The .NET programming languages are utilised for generating and administering online applications.
  • Help with diagnosing, maintaining, and enhancing existing applications.
  • Collaborate with cross-functional teams to define technical interfaces, requirements, and architecture.
  • Utilise the VB.NET programming language for developing applications.
  • Enhance performance by revising, refactoring, configuring, and debugging code.
  • Determine, gather, and categorise precise, relevant, and quantitative customer requirements.
  • Manage detailed, concise, and current documentation for each phase of the software development life cycle (SDLC).


  • Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in engineering, computer science, or information technology (or equivalent experience)
  • Minimum of 3 years of experience required in VB.NET and web service development (with some exceptions for exceptionally competent developers)
  • Thorough comprehension of the .NET web framework
  • Proficient in object-oriented programming principles, Microsoft SQL Server databases, and Windows applications.
  • Proficiency in front-end technologies like HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, and ReactJS, among others.
  • Familiarity with design patterns and SOLID principles
  • Proficiency in continuous integration, automation, and unit testing
  • Efficient communication requires a strong command of the English language.
  • Work 40 hours per week on a full-time basis, with a 4-hour overlap with US time zones.

Desirable skills

  • Working knowledge of MVC architecture
  • Familiarity with agile/scrum methodologies
  • Proficiency in designing enterprise-grade web applications
  • Familiarity with DevOps tools and best practices
  • Exceptional organizational, technical, and communication skills


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