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Developed by Microsoft, Visual Studio is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that simplifies various tasks for developers such as code management, design, application and website development, online services management, and mobile app creation. At Works, our Visual Studio developers utilise Visual Basic, Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS), and multiple other developer-friendly technologies to create exceptional and user-friendly products.

With each project varying significantly in complexity and scope, a Visual Studio developer’s proficiency in this technology is highly valued by employers. Visual Studio offers support for numerous programming languages including C++, .NET, Visual Basic, C#, XML, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, TypeScript, C, and C++. This supports developers in finding appropriate solutions through a diversity of coding options. Our team of Visual Studio developers at Works are experts in utilising this range of programming languages to produce tailor-made solutions.

Recruiting a suitable individual with the required expertise to work as a Visual Studio developer can be a challenging task for recruitment teams due to the broad range of languages and tools utilised in Visual Studio. Such a candidate may have to acquire new skills and take on additional responsibilities, which could further complicate the recruitment process. As a result, identifying the perfect candidate may take a significant amount of time and resources.

At Works, we guarantee that the hiring process for a competent Visual Studio programmer is taken care of by our seasoned recruiters. Our platform offers a one-stop solution, opening access to our extensive, global database of skilled professionals to cater for the recruitment needs of clients. In the event that the current developers in your team do not meet your expectations, we can assist you in finding the ideal candidate.

Tools for Technology Development in Visual Studio Designing

Microsoft’s Visual Studio is an integrated development environment (IDE) equipped with a range of useful features and tools for programmers. With the capability of functioning with 36 distinct programming languages, Visual Studio is a sought-after solution for organisations seeking to hire skilled Visual Basic developers. It is essential to ensure that the hired candidates are proficient in the usage of these unique and extensive features while using Visual Studio.

Types of Computer Code

Microsoft Visual Studio currently offers support for 36 programming languages, ensuring that any user of this platform can be categorised as a ‘developer’. The array of languages supported include C#, ASP.NET, TypeScript, JavaScript, CSS, Python, C++, and F#. In addition to this, Visual Studio is compatible with numerous additional tools crafted for these programming languages.

To assist developers, Visual Studio offers various tools specific to the languages it supports. Utilising the ASP.NET product, Razor, enables developers to embed C# code directly into their views. Alongside this, they have access to Roslyn, an advanced .NET compiler, and EcmaScript6, an IntelliSense-like tool that supports JavaScript code completion.

Visual Studio Code: An Overview

Visual Studio Code functions as a code editor offering a broad spectrum of features to render support through elements such as debugging, task implementation, and version control, thereby saving time during the coding, building and debugging stages. This makes it a valuable tool for developers working with Visual Studio. It is advisable that prospective Visual Studio developers possess prior experience and proficiency in utilising Visual Studio Code to fully leverage the benefits of this tool.

Visual Studio Code, including its associated features, is a crucial editing and debugging tool necessary for developers to script and construct software with precision. Its versatility can be augmented by compatible extensions that enable the integration of a variety of languages, themes, and debuggers.


IntelliSense is a popular developer tool and a key highlight of Visual Studio, especially for novice programmers. It facilitates coding by providing several features such as code completion, instant information retrieval, and member list generation. These invaluable features make IntelliSense an essential tool for programmers.

Experienced developers utilising IntelliSense report that it enables them to develop and complete their code in a reduced time frame. Furthermore, the integration of additional languages through extensions provides extended capabilities to IntelliSense’s already broad scope.

Visual C++

Microsoft’s Visual Studio is built on the foundation of its core programming language, Visual Basic, which derives its popularity from its utilisation of component object architecture. Visual Basic functions as the foundation for Visual Basic .NET language and its associated tools and language services.

When hiring a Visual Studio developer, it is crucial to enquire about their proficiency in using the Integrated Development Environment’s (IDE) Class Designer, Forms Designer, and Data Designer. This ensures that the candidate possesses significant knowledge and is at ease in using the specialised tools of Visual Studio.

Proficient developers experienced in working with the Visual Studio Integrated Development Environment (IDE) can maximise the potential of the versatile libraries and tools provided to construct, modify, and upkeep an extensive range of products and services. Since the platform caters to a diverse pool of programming languages, employers have the freedom to choose from the most suitable developers with expertise and knowledge of Visual Studio.

The comprehensive features and user-friendly interface of Microsoft Visual Studio 7 have earned it high acclaim, making it the most desirable version. Data from April 2017 reports that a remarkable 87.2% of websites created using Microsoft Visual Studio were utilising Version 7, cementing its position as a preferred choice for both software engineers and businesses.

Before proceeding to hire a Visual Studio developer, it is crucial to take project requirements into account. Visual Studio is among the most powerful Integrated Development Environments for companies involved in the development of video games.

Hiring developers specialised in Visual Studio can be a challenging endeavour owing to the program’s extensive usage worldwide and widespread acclaim. Salary expectations, technical expertise, years of experience, and familiarity with the diverse applications and programs provided by the platform may vary significantly.

Markets Utilising Visual Studio Developers

Visual Studio is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) with virtually universal applicability to diverse development projects. Its extensibility allows for the use of several programming languages and platforms, making it ideal for creating adaptable applications to suit varying contexts and requirements. Third-party tools and resources can also be integrated due to its extensibility, offering developers additional options.

  • Diverse Categories of Recreational Gaming and Entertainment

Game developers often prefer utilising Visual Studio as it allows the creation of games of any genre without requiring the switch to different development tools. The program provides a comprehensive environment for game creation, which is trusted by the Unity team for all their game development needs. Visual Studio assures game studios a secure platform for creating their next blockbuster.

  • Aviation

Visual Studio serves as a centralised environment for managing websites and platforms of Alaska Airlines, British Airways, and Hawaiian Airlines. It aids in managing every component of their online presence, from customer portals and booking tools to information centres. By integrating Visual Studio, these airlines can efficiently and productively manage their systems.

  • IT: Information Technology Sector

Information Technology (IT) firms such as Hewlett Packard Enterprise possess an array of functions and processes that demand the use of diverse servers. Visual Studio serves as a comprehensive, all-in-one solution for the development of software, websites, and applications, making it a probable ideal choice for them to meet this requirement.

In the current era, digital solutions are a prerequisite across all industries, and Microsoft Visual Studio is the perfect suite of tools and capabilities for developing them. To guarantee the successful implementation of these solutions, it is crucial to engage highly experienced and knowledgeable Visual Studio developers.

At Works, we assure you that we will prioritise addressing your needs while hiring Visual Studio programmers and will customise our recruitment approach accordingly. This means that you can be assured of finding highly skilled, top-tier developers through our platform.

Requirement Specifications Required by Visual Studio Users

  • Expertise in Programming Languages such as C++, JavaScript, Python, and So On.
  • Proficiency in Effectively Utilising Microsoft’s Visual Studio as an Integrated Development Environment.
  • Skilled in Managing Competing Priorities while Using Visual Studio for Numerous Projects.
  • Develop the Requested Program, Application, or Website.
  • Proficiency in Both PHP and HTML.
  • Proficiency in Collaborating within an Agile Development Environment and Understanding the Process.
  • Develop Software Designs Driven by Requirements.
  • Maintain Sync between Software Design and Coding.
  • Proficient in Using VB.NET and Possessing Expertise in it.
  • Acquaintance with Relational Database Design Principles and Tools like Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, and So Forth.
  • Aptitude for Acquiring and Retaining Visual Studio Proficiency Required to Work on Future Projects Involving Visual Studio.
  • Acquaintance with the Features of Microsoft Visual Studio and their Integration.

Working with Visual Studio Requires Developers to Possess a Diverse Set of Hard and Soft Skills.

  • Capable of Adapting to Different Roles as Required to Successfully Complete a Microsoft Visual Studio-Based Project.
  • Demonstrates Ability to Perform Under Pressure and Meet Project Deadlines Set by Management.
  • Proficient in Comprehending Complex Project Specifications and Effectively Communicating them to Inexperienced Team Members.
  • Possesses Leadership and Management Skills Required to Supervise the Project and its Team.
  • Contributes in Drafting Essential Technical Documentation.
  • Collaborates with Colleagues and Brings Fresh Perspectives in Brainstorming Sessions.
  • Exhibits Strong Linguistic and Interpersonal Skills.


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At Works, we maintain a high success rate of more than 98% by thoroughly vetting through the applicants who apply to be our Visual Studio Developer. To ensure that we connect you with professional Visual Studio Developers of the highest expertise, we only pick the top 1% of applicants to apply to be part of our talent pool. You'll get to work with top Visual Studio Developers to understand your business goals, technical requirements and team dynamics.