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Visual Studio

Visual Studio is an integrated development environment developed by Microsoft used by developers for creating web and mobile apps for Windows phones. The IDE offers a conducive environment for writing, testing, debugging and deploying code, leading to efficient performance. Additionally, Visual Studio is equipped with cloud connection and allows the development of cross-platform applications for mobile devices.

In addition, they gain access to Azure app service which functions as a mobile backend proxy service, accelerating the development process for Windows phone applications. The developers can easily utilize the Azure app’s various components in their app development process while using Visual Studio IDE.


C# is a preferred programming language for app development and is widely used in creating Windows phone applications. Several popular applications such as Pinterest, Slack, Foxsports and the World Bank have been developed using C#. When looking to acquire services of skilled Windows phone app developers, it is crucial to select those who possess a strong grip of the C# language.

Before recruiting developers for Windows phone app development tasks, it is vital to ensure that they possess a comprehensive understanding of C#, a popular programming language that receives frequent updates. It is recommended to verify the developers’ familiarity with the latest upgrades to C#, prior to hiring them for the project.

Visual Basic .NET

To create Windows phone applications on Visual Studio, Microsoft released a specialized toolkit which incorporates Visual Basic .NET. When considering hiring Windows phone developers, be sure to evaluate their proficiency and expertise in VB.NET and its utilization in Visual Basic.

Windows Phone Application Development Kit

The Windows Phone Application Development Kit is a comprehensive development environment that provides developers with necessary tools to create applications and games for Windows-based phones. This kit includes a wide array of development features and smart functionalities to aid developers in their creation process.

Software Development Kits (SDKs) offer developers a centralized location to access various resources required for building applications.


To produce effective Windows phone applications, it is essential to incorporate the power of Silverlight. This development tool is specifically designed to create responsive and interactive user interfaces for mobile and online applications, resulting in an enhanced user experience. Silverlight is an integral part of Windows phone application development and is highly recommended for optimal performance.

Since it operates on .NET, anyone you employ for your development project is required to have a good understanding of .NET.

Through the use of the extensive Windows developer tools, it is possible to design, test and distribute Windows mobile applications. Moreover, Microsoft is continuously enhancing the development environment to simplify the process of generating top-notch applications.

The primary objective of these upgrades is to boost the performance of Internet Explorer and also enhance wireless networking and texting capabilities. To make optimal use of these advanced features, it is imperative to recruit programmers who possess a good understanding of the added improvements and can seamlessly integrate them into the present development environment.


  • Familiar with the procedures necessary to develop an application for the Windows Phone platform.
  • Proficient in the MVVM paradigm with hands-on experience utilizing it.
  • The MVVM Light Framework
  • Produces code that is efficient, easy to modify, scalable, and can be reused.
  • Proficiency in C# and VB.NET is advantageous.
  • Thorough comprehension and practical expertise of Microsoft Visual Studio.
  • enables utilization of Silverlight’s functionalities during the creation of user interfaces.
  • Experience and proficiency in web services is an added advantage.
  • Being knowledgeable with XML and JSON.
  • The capability to thoroughly comprehend the fundamentals prior to initiating development.
  • Familiarity with Scrum or Kanban methodologies is advantageous.

Interpersonal Abilities

  • Demonstrates excellent interpersonal competencies required to effectively cooperate with developers possessing diverse levels of expertise.
  • Proficient in independent work and timely delivery of outcomes.
  • Possesses a strong understanding of the project’s requirements and exemplary communication abilities to effectively communicate those specifics to fellow team members.
  • Has the capability to conceive innovative ideas and techniques for the project.
  • Seeks feedback from team members and possesses the skill to further develop on those viewpoints.
  • Demonstrates proficiency in both public speaking and listening capabilities.
  • Can quickly assimilate new information and effectively implement it into the development process.


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