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Studio Visual

Studio Visual is Microsoft’s Integrated Development Environment used by developers to build mobile and web applications for Windows phones. Within the IDE, the developers can write, test, debug, and deploy the code, ensuring effective performance. For mobile app development, Studio Visual is cloud-connected and can also help build cross-platform applications.

They also get Azure app service, which proxies as a backend service for mobile app development. The developers working with Studio Visual can incorporate the different elements of this service to speed up the development process.


Many Windows phone applications are developed using the C# programming language, which is a popular choice for app developers. Popular apps such as Slack, Pinterest, the World Bank and Foxsports have been created using C#. To ensure that you have access to the best Windows phone app developers, it is important to look for those with a solid understanding of the C# language.

It is important to ensure that any prospective developers for Windows phone development projects possess a thorough understanding of the frequent updates to C#, a widely-used programming language. Prior to hiring, verify that the developers have familiarity with the recent enhancements to C#.


Microsoft launched a dedicated toolkit to build Windows phone applications on Studio Visual with Visual Basic .NET. Similar to the previous scenario, when you hire Windows phone developers, ensure to identify their experience and knowledge of VB.NET and its usage on Visual Basic.

Application Development Kit for Windows Phone

The Application Development Kit for Windows Phone is a full-featured development environment delegated with the required resources to build applications and games for Windows-powered phones. With the coming of Application Development Kit for Windows Phone, the developers can get access to a wide range of development features and smart features.

SDKs provide developers with a consolidated location to have access to many various kinds of resources for creating apps.


The process of developing Windows phone applications is not complete without harnessing the power of Silverlight. This development tool is designed to assist in the creation of dynamic and responsive user interfaces for mobile and online applications, allowing for a more efficient user experience. Silverlight is a critical component in the development of Windows phone applications, and its use is highly recommended.

It runs on.NET, thus anybody you hire to work on your development project must be familiar with.NET as well.

By leveraging the comprehensive Windows developer tools, you have the ability to create, test, and deploy Windows mobile apps. Furthermore, Microsoft is making continual improvements to the development environment to facilitate the production of high-quality applications.

The purpose of these upgrades is to enhance the performance of Internet Explorer, as well as improve wireless networking and texting capabilities. In order to make use of these improved features, we need to hire programmers who are knowledgeable in the added improvements and can successfully integrate them into the existing development environment.


  • Knowledgeable of the steps required to create an app for the Windows Phone platform.
  • familiarity with the MVVM paradigm and practical experience using it.
  • the MVVM Light Toolkit
  • Writes code that is efficient, easy to change, scalable, and reusuable.
  • Experience with C# and VB.NET is a plus.
  • Complete understanding and experience of Microsoft Studio Visual.
  • allows you to take use of Silverlight’s features while creating user interfaces.
  • Web service knowledge and experience are a plus.
  • Having familiarity with XML and JSON.
  • The ability to fully grasp the foundations before beginning development.
  • Knowledge of Scrum or Kanban is a plus.

Soft Skills

  • Possesses the interpersonal skills necessary to collaborate well with developers of varying experience levels.
  • Competent in working independently and delivering results on time.
  • has a firm grasp of the project’s specifications and the communication skills to convey those details to others in the team.
  • Is capable of thinking of novel approaches to the project.
  • Get the point of view of others in the team and know how to expand on it.
  • Is an effective speaker and listener.
  • Has the ability to swiftly absorb new information and apply it to the development process.


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