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WordPress is an excellent choice for many individuals due to its free and open-source nature and its ease of use. Becoming an expert in WordPress development is a highly desirable skill in today’s market, providing a rewarding career opportunity.

The prevalence of remote WordPress developer roles has increased substantially as individuals and businesses become increasingly dependent on the internet. If you have a firm grasp of web development techniques and a commitment to helping enterprises reach their objectives, then you can be confident of achieving success as a WordPress developer. There is no doubt that WordPress programming offers a reliable and rewarding career path.

What does WordPress development entail?

With its powerful capabilities, WordPress is quickly becoming a go-to website design tool. Investing in a bit of WordPress training can help you maximise your potential and sharpen your web design skills. Experienced WordPress developers are in high demand and set to have a prosperous future.

Consider the following indicators of WordPress’s rising popularity.

A recent poll has revealed that WordPress, a free and open-source platform, is responsible for around 33% of all websites on the internet. This accessibility has made it a much more preferred choice for developing websites, due to its cost-effectiveness and ease of use. As people are increasingly opting to purchase items online, there is a greater demand for highly skilled WordPress developers that can create visually beautiful websites. It is also worth noting that Google is actively seeking WordPress specialists.

Over the past two decades, web technology has progressed to a point far beyond what we were able to imagine at the time. As WordPress is one of the most widely used content management systems, individuals who specialise in WordPress development are presented with an abundance of career opportunities.

What are the duties and obligations of a WordPress developer?

WordPress developers are responsible for the construction, implementation, and maintenance of websites using the free and open-source content management system (CMS) WordPress. They are in charge of overseeing plugins and security updates, in addition to the front-end and back-end development of the website. Furthermore, they provide support and guidance to ensure the website is functioning optimally.

As a WordPress Developer, it is my responsibility to design and maintain the architecture of websites, ensuring that they are both visually appealing and user-friendly. My key tasks include:

  • WordPress website design, development, and management
  • Collaborating with members of multi-functional teams
  • Managing the development of a website’s front-end and back-end.
  • WordPress theme and plugin development
  • Maintaining well-documented, reusable, and transferrable code
  • Identifying and addressing website problems as they occur
  • Maintaining current software, trends, and best practices

How can I get started as a WordPress developer?

Here are some recommendations to help you find remote WordPress development employment.

  • You must understand the foundations of HTML and CSS. These abilities are required to work as a WordPress developer.
  • Gaining an understanding of PHP programming can be incredibly beneficial for WordPress development, as it is the language used to construct it. Fortunately, there are a plethora of online resources available to help you become more proficient in the language. With a comprehensive knowledge of PHP, you will be able to take your WordPress development skills to the next level.
  • For fifteen years, WordPress has been an industry leader in website design and development, and has earned a reputation for its highly customizable themes and plugins. If you are interested in taking advantage of the versatility of WordPress, it is important to invest the time and effort to learn how the platform works. With a commitment to mastering the nuances of WordPress, you will be able to design and develop websites that are truly unique and tailor-made for your intended audience.
  • For the most up-to-date information on how to develop using the WordPress platform, see the WordPress Codex.
  • Learn how to use JavaScript. JavaScript is a popular programming language that is essential if you want to work as a WordPress developer.
  • By contributing to the WordPress Core upgrade, you can be part of the exciting experience of developing a repair or a new feature for WordPress. We strongly encourage you to take part in this opportunity.

Once you have developed your skills and abilities, it is important to ensure that they are highlighted in an impressive WordPress developer resume. This will ensure that employers are able to recognise your talents immediately.

Let’s have a look at the abilities and tactics required to be a successful WordPress developer.

Qualifications for becoming a WordPress developer

The first step in landing remote WordPress developer employment is to learn the core skills. Let’s have a look at it now.

  1. Preprocessor for HyperText (PHP)

    PHP is a widely-utilised server-side programming language for website development, with an estimated 78% of websites worldwide using it. As a result, this programming language has become the go-to choice for many web developers and digital professionals looking to create a powerful and dynamic online presence.
  2. Cascading Style Sheets and HTML

    If you are looking to pursue a career in remote WordPress development, it is essential that you possess a thorough understanding of HTML and CSS. Even if your primary focus is web programming, you should have a solid foundation of these two foundational skills.
  3. JavaScript

    JavaScript is an essential component in creating interactive themes and plugins for websites. It is one of the most widely used computer languages, also referred to as client-side programming language. As a WordPress developer, having a knowledge of JavaScript is essential. In addition, familiarising oneself with at least one or two JavaScript libraries and frameworks, such as Angular and Vue.js, is highly recommended for optimal development.
  4. Bootstrap

    Creating a successful WordPress website requires careful consideration of the code. Building each website from the ground up is a lengthy process, so it is important to have a strategy in place to ensure timely completion. One option to consider is Bootstrap, a framework that provides access to a vast library of pre-made HTML components, such as navigation bars, breadcrumbs, forms, modals, carousels, and more. With the help of Bootstrap, developers can save time and resources while still creating a website that meets their desired specifications.
  5. MySQL

    It is imperative to have a basic understanding of MySQL in order to establish yourself as a successful WordPress back-end developer. With an understanding of MySQL, you can configure databases, manage PHP and MySQL issues, and become a successful remote WordPress developer. Acquiring this knowledge is essential for anyone wanting to pursue a career in WordPress back-end development.
  6. Version management

    Version control is a system that allows you to keep track of every modification you make to your project in an organised way. You don’t need to search through the codebase to make changes; the system automatically takes care of this for you. Additionally, you can quickly and easily switch to a previous version of your project with the click of a button.
  7. Frameworks for websites

    Front-end frameworks such as Bootstrap, React, Laravel, Foundation, Semantic UI, and UIKit can be utilised to expedite the web development process, allowing developers to create websites that are both swift and do not require any coding. All of these frameworks are compatible with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP.
  8. Gutenberg block construction

    Custom blocks have become a staple request for WordPress developers, and before the introduction of Gutenberg, they were impossible to create. However, with the rise of Gutenberg, custom-made blocks can now easily be used not only on WordPress, but on other platforms as well. Furthermore, Gutenberg can even be used to create websites that are based on React.js, demonstrating its tremendous versatility and usefulness for any aspect of WordPress development.
  9. Tools for construction

    Web development is an endeavour that requires a significant amount of time and effort; even seemingly elementary tasks such as code compilation and optimisation can be arduous and time-consuming. Consequently, it is necessary to devise solutions that allow you to bypass these time-intensive processes and focus on more pressing commitments. Furthermore, there is a growing recognition among business owners of the importance of having personnel with the ability to effectively manage projects as well as technical expertise, in order to ensure that development projects are completed in a timely manner while maintaining a consistent level of quality.

Where can I get remote WordPress development jobs?

Software development is one of the most versatile professions, as it allows professionals to work from virtually any location with an Internet connection and access to a computer. For those who are fortunate enough to have an employer who permits it, the potential to work from home, the beach, or any other desired location is possible through remote WordPress developer jobs.

To gain successful remote WordPress development employment opportunities, it is essential to ensure that one’s technical skills remain up-to-date and to develop an efficient work process. This is especially important in a remote working environment, where companies may be hesitant to take the risk of hiring someone who is located at a distance or in a different time zone. Consequently, it is important to demonstrate that one has the ability to succeed despite these potential challenges.

At Work, we are proud to offer the best remote WordPress developer jobs available, allowing you to pursue your professional aspirations as a WordPress developer. With these opportunities, you can take on challenging technical and commercial tasks while utilising the latest technologies to further your career. Additionally, you can join our global network of the finest developers, and find long-term remote WordPress developer positions with increased salary and chances to advance your career.

Job Description

Responsibilities at work

  • Communicate with clients on website design and functionality.
  • Create the website’s front-end design and development.
  • Create the website architecture.
  • Back-end website design and deployment, including database and server integration
  • Create WordPress plugins and themes
  • Perform website performance testing and resolve any problems that arise.
  • Keep an eye on the live website performance.


  • Bachelor’s/Master’s degree in Computer Science, Engineering, Information Technology, or a related discipline
  • 3+ years of proven WordPress development expertise (rare exceptions for super efficient devs)
  • Knowledge of programming and front-end technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and jQuery is required.
  • Experience with front-end frameworks such as Bootstrap or Foundation
  • Knowledge of at least one programming language, such as PHP, ASP.NET, or Ruby, is required.
  • Knowledge of code versioning systems such as Git, Mercurial, and SVN
  • Excellent knowledge of website architecture, aesthetics, and SEO aspects
  • Knowledge of network diagnostics and network analytics technologies

Preferred skills

  • Object-oriented programming knowledge Understanding of web app security, session management, and best practices
  • Outstanding problem-solving and communication abilities
  • The desire to work in a fast-paced atmosphere Excellent time management and organisational abilities
  • Experience with debugging tools such as Chrome Inspector and Firebug Working knowledge of the Agile Scrum methodology


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