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The usage of mobile applications has seen a tremendous increase in recent years, with approximately 218 billion downloads worldwide in 2020. Mobile apps are not only used for gaming purposes but also for important tasks such as bank transfers, paying utility bills, and online shopping. With the staggering revenue of USD 463 billion in 2019, it’s evident that businesses are eager to tap into the massive market provided by the estimated 3.5 billion smartphone users worldwide. It’s no surprise that mobile apps are becoming more prevalent and will continue to grow in the future.

To reach out to smartphone users, mobile app developers are needed to create applications for the two major mobile platforms: Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android. These applications are then uploaded to their corresponding app stores.

Since businesses need to reach a larger audience regardless of the device or mobile platform, app development is exploring new ways to create applications compatible with multiple platforms. As a result, the development of cross-platform mobile app development platforms such as Xamarin has gained popularity. These platforms allow developers to create their applications once and ensure that they can be used on both iOS and Android devices. Depending on a business’s needs, the most suitable mobile app development strategy will then be chosen, either native or cross-platform.

Introduction to Xamarin

Xamarin is an increasingly popular open-source cross-platform mobile app development platform. This platform, based on Microsoft technology, allows developers to create modern mobile applications for iOS, Android, and Windows using .NET. Xamarin provides a native experience on each device while allowing for code sharing of up to 90% across all platforms, making it simple to create high-performance, user-friendly mobile apps.

Xamarin was founded on May 16, 2011 and quickly became a sought-after cross-platform mobile app development tool. In 2016, Microsoft acquired the company and made its Software Development Kit (SDK) open source.

Responsibilities of Xamarin Developers

Xamarin developers utilize the C# programming language to write mobile applications, which is part of the Microsoft .Net framework. C# is a well-established, highly secure, and reliable language that is well-suited for developing mobile applications. The language combines with native libraries, sharing business logic, database access, and network communication across platforms while offering a native look and feel in the user interface. This ensures that the user experience is not compromised, and the app’s performance remains unaffected.

Xamarin’s Characteristics

Xamarin comprises of two flagship products, Xamarin.Android and Xamarin.iOS, designed with platform-specific architecture. For iOS, the code is compiled directly into native ARM assembly code by Ahead-of-Time (AOT) compilation, while Android code is compiled to Intermediate Language and then transformed into native assembly code at runtime via Just-in-Time (JIT) compilation.

Xamarin developers are equipped with numerous resources to develop powerful applications. They can utilize Objective-C, Java, C, and C++ Interop, leverage the .Net Base Class Library (BCL), and work within the modern and sophisticated Integrated Development Environment (IDE) of Visual Studio. Xamarin.Forms allows developers to rapidly create prototypes and share up to 100% of the codebase across platforms. Additionally, Xamarin developers can work with Xamarin.Mac to build apps for Mac OS and even develop code that supports wearables. Xamarin.Essentials provides developers with a library of cross-platform APIs to produce numerous functionalities.

With its ease of learning and use, Xamarin has become a popular tool for mobile app development, particularly for those with a programming background and a substantial advantage in C# experience. To aid Xamarin developers in delivering the best, an extensive community with contributions from over 3700 companies and a Universal Library full of resources are available. Furthermore, developers have access to numerous free resources such as blogs, YouTube Channels and GitHub repositories that provide helpful insights, answer questions, supply solutions to common problems, and more, resulting in a smoother development process.

Mobile Applications Built with Xamarin

Xamarin apps are prevalent in all industries, ranging from healthcare to gaming, manufacturing to hospitality. With its multi-domain functionalities, Xamarin developers have limitless possibilities. A variety of customers, including The Postage, Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences, UPS, Alaska Airlines, Allscripts, HCL, Microsoft News, and the American Cancer Society, among others, are featured on our Xamarin customer showcase page. This demonstrates the success of Xamarin as a commanding mobile app development platform, even used by government, defence and intelligence, and banking organisations.

Description of Job


  • Skilled in developing and designing of cross-platform mobile applications utilizing the Xamarin platform.
  • Considerable expertise in mobile app development, design patterns, UI/UX, and submission to app stores.
  • Outstanding familiarity and expertise in C# and efficient memory management.
  • Previous work experience with native Android, iOS, and Windows mobile app development is an advantage.
  • Familiarity with or previous involvement in working with Xamarin.Forms, or a Xamarin certification, is a considerable advantage.
  • Solid comprehension of native mobile app development, including knowledge of programming languages like Swift/Objective C/JavaScript.
  • Practical experience in proposing and implementing both manual and automated testing for mobile applications.
  • A strong comprehension of programming concepts related to databases.
  • Familiarity with integration involving REST APIs and web services.
  • Proper comprehension of mobile security and vulnerability testing is highly valued.
  • A quick learner who enjoys staying up-to-date with the latest advancements, especially in the field of mobile app development.
  • Capability to visualize applications across multiple platforms/devices, anticipate potential problems and guarantee exceptional user experience.
  • Responsibility for assigned module/tasks/project along with timely reporting of status and escalation of any encountered issues.
  • An experienced team member, capable of working alongside numerous stakeholders and team players to ensure punctual deliveries.
  • Assist in fostering a culture imbued with best practices for mobile app development within the organization.
  • Aptitude to work and deliver independently, when necessary.


Xamarin developers are highly in demand because of their potential to save time and money. Their extensive understanding of business requirements and ability to create cross-platform mobile applications enable organisations to interact with a diverse range of mobile users. Junior Xamarin developers may participate in the development of moderately to highly sophisticated mobile applications and have complete autonomy over the testing process. On the other hand, senior Xamarin developers must possess a deep knowledge of the mobile application environment.

The senior Xamarin developer is responsible for the overall ownership of the mobile application, including the upload and release of the app onto the Playstore, and identifying and resolving complex issues that may arise. They are also expected to guide and mentor junior Xamarin developers to ensure that they receive adequate support and advice. Additionally, the senior Xamarin developer is responsible for managing updates to the mobile app based on user feedback and app performance.

  • Full responsibility for the assigned tasks with emphasis on delivering consistent, high-quality output.
  • Guiding junior members and promoting team cohesion through collaborative task achievement.
  • Management of multiple stakeholders with prompt reporting and escalation of issues.
  • Proactively resolving problems, devising innovative solutions through brainstorming, as needed.
  • Faith in the vision of the product and active involvement in discussions regarding the product’s roadmap.
  • Maintaining an awareness of market dynamics and trends in app performance.

Subject Matter Expertise

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