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In recent years, PHP has become a widely-used language for creating online applications. According to W3Techs, nearly 79% of all websites are built using PHP, and its popularity has remained consistent over the last several years. To help developers save time and reduce the amount of custom code they need to write, they often employ PHP frameworks. Yii is a popular choice among developers due to its speed, security, and productivity. In particular, Yii is great for large-scale projects, such as content management systems, e-commerce websites, portals, forums, and RESTful Web services, as it is lightweight, component-based, and incorporates powerful caching methods.

Yii is an acronym that stands for “Yes, it is!” As a universal web framework, Yii can be used for both PHP and non-PHP websites. It is an MVC (Model-View-Controller) framework that has been designed with the utmost attention to detail, to provide users with a reliable resource for creating high-quality web applications. It has been developed from the ground up, rather than being a compilation of other peoples’ work or the by-product of a larger project. The developers behind Yii have pooled together their extensive knowledge of web application development, as well as their research into the most popular web programming frameworks and applications, to produce the final result.

Exactly what are the Benefits of Using the Yii Framework?

The Yii framework has gained significant traction in the development community due to its highly customizable and easily integratable nature. It is an open-source framework used for building both large and small web applications, and it was originally developed on the PHP5 platform. Developers favour Yii for its many helpful features, some of which are highlighted below and have caused a stir in the industry.

  • Web developers prioritise their time and energy, so they look for tools and frameworks that will help them avoid tedious tasks such as setting up the framework for a website. Fortunately, the Yii framework is straightforward to set up and use. It can be obtained from the official Yii website or the composer. After downloading and extracting the skeleton and associated files, developers must link them to the database. When the configuration file is configured, the database is ready to be initiated.
  • Model View Controller (MVC) Architecture: Yii is a highly sought-after framework due to its utilisation of Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture. MVC divides the data, logic, and presentation components of an application into distinct modules, which enables developers to make alterations to one without affecting the others. This enhances the platform’s overall dependability.
  • Extremely Customizable and Convenient: As a business owner, it is essential to ensure that clients have a positive and dependable experience each time they interact with your company. An advantage of the Yii Framework is its ability to be tailored to meet individual requirements. It provides developers with the capacity to craft advanced and scalable e-commerce platforms that can address the unique needs of their customers. Moreover, the Yii Framework has a selection of pre-built components, such as plugins, components, and templates, that can be employed to increase the functionality of any web project. Furthermore, Yii can be extended in a range of ways. It supports the newest static binding, SPL classes and interfaces, and anonymous functions from PHP.
  • Highly Secure: Online security is a vital concern for any application and Yii provides excellent protection with features such as Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) and Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) protection. These measures make it easier to create a secure application environment. CSRF protection helps to prevent POST-based attacks, wherein a malicious website tricks a browser into completing an undesirable action on a legitimate site. Yii also deploys an HMAC (Hash-based message authentication code) check to ensure that cookies can’t be tampered with. Finally, Yii has built-in classes to facilitate authentication and authorisation. All in all, Yii is an excellent choice for any developer looking to create a secure application.
  • Advanced Caching Features: Internet users tend to become frustrated with websites that are slow to load. As a result, Yii has developed a number of features designed to improve the speed of web applications. Caching can be employed to reduce the response time of web services and optimise overall performance. Yii offers a range of cache applications, such as CMemCache, CDummyCache and CFileCache, that can be easily integrated into the framework. CMemCache stores frequently used data in a cache that is maintained in the RAM of many servers, thus increasing access speed. CDummyCache provides an empty cache with no caching capabilities, whereas CFileCache stores data in files.
  • Brief Period of Programming: Many projects are composed of similar steps, and Yii framework offers a range of beneficial tools to automate many of these repetitive tasks. One of the most powerful of these tools is Yii, a web-based code scaffolding tool which allows developers to quickly create code templates for things such as models, controllers, modules, forms, extensions, and CRUD controller actions and views. By utilising such technologies, developers can save time and focus on the core of the business, its needs and logic.
  • The Yii framework is an excellent choice for developing a secure, fast, and adaptable web application. With its deep integration with the Codeception PHP Testing Framework, it facilitates the production of unit, functional, and acceptance tests, streamlining the entire process of creating an app. This module offers programmers an efficient way to ensure their software is of the highest quality and works as intended. Furthermore, Yii makes it easy for developers to build any kind of web application with minimal effort and excellent results.
  • Minimal Expenditure on Framework or Tool for Application Development: Price is often the primary consideration for customers when selecting a tool or framework for their application. Yii, as an open-source, object-oriented framework, is popular among developers due to its cost-saving benefits. By utilising Yii, business owners, especially those with limited financial resources, can significantly reduce the amount of money spent on licencing fees. Therefore, Yii helps to create a cost-effective solution for any project.

Developing applications with the Yii framework requires a deep understanding of object-oriented programming (OOP). To be a successful Yii developer, it is essential to have a firm grasp of OOP fundamentals such as namespaces, objects, and classes. When looking to hire a Yii developer, it is beneficial to find someone who has experience with PHP and can write code based on customer drawings. Though it is not always necessary, having experience with web application development and the ability to quickly learn new technologies is often invaluable.

The Necessary Knowledge

Basic Competencies Needed

  • Working knowledge of PHP and the Yii framework3
  • Having a solid foundation in web development languages like JavaScript, HTML, and CSS
  • Knowledge of the Bootstrap Framework
  • Excellent familiarity with cake PHP and its many features.
  • Practical knowledge of mobile application programming interfaces
  • Strong understanding of MVC design patterns Familiarity with the LAMP stack
  • Knowledge of relational and non-relational database systems
  • Superior proficiency in Object-Oriented Languages
  • Experience with optimisation strategies and a firm grasp of cache and search plugins are desirable.
  • Skilled at creating PHP plugins and extensions for a wide range of content management systems
  • Capable of Adapting One’s Website to Any Device
  • The successful candidate should possess an understanding of accessibility and security compliance requirements in relation to the project in question, as well as familiarity with version control systems such as Subversion and Git.


Developers skilled in jQuery AJAX are expected to do more than one thing at once.

  • The applicant should have a minimum of two years of experience in designing and utilising multiple web applications, such as HTML5, JavaScript, Jquery Ajax, and PHP. The applicant should demonstrate the ability to effectively utilise these applications.
  • Bachelor of Computer Science (B.S.) or Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) degree in Computer-Related Field Required.
  • Competence using the PHP MVC framework to create web apps.
  • Expertise in using and navigating the Internet and other social media platforms.
  • Solid familiarity with AJAX.
  • Working familiarity with user interface and experience design.
  • interested in learning new technology and complex systems
  • Long-term projects should be designed with maintainability and usability in mind.
  • Comprehensive familiarity with jQuery, JavaScript, and other related libraries.
  • Able to create database apps with both MySQL and Microsoft MySQL.
  • adaptable and ready to grow in the face of change.
  • A cursory familiarity with pre-processing environments.
  • A skill for quickly and accurately solving difficult tasks.
  • ability to triumph over difficulties encountered in the job.
  • Working in tandem with your other programmers and teams.

Domain Expertise

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