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You have great plans for your ideas

It could be a state-of-art technology or technical feature which would propel your business to the next new heights. Your team is excited and you have the funds ready. It's time to source, assess and hire the technical talent to get it started.

And here comes the roadblocks…

  • High hiring costs is one of the barriers to get top talent in software engineering, design, product, and project management
    Hiring top talent is costly
  • Enterprises need and trust pre-vet developers in software development, design, product, and project management
    You need talent you can trust
  • The complicated hiring process of traditional agencies affects the work efficiency of companies
    Hiring process is complicated
  • Tight deadlines require companies to quickly hire top tech developers to accelerate projects
    You have a tight deadline
  • Intense competition is one of the barriers to source and hire the technical talent to complete projects
    Your competitors are catching on
  • Time-consuming talent assessments reduce the efficiency of companies in hiring top talent and completing projects
    Assessment of talent is time-consuming and starts to look more like guesswork
  • Works gives you all you need to source, hire, and manage top talent without any hassle and at a fraction of the cost and time of traditional agencies.

    Get connected to Talent now!

    Finally, a simpler way to get things done, your way

    Discover top remote developers, UI / UX designers and product managers who can work well in any teams to complete high priority projects on time

    Discover the best talent

    We test and vet our talent rigorously and Talent Applications Received which leads to a 98% project success rate
    Works' AI technology matching system helps to find the most suitable tech talent that meets client's needs

    Get intelligently matched

    With our experts and AI matching technology, we match you with the talent that's best for your project
    Works helps clients save hiring cost when hiring developers so more is done with less budget spent

    Stretch your budget

    At Works, we mark up talent for only 10% unlike traditional agencies that markup talent up to 70%. This means you can get more work done at a lesser cost
    Hiring through agencies can be costly and time consuming for businesses so we abolish intermediaries cost and save time for you at Works

    Additional Savings

    Beyond our competitive pricing, you don't have to concern yourself with benefits, annual leave, HR paperwork, hiring time and expenses. We take care of those details

    Trusted by the world's leading firms

    • DHL trusts Works to find expert developers hassle-free within 48 hours
    • Cisco works with Works to hire remote software architect for their security project
    • Charles Monat collaborates with Works to hire in-demand developers within 48 hours
    • Mercer engages remote software developers through Works to flexibly scale their team whenever their projects start ramping up
    • Microsoft looks for the world's most talented developers on Works
    • James Cook University students join Works as developer
    • Panasonic works closely with Works to hire software cloud architect when they need to scale up their teams for urgent projects

    Here's how to start

    Works Pte Ltd is looking for a short term remote UX Designer skilled in prototyping and competitor analysis

    Post a job

    Let Works help you find the talent you need, free-of-charge.
    Detailed profile of Jeremiah Lim, a remote developer with 12 years of experience in application design and development

    Hire Talent

    Get intelligently matched with your talent within 48 hours.
    Works Invoices page shows developers and clients their job transaction amounts and history clearly

    Get your work done

    Use Works to simplify hiring, on-boarding & communication.

    Meet our Talent.

    Matthew Jung is an experienced remote product designer who have collaborated with Techhut on numerous product design jobs
    Matthew Jung is an experienced remote product designer who have collaborated with Techhut on numerous product design jobs
    Matthew Jung
    Product Designer / Techhut
    42 hrs/wk
    freelance product designer, Christophe Yang, liked how Works' jobs are insured and he is always paid on time by NASA
    UX design kit with active buttons illustration created by Christophe Yang, an experienced remote product designer on Works
    Christophe Yang
    Product Design / NASA
    20 hrs/wk
    Capri Yeong is a remote UX Analyst who took her career growth to the next level after working with Samsung Electronics
    Capri Yeong
    UX Analyst / Samsung Electronics
    South Korea
    30 hrs/wk
    Elena Kim had an opportunity to work on Microsoft's product design as a designer through Works
    Elena Kim
    Product Designer / Microsoft
    United States
    30 hrs/wk
    Hannah Wong built an attractive and efficient user interface design for Blue Studio's mobile application through Works using Adobe XD
    Hannah Wong is a UI/UX Designer skilled in wireframing, user research, and Adobe XD
    Hannah Wong
    UI Designer / Blue Studio
    40 hrs/wk

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