How It Works - Talent

You have what it takes and choose to work for yourself.

But you ended up spending more time finding high-quality jobs which can pay and handling all the administrative work which come with it. Let us handle these so that you can focus on doing what you do best.

Get access to leading brands and startups

  • DHL trusts Works to find expert freelancers hassle-free within 48 hours
  • Cisco works with Works to hire freelance software architect for their security project
  • Mercer engages remote freelance talents through Works to flexibly scale their team whenever their projects start ramping up
  • Microsoft looks for the world's most talented freelancers on Works
  • James Cook University students join Works as freelancer
  • Panasonic works closely with Works to hire freelance talents when they need to scale up their teams for urgent projects
  • Charles Monat collaborates with Works to hire in-demand freelancers within 48 hours

Do the Different. See the Differences.

Works' AI technology will intelligently match freelancers to a job aligned with their portfolio goals

Get expertly matched with clients

Our experts match you to jobs based on your skill sets and portfolio goals.
Works' freelance top talents keep 100% of their earnings

Earn what you deserve

Keep 100% of what you earn from clients without any hidden fees or commission fees.
earn WORKS token to unlock free career resources and exclusive community benefits

Be rewarded with WORKS Tokens

Receive rewards to enjoy long term benefits or simply offset cost needed to accelerate your career
Works' AI translation enables clients and freelancers in different countries to communicate effectively in/via text and speech

Speak your language

With our AI translation in text and speech, you spend less time trying to understand or be understood on complex concepts by clients who speak different languages.
Works automatically insure all our projects to ensure that every payment our freelancers receive is guaranteed

Be paid on time

All our projects are automatically insured to ensure that you always get your payment.
Talented freelancers embark on projects that are two months long on Works

Get long on term

Worry less about what to do next when our average job duration is 2 months

Here's how to start

Sign up and start your freelancing journey with Works today

Apply to Join

Complete the application with your background and experience.
Detailed profile of Hannah Wong, a freelance UI/UX Designer with skills in wireframing, user research, and Adobe XD

Get approved

Add on your portfolio, core skill sets, work history to make yourself stand out.
Microsoft Job Post for hiring experienced freelance UI/UX Designer on Works with the detailed needs of the job position

Fast-track your career growth

Get matched to jobs with leading brands and startups and maintain track record of excellence

You can start now

Naomi Kang, a UI/UX designer, chose to freelance with Works because our payment system is transparent

Works is transparent and fair, unlike other platforms that shroud their payment structure in secrecy or take a sizable chunk out of your pay.

Naomi Kang
UI/UX Designer
Elliot Theo is a freelance software developer who is experienced in developing prototypes for businesses

Getting started with Works was one of the most painless user experiences I've had when signing up to a recruitment network.

Elliot Theo
Software Developer
Jessie Chung joined Works as a freelance product designer and have worked with world's leading enterprise

Works is so transparent. I don't need to guess what budget the client has and if it's worth it to apply. Works is creating a win-win-win situation for everyone.

Jessie Chung
Product Designer
As a freelance Software Developer, Liam Ong finds that having access to leading brands is invaluable.

Works offers the best pay and amazing opportunities. Works is the best thing that’s happened to the freelance marketplace in years.

Liam Ong
Software Developer
Samuel Tan is a freelance interaction designer who can offers smooth design to improve user journey map in all aspects

On Works, clients are professional, and the work is fulfilling. I also love that freelancers own a part of the platform through WORKS tokens.

Samuel Tan
Interaction Designer

Get paid, simple and on-time


Works sends invoice

Works and clients agree on invoicing frequency — usually biweekly or monthly. Talent submits hours spent on the job via the Works platform, and Works invoices the client.

Client pays invoice

Client pays Works, and Works pays talent. With each invoice, the Client will pay a 10% fee to Works. Talent will receive 100% of their earnings, subject to currency conversion.

Receive payment

Payment gets credited to talent's specified payout method within 7 working days. Talent receives additional 1% of invoice value in WORKS tokens if the job is completed with 5-star ratings.

Our transparent network fees

Who pays
Who collects
Credit card
Currency exchange

Is Works suitable for you?

Leading brands use Works as we constantly strive to find and work with the best of talents. We conduct a rigorous screening process to identify if you are a right fit upon receiving your application.

Works invites top freelance talents with above 5 years of technical development experience to join us
5+ Years of technical development
Top freelancers at Works has an entrepreneurial mindset and is committed to driving innovation in businesses
Works is seeking top tech freelance talent who are able to meet job commitments
Always fulfill your commitments
Works is looking for freelancers who are capable of working remotely both individually and in team
Capable of working remotely individually or in team
Work's freelancers are excellent communicators, a skill that many leading firms seek in candidates
Excellent communication skills
Potential freelance talent go through two rounds of successful interview and assessment to join Works
Successful interview & assessment

Here're the roles we are looking to fill

In-demand freelance web and mobile developers are looking for job opporutunities at leading enterprises on Works

IT Professionals

Software Engineer
Mobile/Web Developer
Data Analyst
QA Tester
A freelance UI/UX designer looking through colour palette cards for design projects found on Works

Product Designer

UI/UX Designer
Experience Architect
UX Analyst
Interaction Designer