Code of Conduct

Last Updated 02 Mar 2022

Works Code of Conduct

Our Works team and the community is built up together with professionals from different parts of the world, working on every detail of the network - from platform modelling, referring top tier talent, to onboarding corporations that want to scale up its business.

Works holds a cheerful, supportive, comprehensive culture. We have a number of basic rules that we ask our people to adhere to as we want our culture to stay with us as we grow further. It is applicable to everyone in the Works family.

This list is rather straightforward and comprehensible so please go through and take it in the spirit to ensure that every one of us at Works is happy, productive and secure.

Note that this Code of Conduct is applied to all spaces run by our Works team.It encompasses our internal tools, Works events, and any additional communication forums provided by the Works team. Breach of this rule anywhere outside of the mentioned spaces may affect one's availability to participate in them.

Please report to if you have witnessed anyone violating the Code of Conduct.

Be thoughtful.

Works depends on each other. Any decisions made on Works affect users and fellow colleagues and this is why we should always consider its out-turn when making a decision.

Embrace diversity.

We encourage our community to welcome and embrace people of all backgrounds. We encourage everyone in our community to welcome and accept people from all walks of life. Users of any race, ethnicity, culture, nationality, color, immigration status, social/economic class, educational level, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity and experience, age, size, family status, political beliefs, religion, and mental and physical ability are all included without limitation.

Be understanding and patient.

Every individual is a valuable player within our team and deserves full respect. Each role is critical and there are no great one-person organizational roles. As a team, we should all know how to show respect towards one another, acknowledge each other's effort and create a healthy work ecosystem, both personally and virtually.

Respect others.

Disagreement among people is natural but disrespectful remarks and poor etiquette will not be tolerated. We must keep in mind that a community in which people feel uncomfortable or threatened is not a healthy one. Works users should be well mannered when coping with other peers and even with people outside the Works community. When faced with disagreement, we encourage you to understand the cause of it and to strive to resolve it constructively. We are all different and this is what brings us together. Never forget that blaming each other brings us nowhere. We should focus on resolving the matter and learning from it instead.

Speak appropriately.

We are a community of professionals, and we behave professionally. Think twice prior to speaking or taking an action. Do not insult or degrade other users. Harassment and other uncalled-for attitudes are not tolerated in the Works community. This encompasses, but is not limited to:

  • Threats or words that are intended to harm another individual.
  • Jokes and phrases that are discriminatory.
  • Posting pornographic or violent content.
  • Putting (or threatening to put) other people's personal information on the internet ('doxing').
  • Personal insults, particularly ones that use racist or sexist terminology.
  • Sexual attention that isn't welcome.
  • Any of the foregoing behaviour is advocated for or encouraged.
  • Harassment of others on a regular basis. If someone begs you to stop, you should stop.

Treat everyone equally.

Any form of discrimination or harassement based on one's race, color, sexual orientation, religion, etc will not be tolerated. Any users engaging in this behaviour may be removed from Works temporarily or permanently.

Language, symbolism, behavior, and other acts that may constitute discrimination includes without limitation to:

  • Individuals or groups are discriminated against, threatened, or insulted based on their color, gender identity, sexual orientation, ability, political opinions, religion, country origin, or culture.
  • Using pejorative language, racial slurs, or code words, such as 'the n-word,' 'f*g,' or referring to someone as 'dumb.' These words are never acceptable, regardless of the situation. When used in the wrong context, other words might be considered disparaging.
  • Demonstrating or soliciting support for hate groups or individuals who promote hateful behaviour.
  • Suggesting, demonstrating, threatening, or celebrating the use of violence against an individual or a group of individuals – even jokingly.
  • Committing microaggressions: aggressive, disparaging, or negative racial slights or insults to a person or group by verbal, behavioural, or environmental indignities.

Works Network Code of Conduct is part of the Works Network Standards, Terms and Referral Terms.