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【iKala Cloud】GCP Customer Engineer GCP Customer Engineer


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Time commitment
Computer Software
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Company size


Customer Service

Job description

【Job Content】 1. Receive training on cloud services (AWS, GCP, etc...) and continue to learn new knowledge. 2. Communicate with customers and provide the most suitable solutions for customers according to their situation. 3. Assist customers in troubleshooting online, and provide customers with information about cloud service products and best practices. 4. Assist in the writing of qualification application documents. 5. Customer service system operation, data filing and sorting FAQ. 【Job Requirements】 1. Possess good communication skills and like to communicate with others. 2. Have more than one year of experience in information-related industry development or maintenance. 3. Experience in using any cloud product (GCP, AWS, Azure). 4. Familiar with Linux setting and operation, network related knowledge and script writing. 5. Good at listening and have the ability to clarify problems. 6. Have the ability to learn quickly. 7. Fluent English reading and writing skills. 【Additional points】 1. Familiar with any programming language. 2. Have technical experience in virtualization or containerization. More information>>>ikala.tv/zh-tw/
  • Company Profile
iKala is a multinational AI company with the mission of "AI Empowerment", enabling our customers to use AI as the core to achieve business transformation, acceleration, and create new business models. iKala provides AI-driven digital transformation and overall data marketing solutions. It has cloud and new retail services and products such as iKala Cloud and iKala Commerce, serving more than 800 companies and 40,000 Asia-Pacific brand advertising users, including many Fortune 500 A large enterprise, serving 6 countries (Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, Japan, Hong Kong, Malaysia) and more than 12 industries. It is also an official partner of the world's top technology companies such as Google, Amazon, and Meta. iKala is customer-oriented, we continuously improve service quality and invest in innovative research and development, and are committed to creating more value for customers.

iKala creates a good environment and provides you with the best stage to express yourself

【Achieving a meaningful vision, working on groundbreaking projects on a global scale】
AI + big data + cloud + Internet celebrity marketing technology, iKala's products are the hottest topics and future trends in the world. Joining iKala means entering a leading industry and technology company, and will not be eliminated by the times when it is in line with the world.
【Operate on the basis of culture, feel the working environment of "freedom and responsibility"】
iKala has a flexible and free culture, allowing the team to independently arrange a hybrid mode of working from home or in the office. We pride ourselves on being a team with a high degree of executive power, working together to achieve goals and create world-class products. It is very suitable for freshmen in the workplace who are smart and thoughtful.
[Government-approved AI national team, Taiwan is the headquarters, you/you are not a small screw in a remote office]
iKala has abundant corporate resources, flexibility, speed, and innovation. Flat organization and smart colleagues make it easier for you to show your talents without worrying about good ideas being buried.
[Based on company development and personal growth, attaches great importance to personal career guidance]
From newcomer training, supervisor training to internal and external training, iKala provides employees with sufficient learning resources. There is also a 1:1, OKR, CFR, L&D talent management system, allowing employees to examine themselves and give back to each other at any time. While achieving goals, they also gain personal growth.

(Whisper: Our Taipei headquarters office is beautiful, with a 360-degree view overlooking the city center)

  • business philosophy
"Freedom and Responsibility" is the core value of iKala. We emphasize the atmosphere of freedom, and at the same time require every colleague to take responsibility, expecting to become a company that is meaningful and beneficial to society. We believe in human-centered AI and believe that AI should aim to augment human capabilities. AI must promote equality in human society, and we must carefully guide the development of AI to benefit all human beings. iKala will always be committed to making people's lives easier and better through AI products, helping people complete tasks more efficiently and freeing up time for the good things in life.

  • Main Goods / Service Items
iKala includes two business groups iKala Cloud and iKala Commerce:

1. iKala Cloud
iKala Cloud has been deeply involved in the technology field for many years, and has successfully assisted enterprise customers in building modern cloud architecture and artificial intelligence solutions, empowering customers and establishing long-term competitive advantages. iKala Cloud provides services including customer-centric "multi-cloud infrastructure". Customers span across industries such as retail and e-commerce, media, finance, manufacturing and games, and the scope of services covers Taiwan, Hong Kong and Japan. High-quality services and technical capabilities are highly recognized.

2. iKala Commerce
Integrating KOL Radar, an AI online celebrity community marketing service, and CDP, which helps customers understand customer group profiles and conduct data analysis, we have a full range of products, from business owners to consumers, from online celebrity promotion to community shopping guides, to assist enterprises Attack social commerce and seize consumer-centric, data-driven new retail opportunities.
【KOL Radar|Asia's Most Indicative AI Internet Celebrity Data Platform】 (https://www.kolradar.com)
The AI Internet celebrity search platform contains more than 1,000,000 multinational Internet celebrity lists, and nearly 100 million Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok real-time community data. Achieve optimized influencer recommendation through AI technology, and create effective influencer marketing.
【iKala CDP|Customer Data Platform】 (https://cdp.ikala.tv/) From data collection, integration management, machine learning, analytical modeling to marketing automation, create precision marketing through a 360-degree user perspective (Single Customer View) , comprehensively assist the retail, media, game, and financial industries to improve operational efficiency and optimize conversion rates.
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