Backend Engineer (GO/PHP)

Posted 2 months ago


Not disclosed
Not disclosed
Time commitment
Full time
Company size
Between 11 - 50


Backend Engineer
Database Management

Job description

We are looking for an incredible Backend Engineer to join our growing team.
Our plans
We develop software for the public to have a smooth and safe experience of managing wealth through investments. We are looking for mature and self-managed engineers willing to be part of the core team and grow with us to a “unicorn” size. Forming the team’s culture will become an essential part of the journey. So we are hiring T-shaped and E-shaped professionals that, preferably, were part of a startup before, and have gone through rapid growth phases, so understand how important it is to deliver good quality products in reasonably short sprints. The support of integrations with our wallet and funds management systems is one of the most important duties we have.
What you will do as a Backend Engineer at DestinyX
By joining the early-stage team you would become one of the core engineers to design architecture and implement the pillars in the system. Thinking of how the product (mainly API) should be used by our mobile and other clients, you will be responsible for the full-cycle delivery: advocating ideas, designing the flow, testing, setting up monitoring/alerting, and integrating to production by using CI/CD. In later stages, potentially, you will have a chance to staff your own team and be responsible for certain domains in the system, so we value "soft" skills as much as "hard" ones.
Responsibilities - important part
  • Develop software in an API friendly manner by using a modern tech stack and clouds
  • Always remember about security and be responsible for the product
  • Work closely with the team and empathize with users to solve their problems
  • End to end product delivery (from specs analysis to production issues resolution)
  • Hygiene in tests, docs to work in a remote-first company
Requirements - the interesting part
  • Bachelor’s degree in computer science or related discipline ...or just be able to prove knowledge in fundamentals of IT - operative system, linux, RAM, CPU, algorithm, networking, strong understanding of OOP concepts, SOLID, GRASP, etc (try leetcode if want to improve)
  • 5-7 years of experience in Go/PHP/Laravel(or similar framework)
  • Good knowledge of PostgreSQL and all the relevant things - ACID and isolation levels, race conditions, deadlocks, etc ...or...well, there is no "or" this is super important
  • Ability to build monitoring/alerting around your software by using Prometheus and other tools available for cloud-native environment ...and be responsible for issues in production
  • Deep Service-oriented architecture experience - REST and OpenAPI/Swagger understanding ...we also can help on educating you of the best industry practices
Good to have - so you know how to level up
  • Team lead or SCRUM master experience ...if you want to try yourself in leadership roles later
  • Open source projects or publications about IT ...that can make the interview process way faster
  • Experience in crypto and fin-tech environment ...just install our app and find a to pass this checkbox
Why you’ll love working with us
Apart from all the "baseline" things (market level salary, awesome health insurance with dental, employee stock-option plan, etc) we are offering an AWESOME top-notch team with adequate founders and culture that promote things like: personal growth, a failure-safe environment, extreme transparency, total ownership! ...better is only FANG MANG
Message CTO in Signal (+65-9171-8707) if you feel like to chat ... I'll reply to you as soon as have a spare minute

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