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C# Software Engineer (Senior)


Not disclosed
Full time
Time commitment
Computer Software
Between 11 - 50
Company size


Unit Testing
System Analysis
Entity Framework
Software Development
Good Teamwork

Job description

* Developed using C#
* Development and iteration of software products
* Conduct system analysis, system design
* Lead the team to develop functional modules

* More than five years of relevant experience
* Good sense of teamwork, enthusiastic about writing programs and developing software systems.
* Have a preliminary understanding of Domain Driven Design
* Capable of system analysis and design
* Familiar with C#, git, html, javascript, css
* Familiar with Unit Testing
* Familiar with relational database
* Familiar with Windows, Linux
* Familiar with ORM tools such as Entity Framework

Nuget suites currently used in development such as:
Autofac, Dapper, EF Core, FluentValidation,
MediatR, NLog, Quartz, Selenium,
SpecFlow, TopShelf...

Extra points
+ Used devops tools such as: Jenkins, Docker
+ Have used other programming languages such as: golang, java, python
+ Have used cloud platforms, such as AWS, GCP, Azure...
+ Experience in dealing with Legacy Code

welfare system

1. Labor insurance, health insurance, and new pension employers' contributions in compliance with laws and regulations
2. Group Insurance
3. Provide employee health checks
4. Employee dividend and shareholding system
5. Flexible commuting, free deployment and family life
6. Flexible home work system, enter the company on three days a week and work at home two days a week
7. Complete on-the-job training
8. Employee Welfare Committee: monthly birthday party, annual travel subsidy, community subsidy, wedding and funeral celebration subsidy
9. A vacation system superior to the Labor Standards Act

Salary conditions
Treatment negotiable
Migo Gongdian Information was established in 1998 and has 20 years of CRM experience. Migo gathers professional elites from different fields, continues to use 20 years of practical experience in brand marketing, and combines business, BI and program technology to create a "people-oriented" digital decision-making platform. With a single consumer as the core, through multi-source data integration, BI intelligent analysis, intelligent Lifecycle Communication, and performance tracking and learning loops, it completely improves the dilemma of fragmented marketing information in the past, and outlines the relationship between consumers efficiently and accurately Contour, which breaks away from the old brain-slapping decision-making method and strengthens the concept of data-driven, is a set of marketing decision-making support system specially designed for marketers.

Customers served by MIGO include IKEA, Nestlé, Triumph, Commonwealth Magazine, LG, New Balance, National Two Halls, Cloud Gate Dance Theater, Les Enphants, and other brand customers; over the years, the number of served customers has reached more than 350, and it embraces Taiwan. With the sense of mission of land and talent cultivation, using Taiwan's talents and experience to help more brands step out of the international pattern, MIGO continues to strive towards the "MADE IN TAIWAN" data marketing brand.

Why you should choose MIGO
- Because we have a cross-border professional team─ BI data scientist X brand marketing X programming technology
- Because we have rich brand experience ─ more than 350 domestic and foreign brands cross-industry services KnowHow
- Because we have a sharp data point of view, the industry's unique NES model and NPT prediction model
- Because we have a variety of data partners ─ LINE official certification service provider X advertising agency X cooperative data manufacturer
- Because we are recognized by the industry─China's Alibaba Group's first Taiwan big data partner

Every step of MIGO is setting new norms and standards for the next generation of marketing; you are welcome to join us and use data to subvert business models and create new perspectives

【MIGO Official Website】 http://www.migocorp.com/
【Media report recommendation】
. 30 magazine "Stop guessing, customers think differently from you! 』https://www.gvm.com.tw/article.html?id=53028
. SmartM.com 『Marketing decisions rely on random shooting? Big data makes marketing no longer "guess"" http://www.smartm.com.tw/Article/373635cea3
. Commonwealth Magazine "Gong Dian Information uses data marketing to discover niches for customers" http://www.cw.com.tw/article/article.action?id=5061903
【Recommended Good Books】Big Data Playing Marketing--18 Big Data Innovation Thinking That Changed the World, the first marketing bible that turns big data into turnover
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