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Senior iOS Engineer


Not disclosed
Full time
Time commitment
Computer Software
Between 51 - 200
Company size


React Native Mobile Apps

Job description

Goodnight was officially launched at the end of 2015. Goodnight is committed to creating a surprising dating experience, hoping to focus on "voice" rather than "photo" to meet new friends. Users can pair according to their preferences, and have a voice chat with the pair, 7 minutes at a time.
In just four years, Goodnight has successfully entered five markets, and has topped the Google Play dating list in many countries, with 8 million registered users so far. In terms of scale, it is already the largest voice dating software in Asia.
Goodnight is popular with younger users. Goodnight can generate 400,000 paired calls every day, and the highest number of online users has exceeded 10,000. Every three minutes, a real person can be found for one-on-one phone chat.
Team members are like good friends, working smart and playing until they fail is our tenet. Come to Goodnight, you can have the opportunity to implement all the Ideas you want to try, whether it is product end, marketing end, or even cross-field learning , Cross-country operations, growing exponentially with everyone, will definitely make you feel a happy and challenging working environment.

【Job description】 • Develop the existing Goodnight App, integrate Native & React Native, and design efficient and global products. • Development of new requirements, performance tuning, architecture design, code review. • Brainstorm new features with the product team. • Share and exchange professional domain knowledge and technology with the whole engineering team.

【Job Requirements】 • More than three years experience in software development • Familiar with any of the following languages or frameworks Objective-C / Swift / Java / Kotlin / React Native • Familiar with MVC / MVP / MVVM development model

[Bonus points] • Have actually participated in the development of iOS or Android App, and successfully put it on the shelves. • CI/CD experience. • iOS / Android Dual Pole Streaming.

welfare system
[Flexible working hours] There is no need to squeeze public transportation during working hours, and it is no problem to work remotely when necessary
[Paid birthday leave] The biggest birthday star does not go to work
[Vaccine Paid Leave] Support vaccination, we will give you paid leave

【Other Benefits】
Employee allotment, employee stock subscription, year-end bonus, three-day bonus/gift, department dinner, birthday party, afternoon tea, and bringing pets to work.

【Hardware equipment】
- Spacious and bright office environment.
- Work remotely according to job requirements, and your home or coffee shop is your office.

【Employee Exclusive】
- Various dinners and team bonding activities.
- Staff leisure area: Provide a fresh and comfortable social space.
- Free snack bar, refreshments, beverages.

【International workplace】
- Work with excellent management talents at home and abroad from the United States, Japan, China, Korea, and the Middle East to enhance international vision and competitiveness.

Full-time employees enjoy the above benefits.

"We are not afraid of your unconstrained ideas, we are only afraid that you have no ideas!"
The corporate culture is open, and every meeting everyone chatters about the latest topics and content production ideas. Everyone is very involved and enjoys this job. Of course, most of the time we leave work on time! After all, to have high-energy, high-quality output, you need a "living" substrate first.
We don’t encourage overtime, you can stand up on time and say to your boss, “Bye, bye”. In addition, I also hope that you have a little bit of “obsessive-compulsive disorder”, grab the latest knowledge at any time, and are willing to learn the most basic tools. I like to accept different voices in the world.


▍[SoundOn consolidated voice social platform Goodnight] https://money.udn.com/money/story/10860/5628845
▍【SoundOn consolidated and merged voice social platform Goodnight, combined annual revenue of tens of millions of dollars】
https://tw.news.yahoo.com/soundon merged voice social platform goodnight-combined annual revenue of tens of millions of dollars-090459186.html
▍"Prince of Qinyi" Gu Likai took off the halo of Uber and started SoundOn again to target Taiwan's largest podcast platform: https://www.bnext.com.tw/article/54707/taiwan-podcast-platform-soundon
▍Building a Podcast Ecosystem in the Traditional Chinese Market, SoundOn Media Technology Attacks the Audio Market: https://technews.tw/2019/09/10/soundon-podcast-app/

Looking forward to finding talents who will build the ecosystem of our dreams with us,
we will wait for you!
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