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Web designer in Taipei (from 50,000 yuan/work from home in other counties and cities)


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Computer Networking
Between 201 - 500
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customer communication
Business Process
Working Independently

Job description

Work from home in other counties and cities
**Please be sure to provide 3~5 URLs of independently produced original design (non-printed) web design works for evaluation

1. Aesthetic and tasteful
2. The website can be independently designed and produced for architecture design (familiarity with WordPress is preferred)
3. Familiar with the use of WordPress WooCommerce plug-in components (preferred)
4. You can use LINE or telephone to communicate with our customers about the progress of design cases during working hours (09:00~18:00)
5. Be responsible, and the salary will be increased if the work has won a well-known design award

Work content:
1. Make external customer web page design and company internal design
2. Communicate with customers, complete design objects, control project time schedule quality
3. Cooperate with relevant personnel such as business, planning, programming, customers, etc., and execute projects collaboratively.
4. Please be sure to provide 3~5 URLs of independently produced original design (non-printed) web design works for evaluation

welfare system

Introduction to the Welfare System of Warring States Policy
(Note: The following company's relevant work regulations and salary benefits will be adjusted due to company policies and operating conditions)

If you come to the interview, you will get a beautiful gift (travel fee)!

Warring States Policy Free hospitality business/marketing group Bali, Chiang Mai, Thailand, digital nomad remote work plan

Weekly three-day benefits (one of which can be achieved):
1. Reach the performance target of the month (non-business departments follow the company's regulations)
2. Cumulatively 3 times a month customers praise colleagues for service satisfaction
3. The old customers recommended new customers and reached 5 transactions (checked by the accounting department for correctness)

Special benefits for Warring States policy business executives:
1. Best Executive of the Year Award
2. Reach the performance target of the company's agreement department and subsidize the purchase fund of 1 million
3. Provide comprehensive supervisor (more than 100 hours per year) education and training
4. Female supervisors provide 4 months of maternity leave with full pay (better than 8 weeks under the Labor Standards Act)

Welfare system for female colleagues in Zhanguoce to get married happily:
1. 10,000 yuan as a wedding congratulatory gift
2. The company fully sponsors the bridal secretary, dress, and wedding invitation printing costs (one year of service)
3. The company fully sponsors the wedding to give away small gifts (full service for one year)
4. The company fully sponsors the whole wedding photography (serving for two years)
5. A subsidy of 50,000 yuan for wedding photography expenses (after three years of service)
6. A subsidy of 200,000 yuan for European honeymoon travel expenses (after three years of service)
7. A subsidy of 100,000 yuan for hotel banquet expenses (after three years of service)

Warring States policy female colleagues all-round pregnant women care welfare measures:
Once a female worker is pregnant, many companies may ask the pregnant employee to leave the company in order to save maternity leave and job agency problems; what is worse is that they will be fired without even giving maternity leave. Warring States policy is considerate of female colleagues, especially for pregnant colleagues to provide all-round pregnant women care and welfare measures!
1. For pregnant colleagues, the department head will take the initiative to arrange for the agent to adjust their work content or adjust their working hours
2. Excellent female colleagues are guaranteed to return to their original positions after being suspended for childcare
3. Female colleagues provide 10-day full-paid maternity leave
4. Female colleagues are provided with 10 days of full-paid prenatal leave (for those who are pregnant, they are given 10 days of prenatal leave before giving birth, and they can apply for multiple times, and they cannot be kept until after delivery)
5. Female colleagues provide 3 months of full-paid maternity leave, and female supervisors provide 4 months of full-paid maternity leave (better than 8 weeks under the Labor Standards Act)
6. Female colleagues are provided with 10 days of full-paid rest and recuperation leave for pregnancy and abortion
7. Postpartum subsidy for female colleagues in the confinement center (or order confinement meals or ask confinement mothers to do confinement at home) a one-time fee of 20,000 yuan, and a one-time fee of 50,000 yuan for female supervisors

Welfare and assistance measures for divorced female colleagues in Warring States Policy:
The divorce rate in Taiwan is the highest in Asia. The divorce rate of Taiwan families and the rate of single-parent families are increasing year by year, causing many social problems. Because Taiwanese women are often in a disadvantaged position in the divorce process, in order to fulfill corporate social responsibilities and assist single mothers, the Warring States Policy specifically targets New female divorced colleagues provide practical benefits and assistance measures!
1. Provide flexible commuting time
2. Free legal consultation on divorce agreement
3. Divorced female colleagues will be awarded 10,000 yuan in condolence money after three months of admission
4. Divorced single mothers provide a subsidy of 3,000 yuan per month for childcare allowances under the age of 6 (provided for one year)
5. Divorced single mothers provide subsidies of 3,000 yuan per month for rent (provided for one year)

All-round welfare measures for foreign colleagues of Zhanguoce:
We are the most friendly and loving company among Taiwanese companies to mainland spouses and workers! We only look at ability! There is no discrimination, and you don’t have to worry about accents, recognition of mainland education, and long vacations when you return to the motherland to visit relatives. Colleagues and sisters who come to foreign countries like you will care and guide you with sincerity! Everyone will treat you as their own family and love you! It makes you feel as warm and warm as you are at home when working here! In addition to all the benefits of our colleagues are similar to those of Taiwanese nationals, we also specially designed considerate benefits for mainland spouse workers!
1. Foreign colleagues will be granted 10,000 yuan in service bonus after three months of employment
2. 14 days of home visit leave per year (unpaid personal leave)
3. Foreign colleagues provide 50% of the round-trip air ticket subsidy for visiting relatives in China every year (after one year of service and annual performance of 80 points, two economy class air tickets, not limited to any city in Asia to and from Taiwan)

*Insurance benefits system:
In order to protect the safety of colleagues' lives, Zhan Guo Policy will take out insurance for you to provide more protection.
1. Labor insurance.
2. Universal health insurance.
3. Employees commuting to and from get off work liability insurance.
4. Group insurance (accident insurance and term life insurance 2 million).
5. Labor pension (the company allocates 6% of the labor pension according to law, which is not paid by employees).

*Various bonus systems:
Warring States policy provides various generous bonus systems, so that colleagues with outstanding performance can receive generous rewards!
1. Monthly full attendance bonus, excellent bonus, sales achievement bonus, model colleague bonus.
2. Excellent colleague bonus for monthly reading experience writing.
3. Dragon Boat Festival gifts (bonuses will be paid according to the performance of the individual from January to May and the actual operating conditions of the company).
4. Mid-Autumn Festival gift money (bonuses will be paid according to the performance of individuals from June to September and the actual operating conditions of the company).
5. Year-end bonus (bonuses are paid according to the individual's annual performance and the company's actual operating conditions).
6. Best Employee of the Year Award, Best Contribution Award, Best Newcomer Award, Best Service Award, Best Performance Award, Best Learning Award, Best Performance Award, Best Supervisor Award, and Best Improvement Proposal Award.
7. Pass the assessment and raise salary four times a year (business colleagues)

*Birthday benefits:
1. In the month of each colleague's birthday, the Warring States Policy Council will present various gift money and gifts.
*Long-term colleagues reward plan:
(1) The company will give a bonus of 10,000 yuan to colleagues who have worked for 3 years to represent their contribution.
(2) Associates who have worked for 3 years will design and print exclusive commemorative posters, DMs, and medals.
(3) The company will give you a long-term bonus monthly salary*2 months and a commemorative medal to show your contribution in the month when you have worked for 5 years.

*High bonus reward plan for talents recommended by Warring States Policy:
Colleagues for the following positions are welcome to recommend friends or classmates to Zhan Guoce for an interview. After being admitted, as long as the colleague has worked in Zhan Guoce for 6 months, the original referrer can get the following bonus:
1. Colleagues with general positions (including engineers): RMB 3,000 bonus
2. Business colleagues: 50,000 yuan, (an additional 20,000 yuan will be added to the introduction of the first-ranked colleagues in the average performance of each business department in the past six months) + the performance created by the recommended colleague within a year after the fourth month of employment 5% (3% for online advertising) is all bonuses for referrals + three days a week for six months
3. The identity is the top three in the previous company's performance, Yilan nationality, Chiayi nationality, Chinese nationality, Malaysian nationality, fluent in English, or the main cadre of the club during the university (the president, chairman, and class representative must provide relevant certificates) business colleagues: again Extra 10,000 yuan
4. In the next three years, the recommender who will go to heavenly doctor, get angry, and prolong the fortune of the client will add more money: 30,000 yuan
5. Colleagues in charge of management and marketing: 100,000 yuan (more than one year of experience in leading a business team of more than five people) + three days a week for six months
6. Colleagues who are in charge of the business of each business department (who have led a business team of more than ten people for more than one year): 100,000 yuan + three days of weekly rest for six months
7. Vice President of Business (has led a business team of more than 50 people for more than one year): 200,000 yuan + three days a week for six months

*Recreation and entertainment:
1. Welcome dinner.
2. Employee incentive travel every year.
3. Staff dinner.
4. Break time for snacks. Free drinks, coffee, snacks, instant noodles

*Holiday System:
1. Paid sick leave.
2. Three days off each week.
3. Paternity leave for male colleagues is 3 days.
4. The annual leave system is superior to the labor standard law.
5. Emotional leave (in order to improve the morale of colleagues at work, there is a paid three-hour emotional leave every month to go out).
6. Paid parental leave and paid menstrual leave for female colleagues (half salary paid on the day, one day per month as a principle).
7. Leave for job interview (full salary paid on the day, one day is the principle).

*Education and training system:
Zhan Guo Ce attaches great importance to the improvement of the profession and skills of colleagues, and regularly organizes internal and external training.
Organize more than 1227 hours of external paid education and training for the company's colleagues every year (some colleagues' external training records)
1. Warring States policy provides a comprehensive education and training plan: supervisor training (more than 100 hours per year), general employee training (more than 80 hours per year).
2. After working for one year: colleagues’ training fee subsidy (the company provides a partial subsidy according to the relevant training course fees provided by colleagues)
"Become the company that loves women the most in Taiwan!" Happiness is Zhan Guoce's promise to you. Who says women are inferior to men in the workplace! In Zhanguoce, women can also prove that "men can do it, so can women"; in Zhanguoce, every woman can exude self-confidence and beauty; can be seen. Zhan Guo Ce takes every opportunity to affirm your dedication and encourage female colleagues to bravely pursue their dreams. In the days of Zhan Guo Ce, you will be loved and cared for infinitely. We hope that you can find your true self in Zhan Guo Ce! And you are about to write a happy page in Zhan Guo Ce, we look forward to excavating and inspiring your best side to shine!

Why did you choose Warring States Policy?
Zhan Guoce is very considerate and loves female workers. We hope to build a company that loves female employees the most in Taiwan in the future. There are three points for you to choose Zhan Guoce as the best stage for your future career development:

1. Special benefits for women
For female colleagues, we take care of you every step of the way in a woman's life: marriage, pregnancy, childbirth, from tenure to the Warring States Policy!
  1. Welfare system for female colleagues to get married happily, comprehensive welfare measures for pregnant women care, welfare and assistance measures for divorced female colleagues
  2. Outstanding female colleagues of the year will produce personal exclusive wedding endorsement videos and wedding photos.
  3. Provide women-related exclusive books, jujube Siwu tea, general soup, biochemical soup, cosmetics, silk stockings, sanitary pads and skin care products for colleagues to use for free.
  4. Female colleagues are entitled to paid parental leave, paid menstrual leave, wedding gift, and birth gift. On Valentine's Day, you will receive roses, chocolates, and Valentine's Day gifts from the company.

2. Zero overtime culture and three-day weekly benefits
We believe that overtime and spotting are not equal to work performance. Work efficiency is better than the number of hours worked. The Warring States Policy promotes a culture of zero overtime work and three-day weekly benefits so that colleagues can have more vacations to spend time with their families and enjoy vacations for families. Live a happier life!

3. The stage for women's career development
Zhan Guoce has long been committed to training female executives. The main management managers are all women. Working in Zhan Guoce, they have complete education and training, and spare no effort to cultivate more outstanding female leaders, achieve personal careers, and increase income. Dream blueprint outside of work and career!

【Business philosophy】
Zhan Guoce expands the market with the pattern of "Zhan". Looking back at the development history of Zhan Guoce, since 2001, the group's revenue has grown steadily every year, and it strives to innovate in products, sales, procurement and customer service. , in the face of the Internet era where all heroes are rising together, it has grown stronger with the entrepreneurial spirit of daring to challenge, constantly rewriting the history of the industry, and driving the development of the industry. In order to provide customers with a complete supply chain of information services and meet customers' One-Stop Service needs, Zhan Guoce is a planner for all-round information integration, allowing customers to reduce costs in an all-round way and creating a sustainable business prosperity.

Zhan Guoce Group has been unanimously affirmed by well-known domestic and foreign companies in terms of products and operation management, and various honors have witnessed the growth trajectory of Zhan Guoce. In the face of fierce global competition, Zhan Guo Ce constantly strives for innovations and changes to cope with the rapid changes in the Internet age. Zhan Guo Ce has always insisted on the following: customer satisfaction is the mission of sincere service; customer trust is the commandment of continuous service; The customer's value is the prospect of the sustainable operation of the enterprise. Looking forward to the future, Zhan Guoce takes "defending enterprise information security and creating high-quality information services" as its mission, and looks forward to a bright future with customers. At the same time, adhering to the brand spirit of "taking customers as teachers, humanism as the foundation; technology as the leader and common prosperity as the key", we will provide customers with diversified and honorable satisfactory services, so as to realize Zhan Guoce Group as the most trustworthy customer The bright vision of information outsourcing enterprises.

【Main Products / Service Items】
Founded in 2000, Zhan Guoce Group is a leading brand in the cloud service industry in Asia, with more than 30,000 customers. And provide cloud services, e-commerce, and mobile commerce required for business operations, and expand markets in Asian countries. Based in Taiwan, the international vision of the world is deployed globally. In order to provide customers with a complete supply chain of information services, Zhan Guo Ce meets customers' One-Stop Service needs, allows customers to reduce costs in all aspects, and creates a sustainable business prosperity for enterprises.

  • Cloud Services|Cloud Hosting Service
  • Website registration, virtual hosting, cloud hosting, hosting, dedicated hosting, anti-DDOS attack service, distributed delivery service (CDN)
  • Internet Marketing|Internet Marketing
  • Blog marketing, content marketing, SEO marketing, Google, FB advertising planning and placement, FB fan group agent operation, EDM marketing
  • E-Commerce|E-Commerce
  • SSL certificate, Internet cash flow, web design, online store opening, APP software development, online customer service system, FB fan group agent operation, website SEO optimization

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