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Ownership of interest in the Works network is represented by our native WORKS token. It is used as a reward to community members for building our network , by inviting talent, and onboarding clients.

How do I earn WORKS token?

Discover remote software developers, UI / UX designers and project managers who can work well in any team to complete high priority projects on time

Referring Talent

Help us find top professionals in relevant fields to connect with the Works network
Works is seeking top tech, design and project management talent who are able to meet job commitments

Completing Projects

Get 5-star ratings from clients with quality and timely work
Works' AI technology matching system helps to find the most suitable developers and designers that meets client's needs

Referring Clients

Match clients with the correct talent through the Works network
earn WORKS token to access free career resources and exclusive community benefits

More Rewards Soon

More token rewards will be available over time. Stay tuned for more updates!

How can I utilise the WORKS token?

WORKS wallet shows transaction details between professional clients and top remote tech talent and the WORKS token balance

Upgrade membership

Always be in the loop with Works through our premium membership
WORKS wallet shows transaction details between professional clients and top remote tech talent and the WORKS token balance

Redeem connects

Gain and perks such as free career resources and other exclusive community benefits
WORKS wallet shows transaction details between professional clients and top remote tech talent and the WORKS token balance

More coming soon

More features are constantly being added so that your WORKS tokens can be fully utilised
WORKS wallet shows transaction details between professional clients and top remote tech talent and the WORKS token balance

WORKS Token Resources


Learn more about the WORKS Token through our official introductory document.
Read the Whitepaper

Token Address

The contract address for the WORKS Token can be found on Ethereum Mainnet.
View Token Address

Token Questions

Visit our Help Centre for more information.

What does the WORKS token do? What's its utility?

WORKS token holders receive ownership of interest of which 25% of monthly profit from the network will be issued as dividends to token holders. It can also be used to upgrade membership, exchange for Connects needed for proposal submission and receive free or discounted career resources and other community benefits. More features will be added as the community grows.

Can I pay for services with WORKS?

WORKS is not intended to be used for any form of payment. All transactions on Works are to be paid for in USD.

When will WORKS be launched?

WORKS is currently live on Ethereum MainNet. The total supply of WORKS tokens is 250 million. The total quantity of WORKS tokens is split by multiple parties, ensuring fair distribution of network capital and long-term community engagement. 125M WORKS tokens (50% of the total supply) are used for community incentives.

Can I buy WORKS?

WORKS is designed to provide the Works community with ownership of interest as well as various functionalities. It can be earned on the Works network through a number of different contributions, including referring new talent, referring new clients and completing projects with 5-star ratings.

How do I earn WORKS?

There are many ways to earn WORKS.

  • You can refer talent and clients to join Works and get a 1% of their transactions in WORKS. If the client and talent are both referred by you, you get 2% (1% each) of their transactions.
  • You can earn a fixed amount of WORKS when your referred client posts the first job or your referred talent sets up a profile.
  • You can share about Works and what we do on social media.
  • Talent can complete profile setup after application approved and completes job with 5-star rating.

Can clients earn WORKS?

Yes, anyone can earn WORKS regardless whether you are a remote tech talent, enterprise client or referrer. WORKS can be earned by contributing to the network by referring talent and / or client and sharing about us on social media.

An example is by referring a counterpart from another organisation to Works. The original client receives WORKS once the new client successfully engages talent on Works.

How do I get access to WORKS?

You can access WORKS via Works wallet. You may move it to an external wallet if you wish to.

When can I withdraw my token from Works?

You can withdraw your tokens any time.

Why would I want to withdraw my tokens?

You may do whatever you like with your tokens when you withdraw them from Works. Some people choose to keep them on Works so they can use them for project staking, redeem Connects used for proposal submission, upgrade membership and any other utility purposes.

Is WORKS like stock?

While WORKS provides dividends on annual profit, it is not stock or any form of equity which allow holders to have voting rights over corporate governance. Its value is in its long term ongoing interest to holders who have contributed to the growth of the network.

When it comes to profit return and sharing, WORKS has distinct advantages over stock as its value extends beyond any company or enterprise and is tied to the talent network it supports. Anyone who has contributed to the network can earn and hold WORKS token.

How do I learn more about the token?

The place to start learning more is Works website and Works blog.

What's the contract address?